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  1. The .dll's are in Google Code. Under 'Downloads' section. http://code.google.com/p/scoutframeworkfm2009/downloads/list
  2. FMAssistant11 Official Thread

    Can you drop me a Direct Message?
  3. UGFC Finance Editor v1.0

    Framework behind this app has been updated for 11.1.1, so a new version will most likely be out within a couple of days.
  4. FMAssistant11 Official Thread

    Steam compatibility has been added to the framework behind the tool, so you might expect a new update soon.
  5. Updated version for FM 2011 v 11.1.1 Steam! Furthermore: there is a 'build' directory now. Run build.bat to create the dll files; it does all the msbuild and ILMerge stuff by itself.
  6. Yes, ILMerge is used to combine FMSE.Core.dll and PostSharp.dll. I've got some spare time this eve planned to do 11.1.1 for Steam, and put a new version online.
  7. Will get started on that somewhere this weekend.
  8. In theory you should be able to list all friendlies, and replace one of them with a friendly where you reserves team is playing. Bit like how FMRTE is doing the transfers. So in theory it's possible, but it's not on the top of my list.
  9. UGFC Finance Editor v1.0

    You forgot to include the FMSE.Core.dll in your .rar file :-)
  10. This is (.Net) developers only! If you aren't: just go to the FMRTE / FMAssistant / *insert random editor here* thread! Ever wanted to build your own FMScout, FMRTE? Ever wanted to do crazy stuff to the ingame database, but no button in FMRTE which provided the function? Here is the newest release of the framework that let you build this on your own! Just want to get started? http://100procentjan.nl/fm2009/tutorial.htm Want to see some demo's? http://scoutframeworkfm2009.googlecode.com/files/FMSE.Examples.zip This is the all brandnew version of the FM Scout/Editor Framework. FMSE can be and is used to create scouts and editors for Football Manager 2011 by using any .Net language! The framework is just a single ready-to-use assembly, which can be included in any .Net project (C#, Visual Basic, Managed C++). The Framework gives you the ability to query the database using LINQ, make changes to the game's objects, and produce your own personalized scout or editor! Now supports patch 1.1, Steam and DVD! Compatible with FM 2011 patch 1 and 1.1, Steam and DVD. You will need .NET Framework 3.5 (Visual Studio 2008 and higher) to use the framework. The framework is fully open-source, if you want to check out the code or even want to contribute. Check our Google Code project (in the links below!) Key features * Query the ingame database * Find players, clubs, staff, cities, continents, stadiums, teams, etc. * Make realtime changes to the in-memory database * Create complex filters * Get the active player, and show his stats immediately * Perform batch operations on a whole bunch of persons * Used (partly) by FMScout, FMRTE, MiniSE, FMAssistant and many more * Advanced caching to optimize speed * Rating system based on Genie's Links * Google Code Project: http://code.google.com/p/scoutframeworkfm2009/ * Ready to use assemblies: http://code.google.com/p/scoutframeworkfm2009/downloads/list * Basic tutorial: http://www.100procentjan.nl/fm2009/tutorial.htm * Demo Apps: http://code.google.com/p/scoutframeworkfm2009/downloads/list Show me! // Set condition to 100% for the active player! FMContext fm = new FMContext(); // Load the API Player activePlayer = (Player)fm.MetaData.ActiveObject; // Get a reference to the active screen activePlayer.Condition = 100; // Set condition to 100 or: // Get the number of players aged under 15 FMContext fm = new FMContext(DatabaseModeEnum.Cached); // Load the API var youngPlayers = (from player in fm.Players where player.Age < 16 select player); // This is how a query looks! MessageBox.Show(youngPlayers.Count()); // And do something with the result Thanks to - Immuner (kvardis) for the time he spent since 2009 - Ruci because he is the leading star on doing realtime stuff in FM - Heineken for providing me with enough beer during development - My employer for not firing me when I arrive at 10:30 after a late night of devving
  11. Holas, update for the framework will be released somewhere today or tomorrow. Most is working, but I have to do some stuff to get it compatible with the Steam version. I will anounce a working version in a new thread.
  12. Support for FM 2011 will be added soon.
  13. Start here: http://code.google.com/p/scoutframeworkfm2009/ ; it supports FM 2010 v10.3, DVD and probably Steam but the latter has not been checked for a month, so it may be broken by now :-). You can download it under 'Downloads', and then 'Framework r59.rar'. The SVN repository (see 'Checkout') has some demo's; and a little tutorial to get you started is at: http://www.100procentjan.nl/fm2009/tutorial.htm. For further questions, please go here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/156544-Scout-Editor-Framework-2010-(Make-your-own-FMScout-FMEditor)
  14. This issue is probably resolved in the latest version of the trunk. Check Google Code to checkout this version.