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  1. Hi all, I'm no longer getting a detailed analysis of my next opposition, because for some reason my scouting team have decided to no longer scout the opposition. How can I change this? I can't figure out how in the scouting section. Thanks.
  2. Yep looks like a good outcome! Anyone got any other screenies of different outcomes they could share?
  3. Is it possible at all to downgrade to the 15.2.1 patch until 15.3.0 is fixed?
  4. SI are a professional company. I agree that there is a problem in the latest patch re. injuries (and I'm sure they do too), but I doubt they will just shrug and say "wait for FM 16". I'm sure that in due course, they will release some sort of fix or updated patch.
  5. SI have said before that correcting problems in the game is no easy feat, as fixing one thing can have a knock-on effect on 2/3 other aspects, thus requiring them to be fixed also. Could it be that the hike in injuries was not intended in any way, it's just a by-product of them fixing something else within the game?
  6. Nevertheless, you're still being impatient and by your reply, rather immature. I suggest you grow up.
  7. Obviously not, otherwise the thread would be up and running.
  8. What is it with assistant managers changing their tune every 5 minutes during matches. One minute he's advising me to work the ball into the box, then the 5 minutes later, he's advising me to pump the ball into the box and hit early crosses. 10 minutes later and he's back to work the ball into the box. Is this a bug, or is he just an idiot who should be sacked?
  9. A number of players in my first team squad 'feel they are not getting enough coaching attention during tactics training'. How can I rectify this? My assistant manager takes tactics and ball control training and is rated as 3* and 2.5* for those respective categories.
  10. Check your staff responsibilities. You may have accidentally asked your assistant manager to take team talks. Click 'staff' on the sidebar, then 'responsibilities' at the top and have a look there.
  11. Playing as Watford and I want to recall one of my youngsters that is not getting the promised amount of game time at his temporary club. I want to recall him, and can see that this is written into the loan agreement, but cannot find the option anywhere. Is this because I want to recall him outside of a loan window? If so, I assume that the same rules apply in real life? How frustrating!
  12. Simple poll here - I'm thinking of buying the new FM but want to know if you all rate it or not. Whatever your opinions, I'd be keen to know why you feel the way you do. Aaaand go.
  13. I couldn't agree more. Ah, this is a good point. Could any of the mods comment on this please?
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