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  1. Struggling to take this seriously. What on earth is wrong with Miles just talking us through the new features of the game? Why do we need to watch and listen to a whole load of people who have no idea, and have had no real influence upon what the new features are. Show your audience some greater respect. We are watching this content to see what the new features are? That's what we are watching 4mins of video for. Spending more of that time talking over the features, instead of forcing us to take part in some cliched marketing gimmick would be far more virtuous of your efforts. We're here to listen to Miles talk about the game, not watch some Youtube 'personality' further gratify their self-importance by conducting your own marketing. You'll get countless hours of gameplay from your audience, and we have to put up with this. God help us with the serious stuff...
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  3. Thanks, watched that video a while ago when I was struggling on a different save to beat the 'bigger clubs'. Will give it another watch to refresh! Here is what I'm playing... 90% of the time it's fantastic, defends well and scores and creates enough, even against bigger sides. The team won every competition it played last season, has back to back Premier League and Champions Leagues. Just Mourinho and Man United seem to be my kyrptonite, every time I play them the AI have no regard for me trying to play the way I do. Just want to know how I can force what I do onto them, more than having to completely change my set-up Flexible/Control = Much Higher Tempo, Cross Low, Stop Distribution SKs - Donnarumma BPDx - de Ligt BPDc - Giminez BPDx - Laporte Ws - Bellerin BWMd - Veratti APs - Dybala Ws - Lemar AMs - Griezzman AMs - Sanchez Poacher -Mbappe
  4. Finding it impossible to beat Man United at the moment. Have played them 4 times so far this season, and hadn't had a sniff in any of the games. Have watched the games in full from the second half of the first game against them (Community Shield), and what ever I'm doing I just can't get through their defence. They don't dominate games against me, it's a good match up, but whatever I try to do I can't break down Mourinho's side. This is the pass map of the last game I played them. I lost 1-0 in the FA Cup. What I noticed is that their full backs (Shaw, Regen) rarely go forward, so whenever I get the ball in midfield it's a flat 4 to try and beat. They played 4231, and their midfield 3 (AndreGomes, Herrera, RenatoSanches) would always seem to pass around me despite me having 4 players in central midfield areas. Usually I can open teams up by playing 3421 quite easily, but whatever I'm doing week in week out is just immune to Mourinho. Not one of the advantages of my system works, which is highly frustrating. I played world class players all over attack/midfield (Mbappe, Dybala, Griezmann, Sanchez, Ozil, Lemar, Bellerin, Veratti) and none of them seemed to bother the AI. How do people go about forcing their game onto Mourinho and beating Man U?
  5. Can't create chances

    Certain points taken. If having players capable of playing fast paced football, why should play higher/much higher thus become a negative? It should only become an advantage... Although I have taken this setting off, it's that sort of counter thinking that makes the game unnecessarily hard at times. At the moment I'm achieving better performances with a team full of support roles. Ws - BWMd - DLPs - Ws --- AMs - AMs - CFs Now to me that shouldn't work as their are no attacking duties, nobody going to finish chances - yet I'm scoring more goals this way... how can that be? Why shouldn't Griezmann play as a DLFs, highlight his stats, and 90% of them are fantastic. Even if their not, he's such a quality player I find it hard to believe that the coding of the game should refrain his abilities he's been given just because he's not been given the right role. As it happens, I'm not playing him or that role at the moment, and quite frankly getting sick of Griezmann not performing anywhere. Why shouldn't I want two AM players to do the same things? I want to play with two 10s that score and create goals, move wide when there is space, run at players when needed etc. etc. I want instructions to be minimal, and let quality players get on with what their good at. I accept an Ozil will play different to a Sanchez in these roles. Look at Willian/Hazard/Fabregas/Pedro - two of these guys will play behind Morata, but they all play differently. They do the same thing in a broad sense, but that's because the areas of the pitch they take up dictate that.
  6. Can't create chances

    Have binned the save that was posted in the OP as it just infuriated me beyond belief. Playing as a different team now, and seeing some success, but again can't seem to open up teams and it all still seems like guess work at times. Again, I want to play attacking football and find some fun in the game! Attacking/Flexible. Much Higher tempo, Exploit Right/Left BMWs get further forward AMs Move into channels SKs BDPx CDc BPDx Mustafi De Light Koscienly Ws DLPd BMWs Ws Bellerin Ramsay Coquelin Lemar AMa AMa Sanchez Ozil DLFs Griezzman So now having world-class players you'd think I'd be able to create and score plenty of chances. Hahaha, think again! Once again nothing I foresee is working. Defence doesn't seem to be any issue, I'm happy enough with how I defend. Just nothing is happening going forward. I've basically 3 up front, and 2 wingers - all of whom a good enough, and yet I can't threaten teams at all, let alone blow teams away!
  7. Can't create chances

    Agreed. When I put a CFa and TQ together, there is good enough reasoning in thinking that the TQ will provide creativity and support, along with a CFa being able to run channels, drop deep to connect with midfield and provide goalscoring threat. Ohhhh no, but that fails because there are too many roaming duties?! Why can't it succeed because there are roaming duties!? It all seems guess work at times.
  8. Can't create chances

