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  1. @Neil Brock has said in one of the threads it will be touch enabled on tablets.
  2. I plan to buy Xbox Edition for the PC purely to do my bit to demonstrate that Touch is wanted, is worthwhile, and is important to a large number of people. It'll be weird not trying out different editor files, but ultimately I don't go far over 100 hours on the bloated FM, and do at least 5 times that on Touch - so it's a no brainer considering the fact I will only buy one. All the stuff Miles mentioned yesterday regarding team talks etc ... Zero interest in it. Never have, never will. Mobile is too basic, Bloated is, well, bloated, and touch was the sweet spot. I'm loathe to encourage SI/contribute to them, but if spending £30 helps them realise that Touch is still wanted, so be it.
  3. My gut is that it won't be touch controls, as it'd be something extra SI would have to do (controller is required unless dev says so), and given their lack of interest in touch....
  4. Miles says it's not a lesser version of touch, so... Hopefully nothing?
  5. Yes go the graphics (as far as I know!) , No to the database, much like touch can't be updated.
  6. Nailed it. You've also made me realise why I had no interest in full fat FM and was all about Touch. Dynamics, training, dev centre... no interest in. And you can't ignore dynamics/allow your AM to take charge of it. Xbox edition or bust from here on in.
  7. This is the first time I've felt disillusioned with CM/FM, and feel there's become a disconnect between SI and the userbase. I don't expect lots of shiny new things, but so far, data hub aside, I don't see anything anyone has actually wanted, at least in any form of numbers. I think I've used "deadline day" once, and realised it's been the same old questions, same old pointlessness. If DD had been advertised as part of a huge improvement in transfers (see @Daveincid's work!) I'd be excited. Ultimately, I think SI are slowly becoming an EA - and I don't mean that as a compliment.
  8. One thing I don't quite understand is if Xbox Edition/Touch (as was) are so similar, why not keep Touch/Classic on Steam?
  9. From what I've read it's almost entirely on new computers bought with 11 pre-installed that have a certain setting activated as standard, which isn't the case with upgrades.
  10. Optics wise, I think announcing the content of Xbox Edition as part of this blog post would have made it infinitely better. (Although I accept I'm in the vast minority of playing Touch on PC)
  11. I'm not being sarcastic/awkward, even though I know it'll seem like it, but: "Major Changes for FM22 Touch and Beyond"
  12. @Neil Brockit mentions long-term in the intro, but there's no mention of touch's long-term future.
  13. That was the joy of Touch. Load 6-10 nations and still fly. Having a choice of 3 nations or full fat... Meh. Really disappointed with SI.
  14. What's the difference between Touch and Xbox edition as was/is? Because I've read a few people say Touch was better.
  15. I get the logistics, but personally this is short sighted. FM has so much background noise, and Touch is faster, more enjoyable, and what I've spent 95% of my FM time playing since it came out. Sure, the lack of database/league add-ons has been unfortunate, but I've stuck with it. Having played FM/CM since 1994, I'll struggle to maintain any level of excitement for the game going forward. At the very least, in the future, please let us opt out of having certain elements in the game. This is a bad day for Football Manager - and "knowing what's best for the wider FM community" doesn't sit well with me at all.
  16. The fact this is simply a teaser is to get people talking about it - done. Now, assuming there's some significant improvements, everyone will be happier than they are now. Whilst I don't want to give SI a pass, this game, like the tail-end of FM21, will have been made in the most difficult of circumstances. Despite this, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect more from them than the trailer, and indeed (especially?) in FM23. I'll be buying it as per usual, but I would like to know if Touch will be included with Full Fat again.
  17. Oh @XaW, damn you! I uninstalled FM in advance of 22... and now you give us this! If it's easy to update it to the new game, I'd love it if you could do so. Really like the idea of starting off with a team in Northern Norway. Thank you
  18. I don't want it to descend into an editor for FMT discussion, I guess I just thought allowing PC users to utilise databases in the same way we can override the 3 nation limit thus removing crossplay would be an option. I appreciate the monetisation aspect (financial editing etc), but even if it was just moving players/clubs between divisions/adding divisions, and not actually editing stats I'd be delighted. I know the whole aspect is tricky, and FMT is about speed (adding English leagues to level 21 would understandably be out), but even if there was an x club/division limit per nation... I'm glad you hope to add editing again @Marc Vaughan, if only because it'll increase the longevity of my game time!
  19. I think that's key - I can start a game and be 6 months in within a few hours - the fact I can load most leagues is the icing on the cake!
  20. It's not been done for any of the 4 versions that have been released.
  21. Excellent! I always hope to get into the "full" game, but just find touch that little bit more fun to just pick up and play.
  22. @denisio I don't think it's possible to do it on Switch. (Thank you!)
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