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  1. 3 preseason games resulted in this: This is my predicted amount of injuries: --------------------------------------------------------- The severity of injuries in this edition of Football Manager is insane compared to previous editions and a few people in a Discord server I'm in have actually decided not to play until it's resolved, stating that it gets to the point where it's almost unplayable. I'll make a fresh thread and upload my save file if it continues on this trend for me.
  2. Same! For the first time ever I've had to play at 125% zoom. Glad to know it's not just my eyesight!
  3. Featuring: Awesome, in-depth discussions A great community 3,500+ members See you there? https://discord.gg/GxmFkj3
  4. It's a great place to discuss real football. I look forward to seeing you there. https://discord.gg/7fzwkKT Only around 100 members but we like it that way, less congested, more discussion.
  5. https://discord.me/sortitoutsi Something more exciting than Discord is coming your way soon though, stay tuned.
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