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  1. Who are they? Exactly

    Mixed start to the season, a bore 0-0 draw with Port Vale on the opening day before a good performance against Wigan in the cup eventually losing on penalties. We then lost the next two league games by the odd goal to Exeter and Scunthorpe two sides expected to go well. We were playing ok but I decided Marquez as a sitter was a bit wasted moved that position to help the other centre mid and we have since won 3-1 and 2-0. I have also put two uptop with just one in behind rather than the other way round. Ollie Banks been the surprise performer so far as a DLP. Wayne Greening also came in on loan from Liverpool and scored a hat trick in the 3-1 win. Marcos has been good at left wing back but guess who? Yes Matt Penney is back on loan for the FOURTH season in a row! Again a free deal this time he is back up. Marcos already been sent off once and we have no other left back/wing back option in the whole squad including youth.
  2. Who are they? Exactly

    Pre season went well enough as it always seems to Beat Cowdenbeath 1-0, Blackburn 3-2, Radcliffe Boro 4-0 and lost to Burnley 1-0 We have played 3 centre backs with Marquez as an anchor, two wing backs one centre midfielder two in behind and a striker. Pope looked slow and immobile which he is, I had to delve into the loan market and found Dougie Mclaughlin a scottish regen who is at Mboro labelled the next Giroud ideally suited to defensive forward which is ideal with Mcdonell and Blackburn in behind running onto him. Connelley got yet another injury and is still out for a few weeks. We took in Ollie Banks in on a free at 400 per week good for a player at 26 who can play anywhere in midfield and is not to bad. Callum Chettle also joins on loan from Wolves. When Connelley gets back he seems more likely to play right wing back rotating with Jira than the middle purely due to the injuries.
  3. Who are they? Exactly

    We are about to start our pre seaosn tour of Scotland heres the squad as it stands Goalkeepers Jack little Will Jas(e.t.c) Kevin Stone Still not 100% sure who starts but Little did well towards end of last season so will start. Stone is a young Belgian regen who my scouts love but I cant see it yet, he is only 16 mind Defenders Sykes Butler Axel Andresson Rafael Marquez Ronny Marcos Tomas Jira Loads of players here having not learnt the lesson from last season I have signed 40 year old Marquez on a free, however he was cheap enough wage wise should be another great tutor and he must be able to cope with League 2. Axel Andresson is a free from Reading and is a bit different to my other centre backs in that he is aggressive. I am currently considering a 3 at the back or 2 with Marquez holding infront. Marcos is a left back/wing back on a free from the german second divison probably a tad better than Penney who is on a free but doesnt want to come for a 4th season on loan! Jira is 17 but has 2 under 21 czech caps and is a natural wing back. No idea how he will do as looks very raw but a season in League 2 should make him a man. Midfield Seamus Connelley captain Maxime Pauwels Niall Watson Harry Blackburn Sam Mcdonell Heribert Balitisch No depth here at all with Pauwels and Balitisch being 16 but promising and they can cover and play in cup games. Mcdonell and Blackburn both agreed to stay aslong as we go straight back up. They both ended up with 12 goals in League One and will play every game available this season. Forward Tom Pope Peter O'Brien Ermmmm.... O Brien is a youth product who is not good enough yet but not utterly useless. Pope is Pope he can only really play as a targetman so some kind of formation with Mcdonell and Blackburn supporting him looks likely at this stage. I cant go the whole season with Pope upfront so Im looking for options. Loan signings are not as easy in League 2 or at least ones of quality. Finances 900k plenty of budget for transfer and or wage still wont improve youth though Team Report Positives Physically strong Leaders and characters good youth prospects Negatives Lack depth need more strikers passing quality poor
  4. Who are they? Exactly

    Stefan Maierhofer comes in as the new HOYD good stats and always good to have an ex wolves milwall and bayern munich targetman at the club
  5. Who are they? Exactly

    One bonus was during the season the board agreed to expand scouting within Europe. Very rare I find at league one level anyway. This has allowed me to get a good scout and I have lots of interesting young regens coming in free within the next two years. Some look ok some look rubbish and some look potentially excellent
  6. Who are they? Exactly

