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  1. So quick update and then I said I'd explore individual player training with a focus on the U18 squad.. So we did end up coming back to reality during the very congested month of December and could only manage 4 wins 3 draws and 2 losses - definitely not ideal and we definitely struggled scoring goals. While we overperformed on our xG rating prior to December we definitely underperformed it during this run of 9 games in addition to conceding more goals. Definitely something to analyze and see what changes we can make tactically to get a might more clinical in front of goal.
  2. Nope I think @Zemahh is correct it looks like this was changed in FM 21 and probably went with the change with how the instruction works around directing where you build up. I did some testing this morning and I agree that it doesn't seem to change mentality anymore. Looks like another blow for fine grain control of individual mentality.. I wish we could just go to a system where we can directly control the mentality of our players.
  3. Yikes.. that is a topic in itself. Let's do this.. I plan on doing a post after I get through the month of December in my Chelsea save and part of that was going to be focusing on what I've been doing with the 11 U18 players I've been focused on developing in my U18 squad. I'll talk through my thoughts about each player and how I've worked on their development so far and what I plan on tweaking based on the results so far. That should help that discussion since we have actual players to talk about.
  4. @04texag here you go! And then in the dialogue you choose this option: That's right Roman! You know who the GAFFER IS!
  5. I'm like you I have a 2 match training schedule but honestly I find myself hardly ever using it. I mean you are literally talking about 1 day in which you can get any real training in besides the standard match prep and recovery you need to do so I find myself just manually doing the schedule. So I always try to work tactical sessions, chance creation, chance conversion, transition press and restrict in, but honestly I find this is when I do the set piece work so attacking corners, defending corners, occasional free kicks that kind of stuff. I will also try to work sessions in if I get any
  6. You mean for months that look like this: I mean seriously? We are playing 9 games in the month of December.. my training schedule looks like this LOL.. I couldn't find the training option to pray for no injuries.. so I figured triple recovery sessions was the best I could do: Being serious though I'd mix in some set piece sessions.. so attacking/defending corners, set piece deliveries.. stuff that gives you next match boosts.
  7. I generally do not us OI's outside of that above example when it was core to my tactical plan. I will use OIs to close down certain players and I've found myself actually implementing many of the OI suggestions that my assistant coach recommends prior to the start of the match in FM 21. The problem with OI's is that they can change the behavior of your system.. sometimes for the good.. sometimes for the bad so you need to make sure you know exactly what the instruction will do to your team shape.. especially on the defensive side. Closing down instructions and tightly marking can create spa
  8. @04texag Just for you.. So every player except the backline got individual player marking instructions. We left the DCR position free to have them focus distributing the ball to him. But as you can see as soon as he received it we put him under pressure and forced him to essentially kick it long.. well we would either intercept it or win the header and counter attack when they were out of position. You know how we don't see players truly press correctly? By this I mean curving their pressing runs to take away the passing lane? Well the above system totally solved that problem b
  9. Unfortunately no.. as you can see by my post count I was never all that active on these forums outside of lurking a ton. Most of the records of those saves are on Discord servers.. the most memorable save I had was taking Castel di Sangro from the very bottom Italian leagues to Seria A and eventually winning the Champions league. Longest I've ever stuck with a save and was a ton of work. I found some old screenshots of that save though.. I remember this particular year because I was on pace to complete my first undefeated season and ended up with the 1 lose due to giving up a goal on a
  10. Trust me I know.. I've played like tier 5 of Portugal! So it is where you just balance out risk... so let's take a look at a lower mentality version of the above concept because this really does apply at all levels of the game. So this was one of my favorite systems when I was playing lower league in Portugal.. So now we need to introduce more attacking roles to our system in order to raise individual mentalities since our overall team mentality has now dropped to Cautious. We can use Overlap to control the mentality of our Wingbacks (yes even though there is nobody to really
  11. Yep that is a nice looking team shape and distribution of mentalities. So now all you need to do is make sure you fit the right players into each of the roles you have and you should be in business!
