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  1. Definitely yes on at least the first and third. Just play with a silky passing team on a wet muddy day or in the snow and you'll see it!
  2. Every save will be different, but in my save they missed out on a tycoon takeover early in 2023. In the end, a new chairman took over from the current consortium, but no takeover. They were eventually taken over by a local businessman in 2033. They've been as low as non league football (one season, won the league and bounced straight back up) and as high as mid table championship, but have mostly languished around the top of league 1.
  3. It's all about Youth. Get the best 18-21 year old players you can. Splash out if you have to. Be ready to sell them on for 3-4 times what you paid, and reinvest. If you scout scout scout, you'll find plenty of potential world class kids for 5-20 million. Some ready to step straight in at the highest level. Brazilian / Argentinian players are a good place to start too. Sure you might have to offer £20 million and £100k a week to get him a work permit, but in exchange you might get a 20-21 year old who'd be worth 50-60 million if he had an EU nationality and a bigger world reputation.
  4. Bizarrely, despite just moving into a stadium with my name on the door, my job's now at risk. Two rival consortiums are fighting to buy us, with one promising to replace me and another criticising that. I'm not saying I should have a job for life, but 73 trophies in 20 seasons including 20 consecutive premiership titles and the potential to become the joint most successful team in Champions League history if I retain it this year (I'm on 12, Real Madrid still only have 13) and undoubtedly the best individual champions league trophies in history should mean that it'd take something rather extreme to see me sacked. Not just a new board. Still, that means this season's goals are to equal Madrid's champions league record, win my 20th manager of the season award for the 0.1% achievement, and... keep my job? I almost want to be sacked so I can move somewhere else and CRUSH the team I built up from modern, real life Arsenal to the most dominant force in football history.
  5. What's the actual exploit here? Generally players are extremely reluctant to move straight after a transfer, however you treat them. On top of that, if you overpay them wage-wise to get them, then other teams will be reluctant to sign them anyway.
  6. I'm in my 20th season. At the end of this season we move to a new stadium, named after me. I'll pick up one of the 0.2% achievements at the same time, for 20 years at one club. I missed out on manager of the year one season, otherwise I'd be able to wrap up a 0.1% achievement at the same time. edit: I also could have had a homegrown winger (well, a striker / AML who I play at AML) become the club's record goalscorer this season, but I decided it was time to let him go and let the next generation of left wingers vie for his place. I kinda regret it.
  7. I had the same thing a couple of times, then without asking it just popped up that they were looking for a suitable site, then we got stuck in planning permission hell for a year or three before getting a firm date, size and name. My name. :-D
  8. I'm in 2035 and have just had a new stadium approved, if that helps. We've spent a few years getting to this point, but I'll be moving in for the 2039-2040 season, my 20th year at the club.
  9. You hired him. He works under you, and you have allocated these roles to him. Therefore, the buck stops with you.
  10. It can be frustrating to seem "stuck" on a step. It'd be nice if there was an estimated completion date for each step. While it could be pushed back (with an inbox notification) it'd make it feel like things were actually moving.
  11. I've had plenty. I use wingbacks, so generally have to retrain them to play there for me though. At the moment, I have this absolute monster at Rightback. He cost me £66 million back when he was 19, and is going into his tenth season with me. I doubt I'll have someone quite as good at right (wing)back ever again. Meanwhile this monster is my left (wing)back. He can't use his left foot, which is frustrating, but his all round game more than makes up for it. He was £20 million as a 20 year old three years ago. I could have got him for half that, but I had to pay £20mil to guarantee a work permit. More than worth it!
  12. I could be wrong, but it feels like there's also a minimum age requirement to having one?
  13. As a gooner, CM03/04 would be my dream year to be ported over. See what I could do with The Invincibles.
  14. In my game, Chelsea have become an average mid table club bouncing between 7-8th and the low teens. Meanwhile Crystal Palace have become top four regulars and one of my big title rivals.
  15. It very much depends on the player. If it's a home grown 15/16 year old I think can make it as a club legend, I'll start using him at a very young age. Anyone brought in I'll assess if he can bring something to the first team, and if not I'll either u23/loan him out or stick him in the squad but let him play u23 games if he isn't getting enough game time. edit: Then again, I buy youth in large numbers, gambling that enough of them will turn a profit, and the very best will either stay and be legends or bring a big pay day for the club. in 13 seasons I've spent 163 players for a combined £3,82 billion and sold 241 players for a combined £5.29 billion.
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