    Thanks for the suggestions, will give some of them a go in the next match. Surely it possible to achieve this whilst playing very fluid? I've seen various threads glorifying the virtues of very-fluid, but I just have never been able to get it to work. Very fluid would surely lend itself to an attacking set-up, especially when paired with control mentality - that would be my thinking of choosing this. It will be attacking?? 3 central defenders can surely give defensive solidity despite the dangers to counter attacks and more attack minded defenders with v/fluid It would bring the mentalities together more, therefore bridging the gap between the forwards and midfield, and not leaving wing backs so isolated due them being solely responsible for wide transition I don't want open spaces between wing backs and centre backs when defending. I want the team to be compact in defence. In tougher games pairing a CFa and DFd/s would surely then bridge the gap to midfield and help the team defend better with v/fluid These are surely all solid reasoning as to why very fluid should work, but it clearly isn't. This is what I mean when I say things having to be so accurate and it all being somewhat counter-intuitive. I would rather give my players the extra creative freedom to think for themselves on the pitch rather than having to micromanage every aspect of the set-up. I don't expect to win every single game. I've given my team enough creative freedom, and not showered them with contradictory team instructions, just clear pointers to help them along. ((Giving central players 'more risky passes' will surely help open up teams? These players will more often be the guys with the ball more, and in the right areas to do so. I'm not playing with an AMC so have to do something to supply 2 forwards.)(Shoot less often, I don't want players wasting forward moves.)) It's not even like I'm seeing my plan come off some of the time. Clearly something isn't set-up right, and it feels like until I get that 100% right the game won't allow me to progress. Overall I want them them to play together, move up and down the pitch as one, and be attacking... The only team instruction is really pass shorter - surely that isn't sooo damaging that it's causing me to fail.
  9. Can't create chances

    Depends on who I'm playing really, not out to play possession football, but nothing alarming enough like 30/35%. Round the edge of the area really, but none of them are chances, and just wasted opportunities. Playing as Sociedad at the moment and just been battered 4-2, and 3-0 by Fenerbache and Girona. Really tried putting some effort and thought into building this tactic and it's just not working again. The only truly enjoyable save I've had on FM17 has come from playing with a downloaded tactic. The game just infuriates me when it comes to tactics. It's a joke to some degree that you have to be so accurate to win. I watch games enough to spot things, try changing, but then get picked off some other way. What ever you read and implement is counter intuitive, your not winning so you change X from Y but Z happens. What do you change Z to? Have just tried playing the same game over and over, analysing how the opposition play and have played and changing tactic set-up accordingly. Out of 8 matches the best I've managed was a 1-1 draw. Throughout all these games whatever I've done I've not come anywhere near to causing the opposition problems though controlling the game or counter attacking. I pass the ball around a bit, it goes out wide sometimes, I cross it, occasionally the keeper will have to do something.
  10. Control/Very Fluid - Pass shorter CMa, BMWs, RG, CFa all have more risky passes. Shoot less often on all players - I don't really want pop shots from distance spurning attacks, I want us to open up defences. SK(s) BPDx CBc BPDx WBs RG WBs CMa BMWs TQ CFa Haven't created a single clear cut chance in 5 games. Only goals I've scored have been long range and set-pieces, haven't looked anywhere near scoring. I want to play an attacking style, trying to score plenty of goals, and can't see what's going wrong. I keep possession enough, nothing too alarming happening at the back, I'm just anaemic whenever it reaches final third.
  11. Quick Question: Tutoring Part-Time Players?

    Made a thread about this a few weeks ago in GD. Had a few players that ticked every single box applicable for tutoring, and just wasn't made available. Looks like a bit of a bug to me.
  12. Building a 3-4-1-2

    I hate to think it isn't possible, I would restart my old save with that side instantly if there was a way to play this way. The annoying thing is you can have attacking wingers track back into the right areas, but they never switched on properly when they got there. You see that they are near enough, they've made the effort, but take up brain dead defensive positioning despite their stats/and tactical instruction. Which only leads me to believe it's match engine deficiency. Same with the centre backs, I could live with crosses coming into the box sometimes, and my winger in the team to be offensive occasionally switching off at the back to allow crosses, but I can't stand defenders being in the right areas but again defending like clowns. The same aggression, anticipation, heading, tackling etc. is perfectly good for them to be a beast on the half way line, but heaven forbid three of them!! put that to use in the box where it counts against little scrote forwards. There was a thread a while back by @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!, that played 3511 with wingers.
  13. Building a 3-4-1-2

    This is what I hate about the game. No matter your superiority, or how your system is designed to play, the AI will find the weakness in it and plough you into the ground through it. 3/5 at the back systems have a clear superiority over 1 striker systems such as 4231, yet somehow that 1 striker will always seem to dance into the 6 yard box to score from crosses due to the faults in the ME. To mitigate against these flaws you just can't afford to play anything other than FB(D)/LFB(D) in wide positions, thus making the virtues of playing 343 type systems unrealistic. The AI always forces it's way of playing onto you, and has a distinct advantage to it instantly knowing what your weakness is. Pairing this with the fault of cross/6yard tap-in/statue defenders, it makes playing 3 at the back systems infuriatingly for me. I formerly built a team with world CBs - good on the ball, quick and strong, hard working wingers that had the right stats to be perfectly good full backs. I wanted to play 343, attacking as a 325/316/(226 with Libero), defending as a 541 - two wide players stretching the play, staying wide and getting to the byline. I had 2 creative, goal scoring 10s behind a complete forward. The team was perfectly built to play 343 in the way I wanted, yet no matter what you would do the AI pulled down you pants with the cross/tap in. Average PL strikers would score tap ins, whilst 3 quality centre backs watched them do it. Yeah of course you'll win games due to having better players - you'll see this playing as Chelsea, but that's not the point. You'll never be perfect, due to the AIs advantage on you, and to me that's sad, and always frustrated me with 343.
  14. Is it possible to have inverted wing backs that don't run with the ball? Whenever I use them I find that they are ruining the very system they are creating by running with the ball all the time. I just want them to sit and hold that midfield position without always trying to run into danger constantly.