  12. So you seem to be grasping the idea but let's go one more step to see if we can really raise the bar.. So you mention players on the flanks having a similar mentality and that makes sense.. but it also applies to the midfield and defense as well.. So I totally removed the wide positions and we are just going to focus on the center of the pitch now.. So Positive mentality without any TIs.. gives me this nice little Cautious diamond with my SK-D, CD-D, CD,D, CM-D all on Cautious.. meaning they will keep this diamond spacing on the field and it's a great shape for building out of
  13. Tell me about it! I mean this is what my passing network looks like now.. I mean WTF?! This was my #1 analysis metric every single game and every single halftime.. and I get this: I mean I get that it is bugged (and has already been entered in the bug forum).. but this is a staple of my analysis and sucks that it isn't working. For you however just "Customize" the match stats that are already in game: So if we go back to my Man City game.. 4 shots on target + 2 blocked shots = 6 divided by 10 total shots = 60% shooting ratio.. good to go since it is above t
  14. Ok great time to have this conversation.. Tempo Tempo Tempo.. to me it is the key to the game but on a match by match basis. So what do I mean by that.. I look at the game in terms of two aspects.. speed of decision making and risk in decisions. So let's see if I can explain this without video! Tempo Tempo is the speed in which you ask players to make decisions. The spectrum is take more time on the ball to make a decision when the slide is to the left.. take less time to make a decision when the slider is to the right.. Take the middle of the road amount of time to
  15. I used to be fixated on this earlier in my Football Manager career and it was during a stats analysis conversation it was recommended to me to add blocked shots into my match stats.. you take your shots on goal + your shots that were blocked and you want your tactic to hit a 50% ratio of shots on target + blocked shots vs. shots off target. As long as you maintained that 50% ratio you were good.. I still use that measurement to this day when looking at match stats. So what is your ratio?
  16. Alright one more quick update and I'll stop hijacking the thread so much! We started the campaign off in much better shape than Frank did going the first 8 games without conceding a single goal and looking the part as a title contender. The first mini hiccup in our season was the away game against Arsenal.. I figured this was a good time to try out my counter system since Arsenal was tied at the top of the table with us at the time and also unbeaten. Yes needless to say I think I got those tactics wrong.. If giving up such an early goal wasn't bad enough.. Cesar went
  17. That shape was very similar to the shape I used in FM 20 because players in the CM space weren't behind the correct line of pressure to receive the ball building out of the back. It appears so far that in FM 21 that positioning has been fixed but I'll keep an eye on it. Either way you want those positions attacking the half spaces to create that front 5.
  18. Check again.. when you first get that denied message you have the option from within that Inbox notification to discuss it with the board: You can't see it now because I already discussed it.. but where the blue circle in the above photo was an option for me to discuss it and pretty much make my case on why I disagree with the board. That allows you to get the old dialogue from before where you say we are being left behind by rivals, etc.
  19. Yeah but did you choose the option to argue? Roman pulled that crap on me when I asked to increase youth recruitment and I chose the option to "discuss" it with him and told him he was being a tool and was measuring me on developing youth talent.. he eventually relented! Look at the bottom right of that denied message and you should see the option to discuss it with them.
  20. Yep but I'm hoping as the saves goes on it will be back to the we will let you recommend an affiliate... it always switched when you got a year or two into a save and the board started to trust you more. We shall see!
  21. Only one position that really uses any P.I.'s and that is the CM-S positions. They are essentially a poor man's Mezzala designed to attack the half spaces and maintain the central diamond between the F9 dropping and the DLP-D F9 CM CM DLP The only real reason I don't go with a Mezzala in those spots is because of the "Stay Wider" instruction hard coded into that role. I found that they would end up in the same spaces as the IFs sometimes and weren't really in a good supporting position. I might try introducing that role back in but Guido always did great th
  22. Sure so this ties in a bit with your Club Vision.. in my case Chelsea have two key Club Vision items: Develop players using the club's youth system Sign young players to develop for profit This means that loaning out players for development is something that you can twist the boards arm to agree to. So in the case where I want to target a specific club for youth regen recruitment AND I wouldn't mind having the option to loan players to that club to develop (think like Spain second division.. Portugal first division.. Germany second division) I will approach setting up the affi
  23. I can't make the request to get the exact language but it is the one with regards to "foreign talent/youngsters". You can also negotiate existing affiliate links for this and that was the first thing I did since Chelsea already have a link with Vitesse: That is what the phrase looks like when you get it setup. At first the board doesn't trust you enough to pick the club but eventually they allow you to pick what club you want to create an affiliate link with and that is when you can start targeting specific clubs to make these links with. Also it's key to get a link setup to the c
  24. So a quick update on my progression in FM 21 with Chelsea.. Once I spent the 4 hours setting up my save.. which pretty much accounted for selling or releasing all of the dead weight at the club we got down to business with actually hitting the "Continue" button for the first time.. U18 squad Still looking for a decent GK to add to the squad but these boys are currently sitting top of the table: I have them playing the second phase of our progression and they get better as they are becoming more fluent in the system... I've been monitoring the team t
  25. Bravery is important for 50/50 balls. I discovered the power of bravery playing lower league football and I had this excellent striker but when a ball would be cleared.. he would start sprinting towards it (good work rate and pace) and at the last minute he would pull out and stop letting the defender get the ball. It was this moment repeated over and over that I discovered is 4 in Bravery was making him punk out in challenging for the ball. Work rate will get him to close down.. Bravery will get him to actually try and stick in a challenge on the ball and win those key 50/50 balls.
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