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  1. So, little background story: I am currently managing Southampton in my second season, finishing 5th in my first one. We were playing so well i decided to promise van dijk, ibra, romeu, cedric, ward prowse and ze gomes that we'd qualify for champions league so they could stay. Was fourth place almost at the end, not bad. I had very difficult features ahead. As mentioned before though, I finished 5th, sooo Europa League was a plan B. The opponents in EL were so easy and EPL opponents so hard, i prioritized EL. At the 34th round i was sixth, and at 35th i was already 8th place. One of these late rounds I drew, and CL qualification via EPL was impossible. Game ended, I was chill. Until I see the mailbox. ALL the players I promised wanted to leave. I was livid. I won EL. they still wanted to leave. All my superstars. And I am in CL. Career mode basically ruined because i was forced to sell them. Please, launch an update where you fix this. They wanted CL, I gave them. Just not the standard way.
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