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  1. Thanks a lot! VfL Bochum were in turmoil. Right in the middle of pre-season, they sacked their manager Gertjan Verbeek due to personal differences between him, the players and the board of directors. Jens Rasijewski, U19's manager stepped in as an interim manager until a permanent solution was found. The director of football, Christian Hochstätter was running out of time - only a few weeks to go until the season and he had no manager! After weeks of tiring negotiations he presented a new manager for the first team: me! Probably not the first choice after a short but illustrous career in the 3. Liga and Regional Division with Osnabrück, Koblenz and Stuttgarter Kickers. I'm holding the Continental B license so I'm just allowed to manage at this level. With Jens Rasijewski leaving the club now and not returning to his initial job as U19s manager, I had to hire an assistant manager, a head of youth development and a new U19s manager before taking training for the first time only three days later. Thank god we could find some capable men willing to work with me - So we started into pre-season with a new management team with no money in our coffers. I ticked the box for no transfer budgets in the first window so all we could do was to loan a few players. We were unsuccessful in our hiring ambitions but we could loan a few players out who won't play a major role in my first-team plans this season - they may get some playing time at their clubs while we don't need to pay their wages, it's a win-win situation from our point of view. Those who initially belonged to our first-team squad are Jannik Bandowski, Alexander Merkel and Selim Gündüz. We also played a few pre-season friendlies ahead of our opening game away to Fortuna Düsseldorf. https://i.gyazo.com/42af1ed8d8ebbecd592ac5389be83009.png So to think that this club had no manager only 3 weeks ago, this is looking quite good. We're full of confidence now and ready to take on the 2. Bundesliga - I'm not sure what to expect from this season, but we should be good enough to finish in the top half of the table. I'd really like to reach the second round of the DFB Pokal for financial reasons, we will host fellow 2. Bundesliga side FC St. Pauli at the Ruhrstadion in the first round.
  2. Welcome to my tiny little career thread! I have decided to start my first ever career update thread, so don't be too harsh on me. Why Bochum? I've been living here since 4 years now while going to university and it's become a second home to me. The Ruhr area is a very historic one, centre for mining and industrial movements for over 200 years until the 1970s. Living in the dark shadows of neighbouring giants Dortmund and Schalke, Bochum always played second fiddle to them. They used to play in the UEFA Cup twice (1997/98 & 2004/05), but these days are long gone. They played Bundesliga football for the first time in 1971 until their first relegation in 1993 - until then they were called "The Unrelegateables" as they could always avoid relegation despite struggling in the bottom three the whole season. But since 1993, Bochum have turned into a yoyo-team, getting promoted to the Bundesliga before going down again. Since 2010, VfL Bochum play in the 2. Bundesliga. They were close to promotion back in 2011, but they lost their promotion/relegation playoff against Borussia Mönchengladbach on aggregate. Leon Goretzka, today playing for Schalke 04, used to graduate from their youth academy before crossing the city borders in 2013. Without big spending executives and boring football over the years, Bochum have turned into a mousy football club, not making the other clubs suspicious they could prepare for an ambitious attempt to get back into the top-flight of German football...
  3. What programs do you use for screenshots? I'd love to set up a career updates thread as well.
  4. I can't wait to read this as I am from Saarlouis, approximately 20 km away from Saarbrücken!
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