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  1. For the second season in a row I've been put into the wrong UCL qualification phase. I was drawn into the "Best placed second qualifying round" even though I should've been in the "Champions playoff" since I won my league. Why is this? I won the league two times before that and I got put into the Group stages, as I should (league has since fallen in coefficient table)
  2. So today my player faces stopped showing up IG. I cut out like three players whose faces werent in my facepack and put them into the folder, the necessary stuff into the config file, cleared cache and reloaded skin. But now none of the faces appear IG. I double checked for any typos in the config file but I can't find any, what's the problem? config.xml
  3. There is a player called Dominik Styblo (ID: 25062412), but he doesn't exist in real life. His name should probably be Filip Styblo.
  4. Olexandr Azatskyi (ID: 71049173) is on loan at Fastav Zlín from FC Baník Ostrava.
  5. Michal Kohut (ID: 25056081) is also only on loan in Pardubice. He belongs to 1. FC Slovacko.
  6. Tomas Cabadaj (ID: 25055331) is a player of FK Jablonec, not Sparta Prague. The loan is correct. Tomas Cabadaj (ID: 25055331) is a player of FK Jablonec, not Sparta Prague. The loan is correct. EDIT: Squad Numbers of these Sparta Prague players are wrong: Martin Frydek 14 -> 17 Vaclav Kadlec 17 -> 14 Michal Sacek 31 -> 16 David Moberg-Karlsson 16-> 7 Matej Pulkrab 3 -> 8 Lukas Julis 36 -> 3 Martin Hasek (ID: 25044893) is left footed, but he's very good with both feet.
  7. Pavel Zifcak (ID: 25062186) is on loan from SK Sigma Olomouc to FK Pardubice. He doesn't belong to Pardubice. Ladislav Muzik (ID: 25055283) is a Right Midfielder, not a Centre Midfielder. he can also play on the wing and on the left. Jakub Brezina (ID: 25058196) is a Left Back and has transferred to Nove Sady (ID: 5650323). EDIT: Adam Fousek (ID: 25040000) has never played for Dynamo České Budějovice. In 2015/16 he played for Pardubice. Jan Nikodem (ID: 25055536) was born in 1998, not 1989 and is a Left Midfielder.
  8. I tried it with different leagues but that doesnt work either...
  9. yeah, I did that but it has no affect in the game
  10. I found it, but when I change back the nation it doesnt do anything ingame, still the default red color
  11. The Czech League has been renamed to FORTUNA:LIGA and it's main color is now yellow, is it possible to change the color of the competition in the editor? Thanks
  12. Basically the title, don't know hot to properly use the editor and would like to get the Czechoslovakian supercup into the game, since the it will be played again this year between Czech cup winners Slavia and Slovakian cup winners Slovan Bratislava
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