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  1. I deleted all 3rd party graphics but the bug still exists. Here are some screenshots. Same way to trigger the bug and these screenshots are the results. So I think 3rd party graphics have nothing to do with the bug. I also upload this game file and hope it would be useful to your work. Thanks your reply. BUG TEST.fm
  2. When I started a new game as a manager of Brighton, I found that there are only 6 players of Brighton in squad, and the other 18 players in squad don't belong to Brighton.It also happensed in staff. You can image how ridiculous it is when I saw my captain is a player who play for a Swedish amateur club meanwhile. I didn't use IGE, database editor or other application like those to change database or game. After many tests, I'm sure that this bug caused by Chinese Languege Database. This bug will happen if you choose 17.31 Chinese Languege Database at the beginning then change it into 17.30 Update Database. Specific procedures are as follows. First, choose 17.31 Chinese Languege Database. Second, at this interface click "取消" ( cancel ) to quit to start screen Then change 17.31 Chinese Languege Database into 17.30 Database Next, start the game as usual. Well, it show me other club's transfer. It show me many players don't play for my club in squad and tactic. The same thing happened in staff. Not only my club, but also the others of the world. Woodburn plays for MU, lol. To help you SI fix this bug, I start 2 games in the bug and I upload them here. You can also start game in my way to trigger this bug. Sorry for my poor English. Hope this report will be useful to your work. BUG.fm BUG3.fm
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