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  1. In FM20 I had a world class Irish / English regen who played a couple of games for Ireland before switching over to England as his ability became apparent. He was labelled as a mercenary for a while for it.
  2. He was a complete no brainer when Dortmund signed him, and since then he's gone from strength to strength and shown he can do it on any stage. The only thing I'd say is perhaps the clause shouldn't come into effect until the second season, to somewhat make up for the fact that he wasn't ever going to go to Dortmund for 6-12 months, the plan was always to have 18-36 months there before moving on.
  3. 8pm would be ideal. A) because it's a minute away, and b) i told my son he can play his new game on my pc until 8!
  4. Realistically I probably average a couple of hours a day on the days I have it open. If I'm actively playing something else it's closed. As it was open for 2/3rds of the year in my peak year, that's only around 500 hours of active playing I'd assume.
  5. Guys, don't you realise? The real beta is the friends we made along the way!
  6. That said, if they wanted to be really cruel, they'd release the FM21 touch beta and leave us waiting for the real thing.
  7. It absolutely has to come out this weekend. Come Tuesday, my PC will be officially commandeered by my son, so he can play the new Assassins Creed game.
  8. And be 20 or younger on the 1st January of the previous season. edit: If he came through your youth, he might already have been at the club long enough. Check his milestones for when he "joined" your youth system. I have 15/16 year olds who were generated this in game month who are eligible.
  9. You can if they have been at the club a certain amount of time.
  10. I've had similar situations in FM20. Young players who my scouts rave about, the coaches seem to think has potential, only for them to not make it and fall down the leagues. As long as you don't look under the hood, CA/PA works. I've had players I expected to be average turn out amazing, and players who I expected to be amazing fail to deliver. And of course some absolute gems who just got better and better.
  11. Exactly. We kept conceding kick-offs to them!
  12. That, and the board being upset about it. A few seasons earlier I beat one of the other big teams in a similar way, away from home, and had the same complaint. That said, this is the first FM I've not been all about dominating the possession. With such a comprehensive win (against a team that's been mid table for a few years and were in okay form, so not against a relegation favourite), plus outplaying them in every other way, I doubt anyone would leave the game even realising that they'd technically had almost twice the possession we'd had.
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