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  1. Ok tested the above and good news is it all works. @lembergman, I added your file to \Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\environments\press_conference_room\ and it shows up. Just had to rename it 'press_conference_room_sponsor_boards_[al].dds'
  2. @lembergman - you need to use the Resource Archiver to extract the .fmf above (simatchviewer-pc). Then place this folder in the Football Manager 2021 > Data directory. Think it's program files on PC or it's Steam > Steamapps > common on Mac. The file i updated is in simatchviewer-pc\environments\press_conference_room\ and is called 'press_conference_room_sponsor_boards_[al].dds'. I just opened it in Photoshop and changed the logos to experiment. It looks like if you don't have the entire folder extracted and placed in the data folder then the other 3d stuff doesn't work pro
  3. Managed to change the press conference background. Shame you can't have dynamic images on it to pull in the club logo or league logo for example as that limits what you can show.
  4. @lembergman Thanks, yeah looks like it works in colour, you just need to take out the last bit of the line that recolours the logo to secondary.
  5. The two panels are in panels/match called 'match league table panel cutscene.xml' and 'match preview lineups panel.xml'. I've attached them below. In my skin I've changed all instances of 'red_replacement="bg lighter">' to 'red_replacement="primary" and all 'red_replacement="white">' to 'red_replacement="secondary">' and this brings in the competition colours and looks good. Unfortunately not. May be possible though but I wouldn't know how to do it. match league table panel cutscene.xml match preview lineups panel.xml
  6. Just a small mod that changes the SI TV logo on televised matches. I've only done Sky Sports and BT Sports, but it's really easy to make any others. To get it to work you just have to drop the ‘icons’ folder for the logo you want into the ‘graphics’ folder of your current skin (not the general graphics folder). Download here
  7. Dan Ashworth's role at Brighton is essentially a combination of Technical Director & DoF in game, I think he should at least have DoF as a secondary job as IRL he's in charge of contracts and finalising transfers, although the Chief Scout Paul Winstanley also plays a role. Difficult to replicate in game accurately but I think Ashworth should have the DoF role as you can't assign the main responsibilities he has without it. "In the main, Paul Winstanley - who is a really experienced Head of Recruitment - would lead of transfers in and I would lead on new contracts and transfers out, bu
  8. How can I increase the size of the text and change the font for the shirt name on the player overview? See image, not sure if it's because i'm on Mac but looks different to your images above. It could do with being a bit bigger. Tried editing a few panels but can't seem to do it. Thanks
  9. Hi MC - nice work here. I actually started making something similar yesterday but mainly focussing on the UK media as i hadn't really seen any files where it had been done properly. Have you found that setting a favourite team works in terms of having that journalist attend press conferences for that team rather than just report favourably on them? In terms of realism, most major outlets IRL have specific journalists for the big teams who won't report on any others. To replicate this in the game my idea was that you'd need to have multiple versions of the same media source but with
  10. Thanks Dan - I have uploaded the file is 'RichJ - Man Utd.fm'. It's a few days before the press conference so not sure if it will be possible to recreate it but hopefully you can.
  11. 1. Feedback - could do with some context otherwise the pop up window doesn't mean much. It says 'the conference had the following affects on relationships' but then doesn't tell you that information. It would make a lot more sense to say the relationship has 'improved' or 'deteriorated' along with the current relationship status and maybe the reason for the change. In the 2nd image it says the conference had the following affects but then two of them are 'no relationship with you'... just pretty meaningless. 2. Strange questioning - couple of examples... Wan Bissaka a leader? Hi
  12. I've had the same with Mason Greenwood in the Manchester derby. Again, he is a youth team product so the question would be relevant in that sense but using his birthplace of Bradford makes it sound stupid.
  13. Thanks Vazkin, deleting the animate rows worked perfectly. Appreciate your help!
  14. Update: I've managed to change the text colour by editing the player icon preview file. I copied some code from another skin and it worked. Now the only issue is there is a weird delay in the icons appearing on the tactics pitch when the club overview screen loads!!
  15. Thanks for the reply. As far as I know the player icon file is just the default one with no changes, although I don't fully understand the coding in the other files so there may be changes i am unaware of. I tried swapping the code in 'club overview panel.xml' as you suggested but it didn't seem to have any effect. <!--tactics--> <container class="subsection_box" id="cos4" minimum_height="60" priority="1" default_height="-1"> <translation id="title" translation_id="348972" type="use" value="Last Starting 11[COMMENT: club overview panel,
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