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  1. that maybe is the best tactic for fm 19, first 2 games, 7-0 (18th place) and 4-0 (vs Liverpool as Man United) PS.: games played in december in 1st season.
  2. I will give a try on that one. I meant that team talks and training help in the results, since in FMT they arent a big part of the game. Thanks!
  3. Dont know if its the absence of team talks or maybe training, but results are better in the regular game. Tried lowering the mentality, it looks better defensively, but it kind hurts the attack.
  4. Any tips to away games? Sometimes, specially in FMT, I found hard to beat weaker teams away from home.
  5. Do you guys use left footed players on the left positions (lcb, lcm , left foward) and right footed players on the right (right cb, right cm and right foward)? When for what ever the reason I click on auto pick, the AM tend to select left footed players on left (even putting cms to play as cb sometimes) and right footed on right.
  6. Does someome has a tycoon save in the latest patch to share it?
  7. It seems being front end doesn't ensures a lot of money to spend. While some tycoons really put money, others dont. Even when their revenues are low, some will put a lot. In my save, Celta de Vigo got one and spent a lot of money, even Madrid ou Barça could not keep up with them. Tottenham aswell. But QPR had a tycoon and he didnt put a lot of money, and yes, he was a front end one. Dont know if there is some stat that can tell if the tycoon will spend big or not. I checked in the editor and all tycoons were front end, had 20 for resources, bussiness and ambition, the difference was in the interference and patience stats that were lower for the chairmans that didnt give a lot of money.
  8. I already made a post in the forum, but didnt get a good answer. I know the topic is about tycoon saves and not tycoon info but if you guys could give your opinion I would apreciate. So, I managed a team in Portugal’s first division and the max budget was £30M (I had to put all the money for transfers, leaving no money for wages to get this 30M). I qualified two times to the UCL and won the league twice and the budget never were more than that. I checked the chairman stats and he had 20 for bussiness and resources. I thought this was a problem related to the league, for balance maybe, but Benfica tried to hire me and their budget were £48M (it was the 4th season that I finished above them in the table). Also managed a tycoon club in france and the max budget until now is £45M (if I put all money for transfer and 0 for wages) even this is the second time we are in the UCL. Is this normal?
  9. We won 2 back to back league titles (both seasons we reached the UCL quarter finals) and the max budget is almost the same I mentioned above. I think its different having a tycoon in Portugal to have one in England for example. Maybe its something to balance the game, since Porto and Benfica doesnt have much more than 20, 30M to spend too. PS.: I checked in the editor and now my chairman is a back end tycoon, that explains a lot, maybe he became a back end after I won the league...
  10. He is a front end type, same as PSG and Man City (in the beginning of the game). PS.: In my save, the man city chairman became a back end tycoon, I thought this was not possible. I know that a back end tycoon can turn into an underwriter, but didn’t know that a front end could turn into a back end.
  11. I got hired by a club that has a tycoon as a chairman. Im playing in the Portugal's first division, and this season I got in the UCL. The board set £13M to transfer budget and £1M to wages (£21M if I slide all the bar to get all the money to transfer). I expected to get more since the tycoon has 20 for resources (I looked in the editor to check it if it was not a low value). My question is, will this be the maximum until I become a better team (winning the league, going further in UCL, etc)? I know in BPL they pump more money since the first full season that the team has a tycoon, but in Portugal I got the same budget that I got when we went to Europa League.
  12. How can I increase the diversity of newgens? Bigger database? More leagues? Im in year 2027 and is hard to find ball playing CBs and B2B midfielders. The players I found are the real ones, all near 30 years old. I know I can make a mid/def. mid a BPC by retraining him, but they always lack some important stat for a CB. Central Defenders and Playmakers mids are basically the majority of the newgens that I have in my save.
  13. Im gonna give a try to balanced mentality. Because my strikers are not good with headers (at least they are not in the matches, since they put all headers away from goal). I will play a balanced style with normal width to see if it gets better (less crossings that leads to nothing). Thanks guys, really aprecciate your help!
  14. Sometimes they do, in my opinion. Do you think I should change it? And if yes, why? This is the first time I'm actually trying to make a tactic work, others FMs I always played with downloaded tactics, so any tips would be nice. High tempo is to prevent long shots or it affects general shot decisions? In that particularly game, in the first SS, the majority of "shots" were headers, how can I prevent that to not happen? I already changed the AMR role from Winger to IF and tried the low crossings TI, but didnt make a big difference.
  15. Facing weak teams I have a lot of shots, but the majority of are off target. How can I improve the accuracy of my players shots? In the first screenshot I only displayed the off target and the blocked shots for better view.
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