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  1. Tip. play the demo. For me it was an awful experience FM20. It's a new game totally different than FM19. You don't see those blocked crosses anymore, you don't see all the shots being deflected into corners etc. but a lot of offsides, tactic not followed, all the crosses to far post. no pressing etc.
  2. In FM19 they used the corners to break the attacks, now they use the god damn offsides. I implemented that stupid long throw procedure just to escape from the "offside hell"
  3. It's Ludovit Reis and has none of these traits. the only possible explanation is that he is a playmaker and comes to receive the ball. but that doesn't explain why the fullbacks don't push up the pitch FB(a) and WB(s) .
  4. I never thought that an worse FM than FM19 can exist. But now we have this utterly crap FM20. The AI is so defensive, which somehow i understand, but after breaking them 1-0 they stay ultra defensive. I'm thinking now i'm going to score 3, but surprise they turtle more. Then the rivals play and win 8-2. I was like, wtf how did they score so many? Looked at the replay, 5 goals scored from fk, corners, crossing. GG! Can someone explain to me why the fullbacks stay in line? I have one FB(A) and one WB(S)? Just look at that defensive shape, with 6 at the back. Beautiful.
  5. Neah. The save is ruined. I reloaded so many times that i don't want to play this anymore. I struggled to score goals, the strikers have so many games with 6.3, 6.4 average. I quit the game after a 0-0 at home with bottom placed Huddersfield. Crossing problem, pinball football, defenders making horrendous passes(they kick the ball only tho center of the field after a corner), highlights from AI with setpieces from the side of the penalty area, or throw ins from the same place. No matter the system used, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, wide or narrow the problems are the same.
  6. At 4. I immediately sub a player that has a knock(orange mark). I saw that sometimes the injury wears away, but sometimes it gets worse, and the player is injured for a longer period. Now the lenghtiest injuries i get, are from training. I didn't see for a while crazy injuries like 7-8 months. I try also to hire the best physios, and fitness coaches. Also, your best players will get tackled harder. I hate that everytime i played with Barcelona, Messi would be injured alot. When in reality he is hardly ever been injured.
  7. Hello, I would like to have an option at the start of a career to select if i want to keep the old staff, or i will bring my own team of coaches, Ass. Man etc. We often see that when a new manager is employed, he comes with some of his personal staff. Also it's annoying to start at a new club and wait a couple of years to get rid of some coaches, just because the compensation is to high.
  8. 32 goals per season? What tactic do you have? Can you post a screenshot here?
  9. No, it's awful. FM19 has no crossing, 15-20 useless corners per game, usually AI goes 0-1 and defend, defend, defend. I am done with FM19. See you next year with FM20 when i will buy it for 10-12 euros. I'm glad this year i didn't pay more than 12 euros for this crap.
  10. Meanwhile i read some threads about 4-2-3-1 formation(i'm a fan of 4-3-3), made some changes and i'm doing great. I'm first in my second season, 2 points ahead of Liverpool. After i finished 3rd in the first season, with no cups and eliminated by Leverkusen from EL, i sold Aubemayang, and Iwobi to City for a combined 160 millions. I bought, Partey, Berge, Jota, Sancho, Zaha. I love that the kids play really well, Nelson, Smith Rowe, Mavropanos etc. LE. I got dumped out of CL by Inter after a disappointing 0-0 at home. Second in Premier League with 1 game in hand, and still running
  11. I am struggling with Arsenal. I play a 4-2-3-1 with BBM + DLP(D), but the strikers are complete sh&t. Lacazette has a vey poor average, Aubameyang is a little better. I bought Ajer, Tete, Grimaldo and a couple of kids(Morilla, Trincao, etc.) for the future. I changed the roles so many times, but the team is playing awful. I tried everything but it seems i don't find the correct settings. I score very hardly, and i got beated 4-0 by Leverkusen, Liverpool, etc. I find this combination DLP+ BBM very bad.
  12. I had a war with Liverpool picking 2 of my scouts, and i took 2 of theirs. Just like that.
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