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  1. Whoarethey?

    [FM 18] Sunderland AFC - Save Our Sunderland

    interesting transfer business gd lk
  2. Whoarethey?

    Trying hard with Grimsby

    disagreeing is not the same as someone saying "you are wrong" not in my world anyway Like I say Ill stick to the general threads good luck
  3. Whoarethey?

    Trying hard with Grimsby

    I stated earlier in thread I respectfully disagree however to be told I have made a "wrong statement" just turns me away tbh Plenty telling me im wrong now which is fine, good luck all
  4. Whoarethey?

    Trying hard with Grimsby

    wont bother then chaps talk about how to belittle someone fairly new to the forums. "a wrong statement" the final straw, ill stick to the general threads
  5. think so as an aside both run fm17 fine even the one right on the min spec.
  6. but like "its your tactics," "its your pc." sadly not, as stated previously I am experiencing slow response both on a system just on the min spec and one way way above probably 95% of users
  7. Whoarethey?

    Trying hard with Grimsby

    depends what people mean by "guides" My setup is in everyway different now I am in the premier than when I started at the bottom of league 2 infact the only thing the same is two young players who saved me right back then
  8. Whoarethey?

    Trying hard with Grimsby

    strongly disagree the majority of tactical guides on here are about top sides or at least sides with budgets and at a fair level (because most people play with those teams) Trying to make your league 2/national league side play with such a tactic/setup is very unlikely to work on many levels
  9. Whoarethey?

    Trying hard with Grimsby

    Hi Sure is difficult I spent a long time on Fm17 with Accrington. Luckily I had a few advantages, I took over near end of season 1 when they nearly went down so expectations were very very low. This gave me time to build from within and slowly improve the side over 4 seasons which resulted in mid table, promotion, relegation and then play offs (league one) Try and find players mentally strong with good decisions and concentration would be my first tip. Use whatever youngsters you have or can find to get around the pitch and put the yards in. good luck
  10. Whoarethey?

    [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    love this thread, superb the way you do it, completely agree on not relying on the star ratings even more so in lower leagues good luck
  11. I would disagree about listening much to the assistant especially at lower levels. At league 1 2 level you probably have at best an average assistant why take his word over what you have seen in games?
  12. lol, if you keep him that long becomes a great tutor
  13. whats the chances of someone posting a screenshot of harry blackburn! still in my matchday squad in premiership with accrington on fm 17. A real professional (sorry off topic)
  14. Played a lot more this morning Have to agree re the press conferences still to see a new/different question, If you are determined not to improve/update this feature maybe its time to make it something that can be hidden by user request? I appreciate the assistant can take control but this really wouldn't take a lot of work to refresh at least
  15. Good question As someone who spent a long time trying to get Accrington up from league 1/league 2 in fm17 I will make a few points. Firstly I presume like me you have no or very limited budget. When I joined I had a team with decent mentals poor physicals and awful technical as you would expect at those levels. Obvious point but I set training to low or even very low, any players I tried to sign the main attribute I looked for was decisions (hard to find) and concentration (easier to find) in all positions. I settled on a structured 1 up front formation with variations in behind. The whole squad was old, I played youth players in behind the striker with instructions that allowed high work rate and expression and movement from the position. All other positions were very structured including the targetman who for the first few seasons was Billy Kee. Most teams will have a "slow spine" at this level. I keep the defensive line standard unless the opposition have a striker (usually a loanee) with pace and acceleration above the norm for the level. Good luck