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  1. I started this tactic just after taking over a poor everton team in 2016-2017, now in 2018-2019 im in champs league, finished 4 points off 1st last season. its a beast of a tactic!
  2. Going to give it a bash with the not so mighty Aldershot Town
  3. Having to pay stupid amounts for half decent young Brazilians. eg 30M for Bernard
  4. The funny thing is it genuinely looks good and would no doubt do well if it were real
  5. Have you assembled this team in classic mode? Because its understandable then with the bank balance boost unlock able and all players interested etc,
  6. The world did end yesterday. I tried to play FM, laptop was updating pointless windows stuff, so went to the PS, that wanted updating, then the game wanted an update too. Then the ball and chain arrived. I cried.
  7. I'm thinking hes given players nicknames possibly.
  8. Being in the military i keep moving around the country and i always take to my heart the local team so ive ended up playing so far as, Telford, Oxford, Aldershot, Lincoln, Norwich. And then when i move i never play as them again! Although ive now settled near Aldershot i do have a shirt and regularly attend their games, for some unknown reason
  9. Borussia Dortmund, great great squad, massive stadium, 2 league titles in a row, take on the mighty Bayern and into the champions league
  10. Shesh kebob. Thanks, looks like i'll be taking the Capital One/Carling/Worthington/Milk cup seriously for possibly the first time ever.
  11. Who's your no.10?

    Matt Tubbs is my Number 10 at Bournmouth. Scored 96 in 138 for my so far on my way to the Championship in my 4th season. Currently sitting 2nd so looking good so far...might retire his shirt afterwards, hes a blooming legend
  12. Well you can, and i did, with Man City, the Charity Shield. Didn't complete the challange? Thought id found a short cut there, bad times. Will the Capital One Cup count does anyone know?
  13. I have a great little tactic with a BWM, AP, BBM supported with 2 wingers advanced and a poacher. Set to fluid and attacking im doing really well with Bournmouth in League 1, 3rd in the first 2 seasons, so need to try it out with a bigger team as im getting 65-70% possession from my trio
  14. Celtic for all. Simples