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  1. Can use what ever shape, or click whatever button you like.. Helps me achieve the overarching Mourinho philosophy of the team being unite and able to work collectively to achieve their cause. The players themselves will define how the system plays ultimately. The OP trying to replicate Mourinho's Real Madrid side without having similar quality of players is a little fanciful and naive.
  2. My interpretation of Mourinho's philosophy would be that he is the arch pragmatist and will always focus on preserving the clean sheet. With that Real Madrid side you have to factor in that Ronaldo was at his peak, and playing in a way that would transcend many a footballing system. Real essentially starting at least a goal up every game they went into. Have just finished a season in which I had completed my vision in which I started. I had developed a potentially Ronaldo level talent into a beast of a player that would very often allow me to effectively start those game 1-0 up. I've been managing Bilbao, and after a few frustrating seasons trying to reach the summit of La Liga and compete against Barca and Real I decided to change gear from a back 3 system, to a fundamental Mourinho 4231. The crop of players I'd previously been using had really come to the end of it's cycle, and a change was needed. My strengths at that stage we're at the back, weaknesses in midfield with a slow and ageing midfield , and a very young but potentially world's best forward up front with a pacy Inaki Williams. So I focused on a defensive first philosophy, valuing a clean sheet as gold dust. Real and Barca we're formidable, so I knew any chance of pipping them to a title had to come from losing fewer games than them. Unfortunately, such pragmatism cost me through more than a few 0-0 draws. That being said, in the 24/25 season my forward players that I had been developing for many seasons suddenly all hit their peaks and we're capable of blowing teams away. Season 21/22; won 26, drawn 11, lost 1 - 63 goals, 15 conceded, 26 c/sheets - 89 points - 3rd place Season 22/23; won 29, drawn 8, lost 2 - 76 goals, 20 concededed, 20 c/s - 92 points - 2nd place Season 23/24; won 26, drawn 10, lost 2, 67 goals, 17 conceded, 25 c/s - 88 points - 3rd place Season 24/25; won 31, drawn 7, lost 0, 101 goals, 15 conceded, 27 c/s - 100 points - 1st place - reaching 62 games unbeaten across 2 seasons. Counter - Very Fluid Much Higher Tempo, More Disciplined, Tight Marking, Play Out of Defence SKa FBs BPDc BPDd FBs *sometimes change to full backs to WBd after taking enough of a lead if needed. BMWd DLPs *change DLP to DLPd after reaching comfortable position in game IFs AMs IFs AFa My interest in that save has somewhat peaked, but I'm very eager to see if I can take on that Mourinho style pragmatism onto a different club and achieve the same results. So have started up a save with PSG, and will implement that value of a clean sheet, with the demand for fast tempo football and pace at the top end of the pitch.
  3. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Got to be a record, most I've ever seen - 51 players called up for an International break! 9 called up for main Spanish team.
  4. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Very Fluid - Standard/Counter Play out of Defence, More Disciplined, Close Down More SKs - Kepa Fbs - Ordiozola BPDc - Regen, Yeray BPDd - I.Martinez FBs - Laporte BMWd - J.Martinez, Merino DLPd - Herrera, Illarramendi IFs - Willaims AMs - Regen IFs - Regen DLFa - Villalibre
  5. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    I'm finding the attribute distribution for regens to be quite ridiculous. In first few seasons I went a bit crazy and brought in far too many 16 year olds without sufficient scouting. A lot of them now are well into their development, and getting good game time around La Liga and Segunda - but so many of them I just can't find space in my first team because their massively lacking one or two key attributes. For instance I've a 21 yo LB who's been loaned out to Valencia, and has had Barca bidding for him amongst others. He's got fantastic physicals for an attacking LB, and decent mentals - but has positioning, otb, marking, crossing and dribbling all well below standard. Have got a 21 year old midfielder who I think has probably fully developed. Is a CM with amazing acceleration, dribbling and pace, but no OTB or positioning what so ever. Not even enough crossing to retrain as a winger. Basically now any player from the age of 15/16 who has a balanced set of attributes for what I'm looking for is total gold dust, and is fast tracked straight to training in the first team.
  6. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Last game of the season, and essentially need a win at the Nou Camp to win the league. Real playing Almeria at home
  7. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Yeah, first season I've moved to play 4-2-3-1 and defensively we've been a rock! Just really seems to fit this seasons group of players wonderfully. Kepa has 26 clean sheets in La Liga... 33 year old Javi Martinez has been a rock in center mid, alongside Herrera as a bit of a throwback double-pivot. Had Yuri and Monreal at left back up the start of this season; Monreal retired, and decided to move on Yuri and place Laporte at left back. He's been highest rated player in La Liga, and with Inigo Martinez inside him and Javi in front the whole left side is a lock down.
  8. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Last second penalty to leapfrog Real Madrid into top place. Second place all season up until now, now top and still unbeaten with 6 games to go
  9. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    What's the longest you guys have managed to keep Aduriz playing for? Just starting 2021/22 and it'll be his last season. He's 40, and will be 41 come end of the season Won't be playing much, if at all this year. Only started a couple of games last season in Copa del Ray because I wanted to see about another season from him. Still a quality tutor, and has been a youth coach for quite a while now as well.
  10. Thought that might have been the case with the TQ role, was just not 100% as progress on those stats have seemed to stall despite regular games - when fit, he's in my starting XI. General Training has been set to Low - Balance - did read that this allowed for maximised individual training or role training to happen...