    We have 11 first team players including the loans out of contract. Liam Trotter had a better season in league 2 7 goals 4 assists and 7.06 average rating. He doesnt want a lot more to stay but he is 30 and he still does strange things on the pitch. I will try and get him on a cheap deal as rotation. Harley Willard is still improving statswise but he is so inconsistent and at 21 hasnt really done masses on the pitch bar the odd moment of brilliance. He is on 1.1k per week and he can go, be interesting to see how his career goes as he has something. Liam Nolan been a great stalwart but is not good enough for League 1 and is just not that good, he is on a cheap deal but I want a fresh start he leaves with our thanks for his hard work. Ross Sykes has impressed me a lot this season, I didnt see him starting 43 games in League 1 considering he didnt play more than 12 in League 2. However he has averaged 7.02 in a relegated side and has just accepted the same deal again at 425 per week which is very cheap. He has benefited from being tutored by Butler and now is getting the same from Connelley who is a resolute leader. Sykes mentals have improved like I have rarely seen before on Fm. Determination gone from 10 to 14 through these two tutoring sessions. He could be a future captain or at least vice. Tom Reilly been a young back up since I came done ok at times but this young midfielder is not good enough. Released. Niall Watson young winger not played but gets a year extension as he has potential, need to find a tutor for him for him to develop. Zehn Mohammed not a bad young defender but I have a better who is 16 and he is 20. Released suspect he will have a non league career. Michael Reynolds young winger not good enough, hes gone. Dominic Manning playmaker done ok in u18s but got loads of better options, goodbye. Dominic Woodman I like him had a few games this season but at 20 he isnt good enough to start as a striker so he can go. Time to find some players who are up for the fight.
  7. Who are they? Exactly

    Youth facilities upgrade cancelled yet again third season in a row, board instead pay for a training ground upgrade which they have done straight at a cost of 400k. We now have 50k in the bank, most of the squad seem happy to stay except Harry Blackburn who has a release clause for relegation of a paltry 80k. Full squad breakdown to follow shortly.
  8. Who are they? Exactly

    We are winning 1-0 after 80 minutes Southend are getting thrashed and the other two are losing. We have a corner we hit the bar they break and score... Gutted League Two it is On we go
  9. Who are they? Exactly

    Lose to Burton and after 80 minutes we are down however Southend drop from winning in the 88th minute to losing in the 92nd... We need to win and hope Bury and Rochdale at best only draw (we have better goal difference than everyone around us thankfully) and Southend have to lose (we also have better goal difference than them) Bury are at home to Bristol City so thats difficult, Rochdale home to Newport so that very winnable and Southend travel to Swindon who are lower mid table but safe. Need a minor miracle, first and foremost need to concentrate on beating Bradford
  10. Who are they? Exactly

    We get a fantastic 1-1 draw away to Bristol City but then can only draw 1-1 at home to Newport........ Sadly the other sides have picked up and we are now 3 points away from safety with two games left.
  11. Who are they? Exactly

    Four games to go and for the first time this season we are outside the relegation zone via goal difference. However we have to play 3rd away, 8th at home , 3rd away and 11th at home.... All teams bar Bradford on last day have something to play for which isnt promising.
  12. Who are they? Exactly

    Thanks Sc Never seen it before tbh maybe just got lucky Ill try
  13. Who are they? Exactly

    Rangel, Dimi and a few others left us in Jan some bad signings in there from me. They basically ended up tutoring people for6 months , well Dimi also managed to let in numerous easy shots tbf... Ipswich came in for O Connor the free summer signing and offered 375k upto 750k with add ons he had been ok and could have been decent but I cant turn that down yet, left us even more weak at the back
  14. Who are they? Exactly

    6 games to go... We are 4 points away from safety which looks bad however we have won 3 of the last 5 to give us some kind of chance. I had to abandon the one upfront as we just werent threatening enough we now have 3 upfront! We have bought back Nolan from barnsley on loan as predicted and Harry Wilson liverpool winger just for more options. I also signed Tom Pope in Jan for the rest of the season on a free from port Vale. Have had Tom on other saves not a big scorer but a good target man and another good tutor. We have a tough looking run in so still be hard to survive
  15. Who are they? Exactly

    The reasoning for the disquiet is now clear the squad are not happy I have broken my promise to "give the current squad a chance to keep us up in league 1 next season" from last year. I have signed 4 players! I signed another midfielder on loan purely as I had two starters for three roles when the captain was injured not sure of any way I could have handled that better tbh