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  1. Bump.. found through a "Moneyball" search.  Trying to create a system to maximize selling potential of my youth academy but I can help you with some of your stats calcs.  You want to look at Dribbles per 90 and Key Passes Per 90 to evaluate wingers and generally I use this for most attacking positions.  The below dashboard came from an old stats assessment conversation on Discord awhile ago..

    Here is the dashboard I use in the game:


    Depending on your system I look at Asts/90, Ch C/90, DRBPG, K PS/90, CR C/A for my wingers.  DRBPG and K PS/90 being the key stats for are they creating "scoring chances".  If you look at my 2 wingers in this only 5-6 games in they are averaging over 5 dribbles per game and the MR has 1.98 key passes per 90 and in the first 6 games he's been lighting it up.

  2. On 11/03/2020 at 19:10, knap said:

    FM 20.4.0

    LOOK AWAY 4132 P102 ALL CUPS

    !!!!FM20.4.0LookAwayKnap4132P102ALLC'UPS.fmf 45.24 kB · 330 downloads





    Was messing around trying to find a perfect formation for how I wanted the game to play.. end up on a VERY similar formation and then went looking for this.  Defensively SOLID and good going forward.. ideal formation and works sub top very well.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Nikola75 said:

    I get it, so instead of man marking, adjust opposition instructions. I do closing down sometimes, if I know before the match they are attacking via offensive FB/WBs. 
    I did not ever use tight marking on FB/WBs, I was thinking this would stretch my shape as well. What I also don't ever do is tighter marking on players with high acceleration and high dribbling attributes. Am I doing this wrong way? 

    I will try with player instructions as well. I presume it also depends on the player attributes, his playing style, how eager he is to close down and defend etc.

    I always do tighter marking on those players what I don't do is close them down as fast.. the idea is if the player has better anticipation they can jump the pass and are in a better position to stop the ball from getting to that player at all and if they aren't in position the last thing you want them doing is trying to close down and getting taken out of the play.  But in general yes you are correct around attributes.. work rate goes a long way for AMR/AML players especially.  Positioning is often overlooked as well.  Sometimes a 3-4 month positional training at defensive winger can help.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Nikola75 said:

    @Kharza_FM, you've mentioned this last week. I have the same problem and the only way to solve it seems to pull my wingers back and/or get them to man mark the opposition wingback. 

    I understand that you have a smarter solution for this? :)


    1. You are even numbered on the wings.. meaning you have a FB + AMR/MR/AML/ML against their wing and fullback
      1. Add Opposition instructions to the opposing team LB/RB for tighter marking and closing down
      2. Add Mark Tighter PI to AMR/MR/AML/ML
    2. You are outnumbered on the wings.. meaning you only have a FB and maybe CM against their wing and fullback
      1. Add Opposition instructions to opposing team LB/RB for closing down
      2. Make sure the CM has close down more PI

    Drastically reduces the issue on the wings and lets you do it without having to man mark and pull your defensive shape apart.  The only situation this still has issues with is a VERY attacking fullback with some serious pace.. that is still when I go back to the manual man marking.

  5. 3 hours ago, brandon.moocarme said:

    Thanks for your advice, TM-A was mainly selected as my striker has good heading, I've tried him as an AF-A but he doesn't seem to be getting any space and is marked out of the game. The midfield change to a Carrilero did make an overload on the left hand side but I still have the same problem of the ball always ending up out wide before a cross that hits the first man which is infuriating. 


    Another issue I'm finding is I'm incredibly vulnerable on the counter, particularly down the flanks. I've set my CM's to man mark the opposition full backs and my full backs to man mark the opp wingers. If I set the full backs to close down more then they move out of position and the ball gets played in behind them, but if I set them to stand off and hold position the cross comes in and I concede a headed goal, with my CB's seeming completely switched off. Any advice on how to remedy this?

    Did you end up playing a higher line and pressing a bit more (at least Standard LOE with High Line and split block press.. front 5 with close down more)?  If so try changing your Striker to a PF-A combo'd with a DLF-S.  Can your #10 dribble?  If so move him to the CM and change him to a AP-A so you have a line of 3 CMs CAR-S, AP-A, MEZ-S with the HB behind.  Change the LB to CWB-S and add overlap left instruction.  Instead of man marking to prevent wide.. which I'll assume is their fullbacks joining the attack just add Opposition instructions to close down the fullback that is attacking (if both are then add it to both and make sure MEZ and CAR have close down more PIs) that should help with the wide areas a bit more but that is the weakness of the formation so you need your CAR and MEZ to be able to put in a shift.. high work rate but the manual man marking will mess with your defensive shape too much (I used to do this too but have since went with the opp instructions and it's better).