  11. I've an 18 year old regen striker that is quite possibly the star of his generation. His physical stats have shot up, way quicker than technical and mentals, and are at an elite level despite my best efforts to halt PA being loaded onto them. Acceleration 18 Agility 16 Balance 17 Jumping 11 Natural Fitness 13 Pace 16 Stamina 18 Strength 13 They're at a level now we're I'd be more than happy for them to stay until his mid 30s! I'm managing as Bilbao, and trying to develop this player with a view of an elite forward partnership that could potentially elevate me to one of the best teams in Europe. Inaki Williams has developed into a devastatingly quick, near perfect Advanced Forward. So I want this guy to make up the creativity within the partnership. Now he's already got fairly solid physicals, but his mental stats are lacking massively - and developing at a snail's pace. He's had 68 first team appearances in coming up to 2 and half seasons. First I had him training as a poacher, but over probably the last 10 months I've noticed his physicals really need little improvement so have had him training on a Treq. training role in an effort to boost up as many of his mental stats as possible, whilst also still working on the technical that are needed. Basic point is - I've never once played him as a Treq in my tactic, always as a Advanced Forward, or Complete Forward. Do I actually have to play him as a Treq for the key attributes in that role to develop quicker? These are his current stats that make up the TQ. role, and ones that the training is meant to hit... My thinking is that whilst he still has plenty of potential in him, still only 18 - if I can bring up these stats, he will turn into a monster of an all round creative forward. Anticipation 11 Composure 12 Decisions 13 Flair 14 OTB 15 Vision 10 Finishing 14 First Touch 16 Passing 11 Technique 16 Dribbling 12 (Additional Focus) How realistic is it to expect that by just keeping him on this plan I can funnel all his development into these stats, instead of further boosting already stand out physicals - not to mention wasted areas such as corners, FKs, marking etc..
  12. Yeah, that's sort of the way I'm inclined to go. I'm fairly comfortable with the set up I'm going to have with my B team, or who I will comfortably allow out on loan - just curious on the differences and benefits, and how I should split up players between my U19's and my C team.. I'm thinking C team should be players of 16-18 who have been tutored/or have a desired personality to aid upon their own development. Whilst those that are being tutored, or otherwise don't have right personality or determination level still residing in the u19's.
  13. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Managing Athletic in FM17, and 3 seasons in, pre-season ahead of my fourth. How do you guys balance the distribution of you're youth players across Bilbao, Basconia, U19's and loaning them out? Obviously with the view to maximise their development. How do you necessarily decide whether player x should be moved to Basconia, and not sit in the u19's. I haven't the 4th league loaded, so any stats gained playing for Basconia aren't totally real I guess. At the moment I'm making sure I'm tutoring them up as soon as I can, and having them on specialist training plans. So by end of their first year at the club all intakes, or youth players brought in will have a decent personality/professionalism to really get their development rolling. Likewise with anyone that I've brought in at 16. But how do you guys know or decide where to distribute your youth team players? My B team at the moment is fairly strong, or certainly will be this season. I've brought in a few pros with decent personalities that can tutor, so there a few players that could defiantly be playing Liga 123, along with likes of Sabin, Aketxe and Villalibre. They finished just outside the play-off places in the Segunda despite the aformentioned players having great seasons. Now as I approach a new season, out of my best youth players - the ones that could be getting games on the bench of lower La Liga, and playing in 123 - is it better that I keep them in the B team so that I know they're playing, and I can monitor training - or just loan them out to highest standard club possible? Similarly with Basconia - due to them not playing in a playable league - would it not be better to have any player that would be in the C team loaned out to an AI, or just be in the u19's?
  14. As surely most of you will Athletic Bilbao have a Basque only transfer policy, allowing you to only sign players with Basque nationality, or sign Spanish players of age 16 to become naturalised as Basque 'citizens'. As you can imagine this places a heavily reliance upon youth development - which I'm finding to be a large amount of the fun managing Bilbao. With Bilbao, you've essentially four squads that a youth team player can be part of - First Team (Athletic), B Team (Bilbao), C Team (Basconia) and the U19's - all of which you have control other training, and tutoring. There is also the option obviously to loan players out to a large amount of feeder teams in the Segunda division, or further afield should you offer them out - this obviously won't allow any control over training. My current path way at the moment isn't as streamlined as it should be, and I know I'm not making best use of the options I have available to me to maximise player development. A player will come in through youth intake, and will be set a training plan, and will also be tutored if needed - likewise with all 16 year old players I've picked up from around Spain. My B team (Bilbao) are still currently in the Spanish 3rd tier. They are a mixture of decent pros (too good for Segunda B, not good enough for first team/good tutors), and youth players. Hopefully this coming season the B team will gain promotion to Liga 123. Basconia play in the 4th division, which is a league I haven't loaded. Whilst players in this team 'play games' and end up with stats - I'm curious as to how useful these games are in aiding to a players development? Is it better to have a player moved to this team, rather than sat in the U19's for instance? Is it even better say, to loan out the player to play under the AI in the game - would games played in a league loaded be more beneficial, and off-set the non-control over training? In short I'm just looking for tips on the best way to fill out these squads, and to know why each player should go to which, and know when they are ready to move up, or be sent out on loan?
  15. FM18 Scottish Wonderkids *spoilers*

    If you have something to add to the forum, how about you post screenshots and pictures to the actual forum instead of plugging your videos and channel. Would be far quicker for us to all see these players by seeing the screenshots, than 6mins plus it takes in the video. Then we can actually have something to visually compare to, and possibly create a discussion from. All I have is a thumbnail of a video in front of me...