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  1. Maybe he exaggerated a bit there. But in my save Metz did something like this. Ofc it's not some unknown team but please, why would you ask some ludicrous amount of money for a kid? It's basically coded so you don't buy all the regens and stack your team with superstars. What i find cheating about this game it's that i suspect that AI knows that i have loads of money for transfer budget(300 millions) and he is asking huge amounts for the players i want. I'm not talking about regens here.
  2. Another one: If my star striker doesn't perform well through the season, i change his number.
  3. I try to hire at least a women as physio in my team. Preferably Swantje Thomsen from BvB.
  4. What about Man Utd. Still OP? If that's the same as the last year with the amazing coach mourinho i'm not buying this again to see them dominating all competitions.
  5. How big is your database? In my save in Germany i sold both LB (Wendell and Max) to fit 2 new regens (Mexican + Dutch) in. The mexican is 5 stars potential and i decided to ship out both of them. I find this game too easy after regens appear. There are too many 5 stars potential kids out there. There are so many of them that i have no space for them in my team. I have like 4 kids loaned out, and i constantly scout 4-5 stars kids.
  6. Really poor video. Talked alot, used alot of specific language but i understood nothing. Much better is a clip with something drawn to explain the movement of different roles on the pitch.
  7. Muerte706

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    What are you talking about? Lasagna World Class. He is mediocre at most. I have him at Leipzig and he is ****. I feel cheated into paying 10M for this crap player.
  8. Muerte706

    Player Promises that don't work.

    I've had a player asked to be the designated penalty taker. In my tactic he was the second choice behind my main striker. i moved him up as the primary penalty taker but nothing happened. The time ran out and i failed to fulfill the promise.
  9. Muerte706

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Hello, I have a save with AC Milan and for the first time i won the league with no defeats at all. And i won the Champions League too. I have some World Class players in my team, aside from Gigi, Locatelli and Romagnoli. Now i saw that Lazio got relegated.
  10. The funny fact is that i complained about this on the bug section on FM17, but nobody said anything about this.
  11. Muerte706

    Logo problem

    I have the same problem, the big logo is shown but the small one 25x18 is missing. I suspect it's because i scaled down the big logo, but the quality of the image went down from 32 pixels to 8 pixels. I think this might be the problem in my case. I've spent a couple of hours the last weekend to get used to some site where i made a logo for Salernitana out of images from google.
  12. Muerte706

    Scouting sucks

    Adu is American.
  13. Muerte706

    Unprofesssional behaviour

    Meanwhile mine is at violation no. 14 or 15. I sent him at U20, where he continued to miss training. Man Utd came after him but offered only 7 millions for a player valued at 24. I will let him rot in reserves for 3 more years. I think i will make history with this guy is he continues like this for 3 years. Maybe i should tell you how this thing has started first. It all began after an offer from Barcelona i refused. I usually refuse the first offer, then at the second i negotiate it and i let them go. I made alot of money like this for my players, but this guy went crazy after first rejection.
  14. This worked for a year or so, and it started to crumble. lost alot of points against bottom table teams, usually losing 1-0. the major weakness of a 4-2-3-1 is the AMC. He gets special attention, and he starts playing sht. I had to change it again to a 4-3-3 with DM, because of the need to get rid of the AMC. I'm at the start of a new season so i will see how things evolve from here.
  15. Muerte706

    Unprofesssional behaviour

    Yeah i did that, and nobody wants him. But, is there any way to turn this situation around? I mean listing him is the easy option, and i want to try something different.