    One tweak to TRY (meaning make sure you watch the game to see if this changes behavior) is to add the TI hit early crosses and I sometimes combine that with shoots on sight when I have lots of shot blocked or haven't generated any shots or chances.  Try removing any crossing instructions too and go with Mixed Crosses as default especially if you have good headers that get in the box.

  6. 2 hours ago, brandon.moocarme said:

    I am trying to perfect my 41212 diamond with Bari to accommodate my two good strikers and good midfielders but I can't quite get it flowing. I'm one of the better sides in the league (predicted 2nd) so most teams sit in deep against me and aim to counter, my possession is regularly 60%+. I'm aiming for short, quick passing and lots of movement and interchanging to draw the opposition out of their positions and exploit the spaces left. The DLF(s) is set to stay wider to draw out centre backs and make space for the AM and the TM My build up into the final third is good, however what often happens is we keep the ball centrally for a bit, it goes out wide to the full back who either crosses into the first man or loses the ball. I've set them to cross less often and sometimes they pass back inside to the midfielder, however they often get it passed straight back to them first time and they're caught offside. I understand that a narrow formation means there'll be central congestion, but I figured retaining the ball centrally and encouraging the opp to step out would create space but I can't seem to make that happen and they just stand still and watch us pass it round until we lose it. I'm top by 3 points but a lot of my goals are long shots, set pieces and scruffy goals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    2020-03-23 (4).png

    Not a huge fan of your strike partnership.. why the TM-A over something like a AF-A?  I run a pretty similar system and I have my playmaker in the hole at the AM position - play a T-A there and have my front 2 set to Roam and my DLF-S to go wide.  I would really get the LB into the equation so I'd add Overlap Left and change the AP-S there to a Carrileo to support the width and connect with the dropping DLF-S.. nice little overload there and then look to stretch the defense out and go back other side with your TM-A (I'd change to AF-A or I run a PF-A there because I high press with mine).  I'd start without WBIB as well and without whipped crosses.  If you use anything use low crosses for cutbacks.

    I don't think you need to invite them that far.. try something like a Standard LOE with a High Defensive Line and to a high block press (set front 5 to close down more) just make sure you DO NOT select Prevent Short GK distribution.  Should create enough space to draw them out and hit them when you win the ball.  Any reason you aren't counter pressing?  I would think you'd have some gaps and wouldn't necessarily want them to exploit your flanks quickly.

  7. @LiamNCFC - Oldie but a goodie - 

    It's all about managing the transitions.. so to counter you need to have player roles that exploit the transition WHEN you win the ball.  So need roles that have an attack duty.  You also then need to think about how and where you get those players the ball.. can be long balls to flanks to run on to but doesn't need to.  If you have a really quick player that can dribble he can also be the outlet.. so a role that allows him to be higher up the pitch, in space, and then get him the ball on the transition and get him support.. it's about layered support as well (this is what makes Leicester so brutal on the counter.. it's the waves of runners supporting the counter).


  8. 9 minutes ago, LiamNCFC said:

    Apologies I put it the wrong way round. 

    Im a klutz! 

    As attached.

    My bad. 

    Basically it's the mirror of the one u posted. 



    Switch sides of your DLP-S and BBM-S.  Idea is overload the right side and attract them to your playmaker and hit them on the otherside with your IF-A and BBM-S.  I'd also mess around with the Overlap Right TI if you want to get a bit more aggressive.

  9. Is this a correct representation of your formation?


    If so I'm not a fan of your right side and frankly I would switch the roles of your fullbacks.  Your DLP-S will provide you a bit of cover so personally I would change your RB to be the FB-S and your LB to be the IWB-S.  I would then also add the 'Overlap Right' TI to change his mentality (Balanced->Positive) without having to change his role to attack keeping your defensive solidarity.

    So it would look something like this.. you end up with a nice 2-3-5 shape when you are attacking.  Solid against counters and movement from all the levels... should give you a little more punch in attack.  I'd start there and then watch what happens.


