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  1. Thanks Vazkin, deleting the animate rows worked perfectly. Appreciate your help!
  2. Update: I've managed to change the text colour by editing the player icon preview file. I copied some code from another skin and it worked. Now the only issue is there is a weird delay in the icons appearing on the tactics pitch when the club overview screen loads!!
  3. Thanks for the reply. As far as I know the player icon file is just the default one with no changes, although I don't fully understand the coding in the other files so there may be changes i am unaware of. I tried swapping the code in 'club overview panel.xml' as you suggested but it didn't seem to have any effect. <!--tactics--> <container class="subsection_box" id="cos4" minimum_height="60" priority="1" default_height="-1"> <translation id="title" translation_id="348972" type="use" value="Last Starting 11[COMMENT: club overview panel, details of the last selected match team for a given club]" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <widget class="pitch_with_tactics" id="pwtc" default_width="-1" priority="1" icon_flags="drop_initial_if_possible,show_name" player_icon_file="tactics/tactics icon preview info panel" vertical="true" pitch_alignment="centre" pitch_draw_goals="false" pitch_draw_markings="false" pitch_draw_grass="true" pitch_line_colour="disabled" line_width="1"> <record id="pitch_base_appearance"> <string id="condition_perfect" value="custom/overview_pitch"/> </record> <integer id="pitch_pattern_opacity" value="0"/> <boolean id="pitch_disable_line_drawing" value="true"/> <boolean id="pitch_pattern" value="true"/> <integer id="pitch_detail_opacity" value="0"/> <integer id="pitch_kit_height" value="20"/> </widget> <widget class="person_button" alignment="centre,can_scale" auto_size="vertical" info_popup_enabled="false" size="xsmall" style="semi_bold" colour="black" format="[%person#1-initial_surname]"> <boolean id="enforce_style" value="true"/> <record id="object_property" get_property="Pers" set_property="valu"/> </widget> </container> </container> That's how the tactics section is looking now with your change. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm using some panels I downloaded from here that change the club view. I'm trying to change the font colour from white to black for the player names on the tactics view on the left hand side (see the image below) but I can't seem to manage it. I've extracted the base panels and have tried editing quite a few but none seem to relate to that, does anyone know which file I need to amend to correct this? Thanks
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