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  1. @bamb00zle I've had pretty good luck with the following combo and have been really impressed with a Treq as a lone striker, especially if they have good anticipation, off the ball, and acceleration: Striker - Treq with Hold up Ball PI - One big advantage is the very attacking mentality when trying to hit on the counter as well (Timo Werner in this role for me is a beast and Haaland brings similar qualities but is more of a hold up version) AM-Su - Take more risks, Dribble More, Get Forward, Roam, Move into Channels, Close Down More PIs - Comes deep PPM helps with dropping to create s
  2. Now that's my kind of wide midfielder! A dribbler who can defend and serve a ball.. that boy is a total footballer!
  3. So when he gets beat and your center mid now gets pulled out of position in the middle you create a gap in the center of the pitch (i.e. a more dangerous area of the field).. sounds like a liability to me. “Great clubs have had one thing in common throughout history, regardless of era and tactics. They owned the pitch and they owned the ball. That means when you have the ball, you dictate play and when you are defending, you control the space” - Arrigo Sacchi
  4. Yeah he's a good player.. Defensive winger training for a year and he will be a beast in any wide midfield role Neither for me.. are you planning on doing any high pressing or really pressing in general? Well if so you need players that can actually press the ball and forget this guy from ever doing that very well with low bravery, positioning, and tackling.. hence why you pass on him
  5. Hold on.. that's not what I said.. I actually agree passing on him but not just because of his lower bravery.. it is the low bravery + low positioning + low tackling.. forget that wide player ever being good defensively for you and won't develop into a good total footballer.
  6. @mikcheck you will thoroughly enjoy this save.. bravery and work rate have been at the heart of my club DNA since I learned the value of both of those attributes. My only word of advice and caution is in the example you gave at the end.. is 8 bravery really worth passing on that player? Now personally I would pass on him for the 5 positioning and 4 tackling scores in combination with his 8 bravery Be flexible is all I'm saying.. even with my 10 bravery ideal I still will take the occasional 8 or 9 bravery score on a player who is a world beater in other areas.
  7. All about the DNA! I need midfielders that are strong in both my defending and attacking DNA (high tempo AND high press).. Pulisic already has wonderful attacking stats but he needs better defensive stats to be a good solid midfielder in the system (i.e. makes him a more total footballer). BWM trains marking, tackling, anticipation, bravery, concentration, positioning, teamwork, work rate, agility, pace, stamina, strength.. augment that with a little final third additional focus for composure and decisions and boom you have the perfect training plan to augment his already super dribbling, f
  8. Haaland is a beast as a Treq.. so it's been interesting to see the difference between Werner and Haaland there. Both have great off the ball movement but Werner is more this connecting poacher where Haaland is more like a creative target man. It's a real study on how players operate differently in the role. PPMs are different as well too so that makes a difference. Pulisic either goes where Mason Mount is playing or sometimes plays in the AML slot for Werner. Since he's been training as a ball winning midfielder I've noticed he continues to deliver better and better performances in the CM
  9. I channeled my inner Bielsa and went full heavy metal football.. still working on the kinks preseason but mate it creates some really good looking football.. (notice the tempo and pressing..). Had to give a little more width from the very narrow attacking shape but it's been working a treat so far. Need to really sit down and go deep in some game analysis and just haven't had the time yet.
  10. Welcome to my world.. that is literally a carbon copy of my radar chart.. my shots on target ratio is that bad as well and that's been my preseason focus.. Here is what my current radar is looking like.. done a bit better scoring goals as the draws are what got us last season (hence me bringing in Haaland in the transfer window ) but as you see my shooting % is still really poor.. just generating more shots I think and that is where the goals are coming from.
  11. Listen you can replicate what you want but Leed's does not regroup.. they are a high pressing counter pressing team. They immediately put pressure on the ball when they lose it because they get caught out on the counter if they don't because of the way they play. And again the shape they use is either a 3-3-1-3 or 4-1-4-1 and there is no segundo volante in the mix. Kalvin Phillips is a DLP but I use the HB role in FM because you need to get the 3 man build out that they use when building out of the back and I just make sure my HB has PPMs like come deep, dictate tempo, look to switch, etc.
