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  1. Greetings everyone, I appreciate your feedback on my ideas. As a UX designer, your feedback is key. Football Manager is the most popular manager game there is and you all might very well be right and I myself be wrong. The only way to verify this would be to look at the data that Siggames has and see what functionality is actually being used. Remember guys, in every game there are the casuals and the elites. Most of the time, the casuals make up by far the largest user database and one of the reasons I made this is due to FM not having much of innovation as of late. If you open up FM 2008, it ain't going to stray far off from 2017. That's almost 10 years of standing still. Of course, the 3D engine is sweet, not undermining that in any way. As well as the fact that they invented FM Touch, which indicates that there may be(may be, not saying it is) a larger user database that simply does not need all the functionality that you guys use and enjoy. Finally, regardless if you hate my ideas or not, there are certain elements that FM could benefit from and reduce complexity without reducing functionality would definitely be one of them. Asherware you really hit the nail on the head! Well done.
  2. Haha, I see my post getting some good and positive feedback! Gave me a good laugh, I do appreciate you guys being good sports about hating my ideas, cheers! I'll respond to you when I get home from work today Cougar.
  3. I don't think it's fair of you to say you are playing the wrong game. There is a reason why they invented Football Manager Touch in an attempt to simplify things. I imagine you are one of the elites that like it complex, fair enough to you, but to the average joe that is not the case. There are no FM knock offs on steam that I am aware of that does this, not even close. They all go into the same trap of complexity.
  4. Here is my take on how I personally believe FM can innovative and become an even greater game than it is now. Attached you can see some screenshot suggestions. The toon characters are placeholders. I've divided this post into two. Problem and solutions & Feature suggestions ## Problems and Solutions ## Let's begin with the problems of FM - 1 - Game is too complex, too many feature and details. 2 - There are very little linear approaches to get from A to B. 3 - Player stats are overly complicated 4 - Replayability is limited due to gamification elements not being fully utilized. How can this be solved? 1 - Lower complexity by removing information users don't care about. 2 - Create a more linear game 3 - Simplify Player Stats 4 - Add Gamification Elements (See Concepts) Let's look at each point in detail. 1# - Complexity Having been involved in several start-ups, a mistake a lot of people make is making the product too complex. We aim for the elite, rather than the average joe who by far make up the majority of the user database. * Remove the concept of training and let the player get better based on their potential and matches they play. * Simplify Player Stats (see attached image for suggestion) * Simplify the tactical system. The average joe thinks mostly in terms of defensive, counter, possession, direct and attacking football. (See attachment for suggestion) * Remove press conferences * Remove news * Remove complex contract system 2# - Linear Approach This is tied in with complexity, when reducing complexity you naturally increase usability. 3# - Simplify Player Stats This point was touched upon in section #1, but if we bear in mind that people are simple. When we think of Gareth Bale, we think a player who is fast, got some sweet free kicks and good dribbling skills. If then go to Pogba you will say a guy who's good at passing and dribbling, a creative guy. You certainly don't think about flair, influence, off the ball, positioning, teamwork, work rate, bravery, anticipation, aggression. Even though these matter and are real attributes of a player, they can be confined into one or more attributes. See concept image for suggestions. #4 - Replayability is limited due to not fully utilizing gamification elements. This leads me to my next point, features! ## Feature Suggestion ## - Cards Fifa has done it big-time by following the trends of games such as Pokemon and WoW where there is a constant rewarding behavior by acquiring new assets. In the football world, a new asset would be a player. the best method to date in order to achieve this is by using cards. The ability for a user to gain card packs as a reward or buy card packs would greatly increase gamification and the replayability of the game. You get the effect "treasure effect" where you never know what you might find. Imagine you win a gold pack every time your team got into a top 4 spot in the league, or if you win an official tournament it would grant you a special diamond pack with a unique player in it. That is a real reward, rather than just getting a visual reward by seeing your team in spot 4 or 5 on the table. - Player Involvement When a player sign up to the game(maybe people get an option to use a world wide online database, not necessairly an online FM game), he is asked to take a picture of him or herself. The player is then added as the captain of his team. So, the player becomes a part of the football manager universe. How cool wouldn't that be? Cheers, Pixel Viking
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