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  1. Hi all. I agree with much written above, and like passenger58 have my own ways of making the game more competitive. Definitely see Lillywhite Dean’s point of view. But I still love it and play too much. Can I make some points: - I’m a Spurs fan but never take control of them. Any half decent team is too easy, as the Man Utd users above have said. There’s still a challenge in taking a **** team with no money and gradually building them up, finding those hidden gems (silvere Ganvoula anybody?!?). Never use sugar daddy, always use attribute masking - do you think the injuries are more frequent / realistic in FMM20? This seems to be better than earlier versions. I keep my physios rubbish on purpose to make it more difficult. - I use a min release fee in every contract, and set at a realistic level This allows a bit more realistic poaching of my players by bigger clubs if I’m doing well. If any developers ever read this: couldn’t we set a difficulty level at the start of the save (expert vs normal) that would increase injuries, big club poaching, unhappy player tantrums etc?
  2. Hi FM mobile gurus. My reserve players have been stuck in end of season break since I started this save (I’m on the second season). This means they don’t train. It also applies if I loan a player from another team’s reserves, and they go into my first team. They remain in end of season break even then and deteriorate through lack of training. it’s annoying because I can’t develop players unless they’re in the first team squad. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dominic
  3. Hi all. I started a new season with Coruna (as in Deportivo La Coruna 😉). It’s October and my reserve team are still in off season break in training. And they are not improving/ actively deteriorating. Why is their off season never ending?
  4. Dear FM Mobile creators, I've been a player for many years and continue to love the game. I've come on here for the 1st time today with a plea - please please could you stop the game getting too easy, or put more than one 'level' of difficultness in to choose at the beginning. I agree with Joninho above in many aspects, such as: - I should not be able to take Bournemouth, win the league in my second season, and be able to keep my squad together. Just as Joninho says, in real life bigger clubs would come calling for my players, and they would agitate for moves. This rarely happens in FMM, and when it does, the big club probably makes only one bid which is easy to turn down; if the player is unhappy, you can ignore it and he generally plays ok and gets over it. This is too easy, and not like real life. Look at what's happened to Monaco this season, or with Virgil Von Dijk, or Coutinho. On FMM 17 in particular, it's just too easy to keep great players which in reality the real madrids, PSG or Chelsea's of this world would want, or the player would 'make himself unavailable ' to play until he got his move . - I would also say that the number and severity of injuries remains just a bit too low, despite being a bit higher in FMM17 than in FMM16 and before. I generally can win everything with a squad of about 25 or 26 because of this. i understand the creators don't want a game that is too hard for newbies and youngsters who will get put off. So why not have 2 levels - standard and expert, with expert mirroring the player retention and management issues in real life. I don't know if anyone at SI games reads this anymore. It was so disappointing to win absolutely everything by my third season in FMM 17 - I really hope it can be made more realistic / hard for 2018
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