  10. 23 minutes ago, Nikola75 said:

    When I have this problem, I also go with man marking with my wingers, I understand that is what you were doing, but now have smarter solution? What is it?

    These are great thoughts for during the match, @Kharza_FM, I did not think of half of them. Do you have similar list when observing long-term situations, stats? Or do you just take it from here...

    I do I have a couple avenues I look at for longer term analysis.  One of my main "dashboards" is for this view:


    I use this view to analyze each of my players and in this case it's for attackers.  I have a similar one to analyze for defenders as well.  I use this to evaluate how they are playing throughout the season and it helps me identify players to play in specific positions.  Now this does map to my team DNA a bit so I care about things like Dribbles per 90.  Club DNA is high press, vertical possession, and Brazilian swagger.  I literally identify and train up a player whose job is to 1v1 dribble (what you see nicknamed as "Dribbler").  High Balance, Agility, Dribbling, First Touch, Flair, Acceleration.. designed to break down defenses.  I was playing in Italy 3rd tier against some of the worst park the entire team in the friggin box and found that having a dribbler to break them down was key to create even small chances or earning penalties.  Beyond that I use Key Passes in games a ton to make sure I'm starting moves from the areas that I planned with my tactic. 


    So here was an interesting analysis... When you look at just the # of key passes you are thinking hey that's sweet I had 15 key passes this game.. the problem is where those key passes went to.  The key passes are yellow and from that area I'd expect to see crosses to someone in the box so I added "Cross - Completed" and that is green.  Notice that none of the crosses completed where in around areas where the "key pass" went to.  Thing that make you go hmm.... and start tinkering.  Beyond that it is just the normal player development against my Club DNA that I do which isn't rocket science but is key to making your tactical system click.  I like to have at least 2 systems and always have a single striker and 2 striker system.  Right now I have a 4-1-4-1 Wide DM (433) and a 4312 (i.e. 442 narrow diamond) as my main go to tactics.  Depending on match ups and at times player availability I'll choose between those 2.

  11. Like @Experienced Defender said I always start a match watching on full for at least the first 10-15 minutes until I have things looking the way I want before I shift to comprehensive or extended highlights.  Big games I watch the whole thing on Full and just speed up the normal play.  I recently started a little cheat sheet for my tactic (4-1-4-1 DM Wide.. so a normal 433) that I'll share as a way I evaluate what's going on and how to respond:

    1. Do they press or drop off when losing the ball?
      1. Press = Regroup TI
      2. Drop = Counter TI (I have attacking roles that can exploit the counter transition.. I would do neither if I didn't)
    2. Are they playing a high line?
      1. Thing about using Pass Into Space
    3. Can't Build Out because they are pressing us really high?
      1. Remove Play out TI or switch to distribution to Flanks
    4. Are they attacking us really wide?
      1. Check Defensive wide and adjust, but be careful of central penetration so depends on their formation.. if they are 442 wide I will make the width adjustment
    5. Losing the ball in possession?
      1. Raise the tempo - look for the pass to happen the moment our players are about to be closed down
    6. Are we not closing their midfielders down fast enough and they have time to pick out a pass?
      1. Raise the Line of Engagement
    7. Are they packed in deeper around the box?
      1. Go attacking width VERY wide - think about raising mentality to attacking while maintaining the same tempo and passing distance
      2. Can think about Work Ball Into Box as well but trying stretching them and moving the ball quickly to find gaps first (WBIB reduces long shots and sometimes the ball movement creates great shooting lanes for a CM you don't want to take away)
    8. Opposing Striker receiving the ball to feet to easily?
      1. Raise the defensive line and/or set Opp instructions to Mark Tightly
    9. Shots getting blocked (so here is a stats one)?
      1. Pick Shoot on Sight TI (I sometimes use this when I'm also not generating enough opportunities)
    10. Players on either of their flanks with Yellow Cards? ( @Rashidi special..)
      1. Go Focus Down Flank (whichever) + Run At Defense (I have a couple good dribblers on the outside and they wreck havoc when I do this)

    I keep adding and removing to the list as I refine my tactic.  I used to do some things like manual man marking because I had issues on the flanks with overlapping fullbacks/wingbacks that were on attack but I've since solved that issue a little better.  Hope that helps!

  12. 12 minutes ago, sheyner said:

    Thanks, that makes things more clear to me. My initial tactic was more cohesive and had instructions for a progressive possession but somewhere i deviated too much from that tinkering too much.

