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  1. ^ This. It is pretty hard to make an overload work to create opportunities to other side of pitch consistently. Depends a lot on the formation you are facing and how much they are pressing you. Also, making overloads aren't necessarily on your favor always, opponent can easily take advantage of you throwing a lot of people to other side of the pitch, and if they get the ball they can counter-attack by using the free space you create by committing a lot of players to one side of the pitch.
  2. ^ This. I think control has very nice additions it does, like changes a bit of defensive line and tempo, which will help creating the Napoli tactic, but I think standard mentality would be the best. Let me explain why: If you use very fluid, which you should on Napoli tactic, adding control on top of it increases every players mentality pretty much to where they will take more risks on attacking and therefore can lose the possession very easily. So standard would keep the players careful enough to not lose possession to stupid overtrying. As for the shorter passing instruction, I would not probably go for it. I would use mixed. Shorter passing can limit the options and sometimes leave the wings too much out of the passing game and therefore not moving the opposition defense enough to create those spaces Napoli is looking for. As for the formation, I would not use DLF. I would use CF - SU. The way I see it is CF-SU is like false9 and advanced forward combined. Will drop deep when needed to maintain possession but will also look to spearhead attacks unlike DLF. For the roles I would go for CF - SU IF - SU---------------------IF - AT ------ AP - SU // DLP - DE // CM SU -------- WB - SU // CD - DE // CD - DE // WB - SU Just my take on this subject.
  3. Well, alot of positions are pretty self explanatory. Go to the player instructions and watch the mentality bar to see how much they will attack. One thing you can also do is look after the match average positions on your starting 11 to see where every player is positioned during the match. That is what I use to perfect my positions/roles.
  4. I am very excited for FM18 too, although I will probably not buy it unless they announce some very good upgrades over FM17. First of all, its clear what you seek in attacking, but what formation are you looking to create in defense? Without knowing the defensive formation you seek, I can only help with creating that formation in the screenshot. I try to make it defensive stable too. My try take on creating that formation on attack: Striker LEWANDOWSKI// I would say Complete Forward - SU is alot better than deep lying forward in FM17. It holds ball, drops deeper (acts alot like false9 in that sense), all in all it is very supportive on build up. AML GÖTZE// Advanced Playmaker - AT. Drifts inside but stays enough on the right side to create that formation. Can use the Player instruction to add "Sit narrower" if needed. AMR MULLER// Raumdeter - AT. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Raumdeter what Muller made popular? Looks to be the role you seek here, finds pockets of space, is not much out in the wide and is a real goalscoring threat. Can use the Player instruction to add "Sit narrower" if needed. MCR LAHM// Deep Lying Playmaker - SU. I think if you are looking for holder and role to help the build up significantly, DLP is what you looking at. MR Robben// Winger - AT. Since muller is already reserved for AMCR, We'll use Robben in midfield. I have used alot of midfield wingers in the past and I can say, they will get forward to that AMCR position anyways, but will help a bit more on defense. ML Bernat// Winger - AT. Same as Robben. DL Alaba//Inverted Wingback - DE. A bit of the same as in Raumdeter and Muller, didn't Pep "kind of" create inverted wingback? Will drift inside. DCL Xabi// Ball Playing Defender. Like you mentioned, good passing. DCR Boateng// Central Defender - DE. Nothing extraordinary here. DR Rafinha// Wing Back - AT. That should create somewhat the formation you seek.
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