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  1. Historically, when does the price drop hard on the current version of FM? I.e., is there a month in the summer when it goes down to $20 or $10? Wondering because I'd like to buy a few copies for Americans that are new to soccer. Thanks in advance. S
  2. As a "ex-international" - I'm able to get Premier league jobs, As an "ex-professional", Championship. Pretty sure anything below that will get you League 1 or League 2.
  3. Dear olds: I know you're disappointed you couldn't use your Cracker Jack decoder ring to look up the word on Page 6, Line 2, Word 8 of the manual for the super key word, and after that, unplugging your dot-matrix printer so you can plug the dongle into the parallel port while installing the game from twenty 5.25 floppy disks. Times have changed. Not everything to do with teh Interwebs is evil: Steam is actually one of the *good* things out there. I don't have to go to the store, but I can if I want? Awesome. I can preload the game, playing it the *instant* it is released? Awesome. I'm still on my 14.4 modem, and I have a week to download it ahead of time? Awesome! I can delete the game, come back six years from now, and right-click "install" without having to find my 20 floppies, or my keycode? Awesome. Oh, there was a patch? That I didn't have to go find and download and make sure it's the right version and install? What's that? Steam installed it automatically? Awesome. Wait, what's that? You don't like the TEN K of resources Steam takes up? Maybe you should upgrade your memory from MB to GB. Oh, derp, you don't like "online gaming"? It *isn't online gaming*. You only need to be online to activate it, not to play it. Oh, double-derp, you're afraid of security? While Steam has been around since 2002 with *zero* customer data loss, and *zero* accusations of spyware, while installed on millions of pcs? Let me guess, you're going to complain about Steam on your Facebook account, yeah? Will there probably be a patch in 2012 that removes the need for Steam? Like many other games, probably. Has SI made the right decision to use Steam for anti-piracy? That's debatable. But seriously, SI Games is still a very small publisher (despite their big daddy), and if it makes them happy, and it's no skin off our teeth for the *many* hours of enjoyment they've given us, what's the harm? Your arguments against Steam are analogous to players arguing to bring back footballs made of leather. Red card for dissent.
  4. Holy crap you guys are gonna freak out when you get electricity. Make sure you unplug everything when you're not using them!!
  5. I know this is out there, but... it'd be great to have an iPad-based "front end" of the game, that gave you the screen, all the options, etc, but the game, database and processing power were all running on your PC. Not sure how much demand there'd be, but I'd pay $10 for that app (on top of my FM purchase). Yes, I could do a logmein/gotomypc thing, but an integrated ipad/tablet app would be cleaner. Anyway, just a thought for FM13.
  6. For once, living on the West Coast and getting up early for the games has paid off. 5 pm, right after work... perfect!
  7. I don't know that an aspect where your success as a manager has an impact on gameplay. Maybe it lets you know where you live, or what kind of car you drive, or where you vacation. Theoretically, if you make/save enough money over the years, you can "retire" into a partial ownership position, or just buy a low-tier team outright. Right now, the game doesn't much differentiate between you being a Jose Mourinho vs a Bruce Arenas. But they obviously have a much different impact on the sport.
  8. The euro fans should be crapping their pants at the thought of the MLS becoming huge. Current soccer salaries are chump change in a US market. Should the MLS ever get real US dollars behind it, it would be a star-studded league.
  9. Every time. IIRC, in prior versions, you get the "GOAL" flashing message, *then* the offsides/disallowed text. Now, there's no flashing message. So basically, if it flashes, you know it is going to stand up. I for one appreciated the emotion of OMG THAT WAS SO OFFSIDES YES YES YES.
  10. Hi - noticed in the demo now that when a player scores an offside goal, the ball is in the net, but there's no "goal" announcement as the computer knows it is offsides and disallowed. To me, this takes away a bit of the fun of the game. I'd rather have it treated like a goal (as in previous versions) and then get the thrill/disappointment from the offsides call afterwards, rather than immediately. Crazy request?
  11. I guess I was overly optimistic, as there's still not an official date set on the Steam page - just "Oct 2011".
  12. Given that the game's gone gold, and assuming (big assumption) that the packaging work for Steam has been completed, wouldn't it be a matter of just flipping the Steam "on" switch? Or do sales agreements with brick-and-mortar/other resellers prohibit that?
  13. I hardly ever post, but this is a prime example of the failed logic behind the piracy numbers. Using made-up numbers, SI is assuming that they'll sell a million copies through normal channels, and a million copies will be pirated. Their OP point is that if they can convert 25% of those million pirated copies to sales *because of DRM*, they'll have another 250,000 units sold. This is the standard line given by anti-piracy groups, and it is just plain wrong. First, it assumes that there won't be any hacked copy available. Second, the numbers of people it presumes will buy are hyperinflated. People who pirate games fall into three groups: Those who will *never* pay for the game (vast majority) Those who will try the game, and pay for it if they like it (the minority) Those who *want* the game, but will try to get it hacked, and only buy it if they can't get a hacked version. Does SI really think that the last category really represents 1/4 of all the bittorrent folks out there? If they exist at all, they're a tiny, tiny majority. the "i use bittorrent, but I can't find a hacked version, AND I'm willing to pay for it". Sorry, but the numbers are wrong.
  14. I like to start unemployed, but i hate having to continue through a season (or two) before being hired. It would be great if there's an increasing percentage of being hired when there's a termination. You shouldn't have to wait past December to get hired at the lowest level you have in the game.
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