    Will try some of these ideas with my initial plan and see what happens.


    I have another question now, what i saw most of the times when trying to create a good possession style, was that my front 3 were too static and the midfield just passed between the lines too occasionally. How can i make them move more inside and outside of the area?

    Hence the "Roam From Position" PI instruction for the front 5 and the desire to have a Fluid shape.. this will cause movement.. moving the defense and creating places to penetrate.  Either in wide positions or centrally.  Remember sometimes that "penetration" is a shot as well.  I have both my AP-S and BBM-S score some great goals from the top of the block lately because the ball movement CREATED the shooting lane for the "penetration".  I clipped a really sweet goal from a game that I'll get up on YouTube that shows the vertical build up I get.  The possession with PURPOSE.. moving the defense will shorter passes and then finding the gap and going vertical and finishing off that.  I personally like using the PIs for Roam but you can also set the TI "Be More Expressive" but the problem is that makes ALL of your players have more Freedom.. and in this case I just want to target my front 5 with the instruction.   This is very much like isolating the front 5 with a "Close Down More" instruction for pressing.. just for creative movement instead.  I consider it the attacking/fluid side of things.

    40 minutes ago, sheyner said:

    Okay this makes some things clearer, thanks for explaining the thought behind the instructions. Will try some of these and see what does my team do.

    I have some questions though


    Counter-Press is a staple TI for me.  I play a high line so I need to either win the ball back immediately or delay them from being able to go forward and counter on me.  The important instruction in my mind is the "Hold Shape" one.  This makes sure you KEEP the ball AFTER you win it.. i.e. look for a man "deeper".. so backwards to go forwards.  If you have a team that counter presses YOU this is a must have instruction and is better than "Counter".  Counter should be used when you see a team drop off as soon as you win the ball.  Just like in the real game watching the transition in FM is key.  Watch what the other team does in the moment RIGHT after they lose the ball... do they press you?  If so.. use Hold Shape.   Do they drop off?  Then if you have attacking roles to counter with it might make sense to use the "Counter" instruction instead.  If you don't have the roles to exploit a counter.. don't choose either.  These are the types of decisions and trade offs you make WATCHING what happens in the game.  You start from a default state that you know and you adjust based on what you see in the game.

    #9 is my CF-S and #8 is my AP-S.  Here are where the 4 goals came from in that game:


    My CF-S isn't really involved in the build up.. his job is to finish the moves.

  13. 16 minutes ago, sheyner said:

    Okay i understand that.

    I was trying to create a vertical tactic that can hold the ball and create something when teams are defensive. Tried to play short passing + lower tempo + offensive mentality but my players where just too tame with the ball, no penetration or too slow and the striker was just non-existent without crosses or set pieces. With direct passing i found that they have good interplay sometimes but they most of the time make a cross to the Striker or the wide forward.

    How would you play a offensive tactic without making it hoof ball? I have great creative, technical and fast players (And Haaland that is a monster of his own) and find that i can't take the best out of these characteristics.

    Thought that if we build slow from the back, invite pressure and then strike them fast those instructions were the best, but i'm still trying to understand how some instructions translate from the game to the pitch.

    Have a very similar team make up and deliberately.  Key is pass and move... so let's unpack that first:

    Support roles with one attacking role in the front 5 (I like to end up with a fluid shape so my fullbacks are also on support.. more on that at the end).  Use Get Forward PI or PPMs to get more runners forward... personally I like a BBM-S with Get Forward PI to be my midfield "attacker".  So something like this:



    IW-S                    T-A

           AP-S    BBM-S


    Now make sure you set your IF-S and AP-S PIs to "Roam From Position".  I also set the BBM-S to "Get Further Forward".

    So the press you need to add a higher line of engagement and I set the CF-S, IW-S, AP-S, BBM-S to "Close Down More" as well.  I also personally use the More Urgent TI but you can get away without it.  If you use it with a player that has good Aggression and Work Rate in the T-A role they will press as well.  I generally start with "Positive" mentality but adjust the mentality and tempo depending on what I see.  I like a standard passing width but will sometimes make it shorter (won't go much shorter though) and will adjust the tempo up and down.  The best rule of thumb I've found for the right tempo is to watch the game and have your players pass RIGHT before they are closed down.. this is the ideal tempo.  So you keep tweaking tempo until that situation.  Remember though.. mentality has risk, tempo, AND passing distance implications so make sure you are aware of all 3 when you make a change.

