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  1. Yet another bug with fixture congestion regarding Italy. Wow, great job guys! Nobody tested this stupid game. I have to play CL final with the kids because Italy has a damn fixture in the same day against mighty Lichtenstein.
  2. Hello, I still play FM19. I am playing with AC Milan, but there is a problem with fixture congestion at the end of the championship. I'm in semis CL , no cup, and some games are played with 1 day rest between them. This happened also in the previous season, but then i had the cup also. I wanted to ask if this problem is present in FM20 because it's unfair to have the players really tired and to play against psg with 4 days of rest.
  3. Neah. The save is ruined. I reloaded so many times that i don't want to play this anymore. I struggled to score goals, the strikers have so many games with 6.3, 6.4 average. I quit the game after a 0-0 at home with bottom placed Huddersfield. Crossing problem, pinball football, defenders making horrendous passes(they kick the ball only tho center of the field after a corner), highlights from AI with setpieces from the side of the penalty area, or throw ins from the same place. No matter the system used, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, wide or narrow the problems are the same.
  4. At 4. I immediately sub a player that has a knock(orange mark). I saw that sometimes the injury wears away, but sometimes it gets worse, and the player is injured for a longer period. Now the lenghtiest injuries i get, are from training. I didn't see for a while crazy injuries like 7-8 months. I try also to hire the best physios, and fitness coaches. Also, your best players will get tackled harder. I hate that everytime i played with Barcelona, Messi would be injured alot. When in reality he is hardly ever been injured.
  5. Hello, I would like to have an option at the start of a career to select if i want to keep the old staff, or i will bring my own team of coaches, Ass. Man etc. We often see that when a new manager is employed, he comes with some of his personal staff. Also it's annoying to start at a new club and wait a couple of years to get rid of some coaches, just because the compensation is to high.
  6. 32 goals per season? What tactic do you have? Can you post a screenshot here?
  7. No, it's awful. FM19 has no crossing, 15-20 useless corners per game, usually AI goes 0-1 and defend, defend, defend. I am done with FM19. See you next year with FM20 when i will buy it for 10-12 euros. I'm glad this year i didn't pay more than 12 euros for this crap.
  8. Meanwhile i read some threads about 4-2-3-1 formation(i'm a fan of 4-3-3), made some changes and i'm doing great. I'm first in my second season, 2 points ahead of Liverpool. After i finished 3rd in the first season, with no cups and eliminated by Leverkusen from EL, i sold Aubemayang, and Iwobi to City for a combined 160 millions. I bought, Partey, Berge, Jota, Sancho, Zaha. I love that the kids play really well, Nelson, Smith Rowe, Mavropanos etc. LE. I got dumped out of CL by Inter after a disappointing 0-0 at home. Second in Premier League with 1 game in hand, and still running for both cups. I lost to Tottenham 2-3 after going 1-0 up because i wanted to rest some players for CL QF. I'm still not 100% happy with how the team plays...
  9. I am struggling with Arsenal. I play a 4-2-3-1 with BBM + DLP(D), but the strikers are complete sh&t. Lacazette has a vey poor average, Aubameyang is a little better. I bought Ajer, Tete, Grimaldo and a couple of kids(Morilla, Trincao, etc.) for the future. I changed the roles so many times, but the team is playing awful. I tried everything but it seems i don't find the correct settings. I score very hardly, and i got beated 4-0 by Leverkusen, Liverpool, etc. I find this combination DLP+ BBM very bad.
  10. I had a war with Liverpool picking 2 of my scouts, and i took 2 of theirs. Just like that.
  11. I can't find the proper thread for this. I might ask here. Wasnt supposed for the South American players to apply for citizenship In Spain after 2 years? I have both Vidal and Malcom with 2 years completed and neither applied for it. EDIT: After a second thought i think it's just a bug. But only the number of the days shown is bad(both players start like they were transferred a year ago)
  12. Maybe i should explain myself better. I am still playing fm18, and i had success with 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 systems with teams like Lyon, Leipzig, Milan etc.. So i decided for the last save to try something different. - play 442 - play high tempo(had success already with it) - try to replicate Mourinho from my previous saves when his team smashed mine But it didn't work. So if my desire to start a new save comes back, i will start again with them(hate that it's a mess with those loans) play 4-3-3 and try transitioning in time to 4-4-2. I hate that i have to endure the same pain at every club i go. They have players suited for a system, and if i want to play a new system nothing works or it works partially until i buy a couple of new players.
  13. I feel you! Started a save with Chelsea, and it's been one of the most frustrating saves i ever had. I wanted to play 442 and replicate Mourinho style of play at Man Utd. Direct fast football. But OMG, this turned into the biggest sht ever seen. I haven't seen in my life ratings so low and team being dominated by low teams. I restarted a lot, tried different setups, different roles. Nothing seems to work. I fined the players alot, sold almost entire team of chelsea. I sold sabitzer for 0 after i bought him for 26 mills. Sent cahill on loan, fabrgas at milan and morata to U23. I just drew 2-2 at burnley with them scoring 2 wonder goals. Puh!!
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