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  1. Thanks for your help everyone. I'm experimenting with a few different setups for my midfield while keeping most of the rest constant for the moment. Don't want to change too much at once in case I break something.
  2. This is only my second FM campaign, so I generally took what the tutorial handed to me and then altered it a bit to fit what players I had. In my mind, I'd like to control possession and attack the box from the wings, working or crossing it into my striker. My middle indeed feels week at times, which Is why I added the counter instruction to try and get possession into the final third a little better. I've definitely been looking through threads on here, but I'm not in the position to bring in a lot of players so the advice of setting up a tactic that I want to play, then getting the players to match is a bit tough. 1. I like your ideas about the midfield. I'll try these pairings out and see how they go 2. I've also not been getting the greatest performance from my striker, so what you're saying about the striker getting isolated is definitely a problem. 3. I'm... honestly not sure when I should be using defend wider or not. Generally, after 20 minutes into the game or so, I check where the attacks are coming from and slim it down if most are from the center. Thanks for your input.
  3. I'm playing as the Morecambe Shrimps, who start near the bottom of the Sky Bet League Two. When I started, I ran through the tactics tutorial and picked Control Possession 4-2-3-1. I adjusted a few of the positions to better match the green circles for the players I had available, then I let the game roll. With very few player changes, I managed to make the playoffs my first year, and it looks like I'm heading there again in my second. So here's an interesting change from the normal "why doesn't my tactic work" post. My tactic is going great, my problem now is that I don't understand how my tactic works. I've tried to make minor changes to better fit for certain players or cover for injuries, and it explodes in my face each time. I feel like the whole thing is so fragile I can't make changes. Here's my tactic And here's my starting 11, at least what would be my starting 11 without injuries
  4. The Morecambe Shrimps seem to be terminally bad at finances. I'm aiming to loose more than a million dollars for the first year, despite being $200k under payroll budget. Assuming the board still likes me and wants to keep me around, does this really matter? I've been trying to save money where I can, but a million is a lot for an L2 team. If team finances do make a difference, how do I go about raising attendance? I was expected to come in at 23rd in the league, and I'm way over performing and sitting at 9th, but my attendance is still the lowest in the league. I assume that's why finances are hurting so bad.
  5. The Morecambe Shrimps seem to be terminally bad at finances. I'm aiming to loose more than a million dollars for the first year, despite being $200k under payroll budget. Assuming the board still likes me, does this really matter? If it does, How can I approve attendance besides just playing better?
  6. Thanks everyone, I was wondering if I was missing an important part of the game, but it sounds like I might be correct to mostly let my guys play.
  7. I'm a fairly recent player, having started with FM17, and also a stubborn one. Rather than playing all the flashy clubs out there, I insist on trying to take a team from the Sky Bet League 2 up through the ranks to the Premier Division. My first couple of attempts have gone somewhat poorly, so I'm trying to improve my game one bit at a time. For today's question, what coaching work do you veterans typically do during a game? My interaction with the team mid-game is often limited to selecting subs, pumping up the mentality if I'm behind, and clicking "yes" on most of those green prompts that pop up. Should I be adjusting my tactics more mid-game? Should I be using individual player shouts a lot? How involved should I be in general? I'm a bit scared of giving too many instructions and just confusing everyone.
  8. I realized that I kept a save back from the end of Season 3. I noticed a few things that might be indicators of what went wrong. First, the guy I fired because of all his cards was the best leader on my team by 2 points. Does the quality of your highest leader make a difference maybe? Second, almost no one improved in stats, and I have a lot of young guys with potential who should have. Additionally, everyone's star rating has dropped by half a star, and a few of them have lost potential entirely and have peaked. I'm not sure if it was just my bad run ruined them, or if there's something else going on.
  9. Thanks for the advice, it's very possible I haven't been switching up tactics enough, but picking one and running with it seemed to work in my first few seasons. I'm having a tough time keeping familiarity up with all three of my tactics if I make any real changes in the off season. I guess my guys are slow learners. By the end of the season I'd pretty much worn out the praise individual players and team meeting functions. Even when the text seemed to indicate they were successful, morale wasn't changing much. I've never tried any of the negative individual interactions though (besides warnings and fines for my one troublemaker) so I'll think about using that at the appropriate time.
  10. I took over the Morecambe Shrimps, managed to get them to 16th in the first year, then 14th twice. Even with their crippling debt, I was able to just barely make a profit in the third year, and hire some more coaches and things were looking up. Then, my team just gave up. There were only a couple of main personnel switches, but I just couldn't keep morale up to save my life. We'd pull up a crazy upset against the 2nd team in the league, and morale would still hover around OK and then I'd lose against the worst team and it would crash to the bottom again. After spending so much time with this save, I feel really crushed. Losing is part of the game, but I have absolutely no clue why I lost this time, which just makes me feel like no matter how well I play I could just get randomly smashed at any time. Anyway, any generic thoughts on this sort of randomness are helpful, but here are a few specific things that happened this season and maybe one of them is the culprit? 1) I had one pretty good midfielder who was consistently getting 20 yellow cards a season, so I traded him away for chump change just so I didn't have to pay him to be suspended all the time or risk being 1 man down 10 minutes into a match. 2) We had a board takeover during the middle of the season, but no staff really changed and it didn't seem to effect me much 3) I created a new tactic, and my tactic from the third year was the one I had the best training in, so I used it. I was given the impression from some of the FAQ threads around here that keeping that training bar high is everything. Eventually fans were revolting that I was stuck on the same tactic all the time, so I fell back to my tactic from two years ago and won 3 matches in a row. After that we started to tank again 4) Brexit happened. One of my players was unable to get a work permit, and I mistakenly paid quite a bit of money for another player that needed one during the second transfer period. Things were already in the pits by then though, and I got praise from the board for such a good signing. Anyway, thanks for reading. Any thoughts on what I should try to do to avoid this in the future are appreciated.
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