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  1. 1. A "sim mode" replacing the current "go on holiday", whereby you could set a wider range of choices (eg tactics home and away, depth charts for each position) and let the game sim out stretches of time as you wish. My biggest complaint about the game is just the slow pace, the amount of time it takes to get through a season (on a PC with a dual processor and 1 gig of RAM). But there's a lack of control with the current "go on holiday" and even the terminology of a "holiday" in the middle of a season is obviously unrealistic. 2. Much more varied and better writing throughout the game -- eg media reports, team talks, coach and scout reports, match text commentary. I can barely play the game anymore for all the repetition of phrases, especially when they're poorly written in the first place (#1 pet peeve of the moment: teams said to have "stumbled" or "fallen short" after a draw, even if it's away to a bigger club). 3. More realistic negotiations in transfer talks and contract talks. Should be more back-and-forth. 4. More AI club offers for available loanees and free-transfer players. 5. Better match engine. 6. Coach-initiated reports on young reserves and under-18s when they're making good progress. 7. An end to England's domination of international football. (Always happens in my games... is it because I always manage in England?) 8. Better, clearer information from asst-managers, coaches and scouts. For instance, Player X on the senior team is a "decent member of our squad," but so is Player Y who is just a 16-year-old on the under-18s. What are you supposed to get from that? Sure, the staff may be wrong and the accuracy should be based on their evaluation abilities, but whatever they have to say needs to actually make sense. 9. Include a global number of each player's attributes on the profile screen (ie, the total of all his attributes added together). The info's there anyway, this would just provide a way to do a quick check on a player's overall ability for times you're not in the mood to micro-analyse. And then make his overall progress check-able through one of those attribute/training-progress graphs. 10. Give us "don't show this message again" options for confirmation pop-ups, at least some of them. Eg the one that repetitively explains that sending a flu-ridden player home reduces flu exposure to the rest of the squad. Tedious and it's not a big decision anyway. 11. Speaking of player ailment decisions, in some cases you get a choice between a specialist and the physios (I think) where there's absolutely no reason not to choose the specialist -- the time out is shorter and there's no other trade-off. Either send him to the specialist automatically, or make money the trade-off ("send the player to a specialist at a cost of X thousand?") 12. More sensible attendance figures. I'm currently managing Crewe, we're only 2 or 3 spots below where we were last year in the same division, yet attendance is down about 25%. Not realistic and this can slaughter smaller clubs financially. 13. Keep injured players out of the monthly training reports, their rise or fall is the result of their injury. Could merge this with #6 above -- generally expanding and improving reports on your players. 14. Manager options: "automatically use time-wasting tactics starting from XX minute (which you can set) when your side is ahead." PS I hope someone from SI is actually reading this thread regularly. Otherwise I fear it's all of us venting and not even looking at each other's posts.
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