    So you should look to have runners at all levels has been my rule of thumb and beyond just Get Forward Instructions and Attack roles one thing I've found that I like a ton is to use the "Overlap Right", "Overlap Left" TI.  It increases the individual mentality of your fullback.  So a FB-S that would normally have a Mentality of Positive turns into an Attacking mentality.. plus has the T-A hold the ball and let the fullback overlap.. it's good because I have my T-A "Sit Narrow" as well see below:

    Without TI "Overlap Right"


    With TI "Overlap Right"



    This was my last game I just played


  14. Bump.. Read this.. all of it.. don't focus on the tactic.. focus on what the changes will DO on the pitch.  The trade off concept is simply fabulous and is the key to unlocking and ENJOYING making tactics.  The aha moment for me was learning how to control the transition moment of winning the ball ("When Possession Has Been Won" instruction):

    Counter? - Defensive doesn't press you RIGHT when they lose the ball.. they drop off.  If they drop off good time to counter (if your system is setup to leverage a transition.. i.e. attacking roles)

    Hold Shape? - If you get immediately COUNTER-PRESSED by the AI.. then it's a really good idea to use Hold Shape because it will look to play the ball backwards and maintain possession.. as a coach one of my favority sayings is "Backwards to go FORWARDS".

    NONE? - Let the players use their decisions and attributes to make the decision or don't need to respond to one of the above items.


    @herne79 Cheers mate this is some really good stuff!

  15. So be careful.. tempo is how fast you move the ball, i.e. make a decision.  It doesn't mean you play more direct passes and depending on the risk level AND decisions attribute (yep with you here big time) it will be where they go with the ball.  Passing instructions both at a TI and PI level control the directness of passes.  Lots of Pass it shorter instructions for most of the players, especially those in the back (all 4 in the back have pass it shorter and the A (D) role does take less risks so a solid 5 keeping the ball and circulating it.  Do they go "direct" to a wing if they are open.. of course but there is nothing wrong with that.  They still move the ball in the middle of the pitch to move the defense with short intricate passes and then free up a wing and create a 2v1.  The thing I see the most that I hadn't seen before with this setup is the up back and through patterns emerge.  Remember the key to finding the "right" tempo is moving the ball right before you get closed down by a defender.. mentality is all about risk not about direct or not.  Sure at times this system can engage the engine counter attack mechanism (this is different than the instruction counter btw) and go to goal quickly.. but it isn't like you don't see Pep's teams do that.  Most of the time though if it isn't on they keep the ball and cycle it and look to move it to the DLP (S) or the MEZ (A) who are responsible for taking more risks (think DeBruyne, Silva, Xavi, Iniesta). 


    The thing I noticed about this engine is that when you get counter pressed the BEST way to respond is to have your instructions set to hold shape and the pass goes backwards to then go forwards.  What do you mean about going to the striker to quickly?  The point of using an F9 is to have them join the build up and if they drop into a pocket of space you play it in to their feet and they bounce it back to a supporting midfielder and they play through or cycle.  This happens with Aguero all the time at City and we saw it with Messi at Barca.  I will concede that the wide players are probably a bit more direct but if you look at Pep's teams he has always put the dribblers out there.. I like a little more Brazilian dribbling flair especially in the final third.  Dribblers break teams down in FM and real life.  Still messing around with the role for the AML.. my gut is telling me it should be a Winger and more like Pep's evolution @ Bayern.

  16. 3 hours ago, crusadertsar said:

    @Kharza_FM With all due respect, I like the way my midfield works more. There is a reason why I didn't use two static roles like DLP and Anchorman, because with Roaming Playmaker and DM(S) i have more dynamic movement and fluidity. I am looking to recreate a Total Football type system remember. Also I'm not quite sure how early crosses, higher tempo and attacking mentality work together to create possession. Could you explain that one? But it could be a nice tactic, don't get me wrong. Just not exactly what I'm looking for.