  12. So since you mentioned Kalvin Phillips I'll assume you are trying to get closer to what he is doing at Leed's over what he did with Chile.. I plan on doing a much longer write up when I get everything sorted but this will get you a lot closer to the way Leed's play over what you have: Relevant PIs: T-A - Hold Up Ball CM-S - This is how you create the "Enganche" - Take More Risks, Dribble More, Shoot Less, Get Forward, Roam From Position, Move Into Channels, Close Down More WM-S - Cross Less Often, Dribble More, Get Forward BPD-D - Close Down More FB-S (both)
  13. @crusadertsar @04texag - wanted to share this with you in case you haven't seen it yet - If we consider what Marcelo is saying and apply it to our youth development approach I think it guides us in how we can properly identify the tactical roles and positions to train our players in to make it possible to execute any tactical formation we might want.. very much the next level of the "1 more man at the back" idea.. So a left CB would be trained to be able to play LB, CB, DM and looking at attack I would add inversion so attackers would be trained as ST, AMR, AML, AMC and a RB wo
  14. Win or go home.. no room for a tie. So I had to coach a real game and drive my daughter to training so entirely too much time to think about the this game.. in the end it was my daughter with the inspiration.. "Just like this weekend Bruno Fernandes makes them tick.. mark him out of the game". #prouddad So that got me thinking.. let's go for it.. full throttle heavy metal brazilian football either the boys are ready for it or they won't win the title. So I didn't sit deep.. I didn't take it easy.. I went full high press heavy metal football and had Timo Werner literally m
  15. So strong run through really difficult periods trying to train and properly rest players. The games every 3-4 days has been killing the squad and even though we have stayed relatively injury free (just shorter term niggles) we have lost Jorginho for the rest of the season. This has really put a strain on our midfielders and I've already noted that we need more options in midfield in the offseason.. we have 1-2 on loan to take a look at and Lewis Bate who looks comfortable with the first team squad. So here is where things stand.. So outside of a real disappointment in the Champion
  16. Are your strikers good in the air? How is there jumping reach, heading, off the ball, anticipation? What about your wingers? Pace, acceleration, crossing, dribbling attributes? So best midfielder went down.. what do your replacement options look like? You need two hard working midfielders to pull off a 442.. so what is their positioning, concentration, work rate, stamina like? You can get away with a holding and more creative midfield so something like DM-D, VOL-S or if you have the player for it DLP-D, VOL-S but you will need one solid box to box midfielder to pull that off. An
  17. Let me see if I can help out.. So you need to simplify the noise of attributes to help make determinations on players not only in team selection but in what attributes to develop. The challenge is that you need to tie this into your style of play to create your Club DNA. So let's take a look at my club DNA: So I'm playing a high tempo short passing high pressing 433 formation. So I need complete footballers.. Decisions, Anticipation, Teamwork, Composure, Vision and these mentals affect both defending and attacking play. Defenders and midfielders need good bravery (so they p
  18. Yeah it can be anywhere on the pitch though.. especially when you teach this to younger players the idea is to use a teammate and passing to beat a defender instead of your individual 1v1 skills. It's pretty much the Play 1-2s PPM in the game and it is pretty much the first PPM I train and make sure everyone of my players has outside of CBs. It's one of the core PPMs for a possession based system too. The concept comes from passing the ball off the wall and moving to get the return.. your teammate is the "wall" you are passing off of to get past the defender. In the states we have this won
  19. 1-2, give and go.. pass and move Player has a defender in front and passes to a teammate and moves forward past the defender and the teammate plays the ball first time into their run
  20. Appreciate the inspiration! So we had a tough 1-0 loss to Man U in the EFL Cup Final and we again failed to be clinical in front of goal even though we generated a ton of good chances.. so I took @04texag's post as inspiration and did a little tweak in regards to team shape in attack: Went very narrow, removed the focus middle instruction and overlapped just on the right side (didn't want to lower mentality of both our IW's and since I play Pulisic on the left side I wanted him to stay on a higher mentality). Worked a treat and we again dominated Man City at home this time
  21. Less attacking and I wanted to tone down the mentality of my wide players from attacking to positive IWs keep their width longer before they cut inside so it helps with the transition of wide responsibilities from them to the fullback - a bit better interplay between them and the FB and let's the fullback sit narrow a little longer (i.e. better defensive positioning during transitions but still have attacking width) Subtle one that links to the above.. IWs stay wider.. this creates more room centrally for the Treq and CMs to operate in (notice the Focus Play on the Middle instructi
  22. So January and Feb have treated us a little better but this fixture congestion is just ridiculous.. we are literally playing a game every 3 days and it's been rough on keeping a consistent team selection or really getting a chance to work on any new tactics. So I mentioned on a recent update about our attack and defense were both starting to suffer so I had a deep dive into previous matches and I identified the following issues: Not enough production from our #9 Defensive shape during midfield transitions was really poor So let's break down the #9 position.. As we had men
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