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  1. Αδελφοί ! EISAI STO MYALO..
  2. I deleted graphics and cleared cache,but still have same problem..
  3. https://www.fmscout.com/a-football-manager-backgrounds-mypack-v3.html
  4. Yes,every time. On the previous version I did not have any problem,but I dropped the "backgrounds" yesterday and maybe that's it ?
  5. Please resolve this becouse i can't play the game,every time when starting a match i get same crash dump.
  6. After last update when i finished my tactic and click on continue to start a match i got crash dump. I uploaded a file to FTP,file name is "FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036178 (2017.11.04 22.58.46).dmp"