    Did you try it?  Based on exactly how you described you want Busquets to play the A (D) role fits it better.  Also there is the added benefit of him sitting deeper for recycling possession and preventing balls into strikers so defensively it's more solid too.  I mean you recommended Plays Simple Passess and Runs with Ball Rarely PPMs.. I know what you are trying to create I've been working on trying to create variations of Pep since FM 2016.  This year is the closest I've ever gotten.  And remember it's possession with a PURPOSE.  The Hit Early Crosses is in there as a default starting spot because I want the ball swung in early before teams have had a chance to reorganize.  I alter this, WBIB, and Pass Into Space depending on what I see in the game.. this is just the starting point.  I've used this at top teams, middle Prem teams, and now a 3rd league team in Portugal and they all produce the same attractive football with a PURPOSE.  The Be More Expressive TI gives you the fluidity you want (look at the mentality btw.. FLUID).  Just trying to add to the conversation.. to each their own.

  17. Long time Pep follower and current coach.. I think this is the first FM version I've come this close to being able to recreate Pep tactics.  Although this feels like a cross between Pep and Klopp it creates some really attractive football.  Kudos for getting me down the right road.   Check out the midfield as I think it works a little better than yours.



    PF (S) changes to a F9 (S) depending on player in the role.

    Close Down More and Mark Tighter on IW-A, IW-S, MEZ-A, and DLP-S

    If the team we are playing against plays with an attacking RB we Man Mark the IW-A on it (so Mark Specific Player PI)

    F9-S - Close Down More

    PF (S) - None

    MEZ-A - More Direct Passes

    DLP-S - Dribble Less

    IWB-S - Pass it Shorter

    CD-D - Pass it Shorter, Stay Wider

    CWB-S - Pass it Shorter, Shoot Less Often


    Adjust things based on what the game gives me but that is the starting point.  Really enjoying FM 20 and have had success with the above in the Prem AND 3 division Portugal side Lusitania Lourosa

  18. 2 hours ago, pauly15 said:

    I'll do another thorough stat analysis soon and see what I can glean. At a glance... not sure why my left sided CWBs have made significantly more mistakes...

    I started with a similar system and process and found myself tweaking the FBs a bit.  Maybe back DL down to CWB-S (I actually went all the way down to FB-S on DL and CWB-S on DR because my DR was making most of the errors related to my analysis).

  19. 2 hours ago, el tren said:

    Tried the ML/R on Support and it kinda helped quite a bit regarding width in the final third:


    Thats a good width from the wingers, even though i would like them to be a bit more ahead (esp. Sane) and on line with my striker.

    Setting the winger to ML/R support had some drawbacks in other phases though, b/c the ML/R position themselves a lot lower when my team is not in position. Once i gain possession and get into transition, they are often so far behind that my team can't use them for quick counters. For example (Sane behind the ball going to Gündogan):


    Or another example here (Silva making a forward run with ball, being far higher than Sane):


    Where my midfielder had to use my Striker that moved out of the box to the wings:


    He then ran up the touchline and put a cross into the empty box. Doesn't really help at all ...

    Another drawback of the low positioning is the pressing of the wingers, b/c i want them to press the opponents fullbacks, which they are now having a hard time to to due to their lower positioning. I also saw the wingers stand behind the opposing AML/R when the opponent was in possession in my half, so that both my wingbacks and my wingers were virtually marking the enemy AML/R, which is just a waste.

    So overall setting ML/R support wingers helps indeed with the width but creates two new problems. In the end i will have to decide what is the lesser evil. Maybe on a match by match basis. But generally i would prefer to be able to somehow set the width of my wingers, i.e. be able to let them use the full width of the pitch even in the final third.

    Did you use the Gets Further Forward PI?  I'll be honest.. what I've been doing is playing with the editor on so I can totally tweak player PPMs and provide full tactical familiarity to try stuff out until I get what I'm looking for.  I saw the same issue you did and I believe the Gets Further Forward PI and PPM made it much better during build up.

  20. 22 minutes ago, el tren said:

    Pretty much default: Sane as Winger - Attack and B. Silva as Inverted Winger with just 'Stay Wide'. Resulting in pretty much the same positional movements for both. I even tried 'Roam from Positions' on both in 2nd half, but didn't make a noticeable difference. And otherwise same tactics as above, i.e. mostly 'Positive' mentality.


    #11 is Winger on Support with Gets Forward PI he doesn't start to make a run into the box until Pulisic is about to cross.. otherwise he stays that wide even when we are camping in the final third.

    Even here isn't bad.. ball central at top of the box look at the positioning of #10 and #11


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