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  1. Thanks the problem is fixed. Thank you it was the machine over heating so I did a few things to free the hard drive.
  2. The only problem the laptop isn't particularly hot when it shuts down. But I'll just try it here anyways.
  3. Heya, This issue started only I say in the past week. I am 5 seasons into this save and I have never encountered this problem before. It started in my last friendly game and there were 35 minutes left in the match and my laptop just turns off by itself. So I was like okay just a glitch or something and I try again and then same thing happened again. So I kept playing and the next game or 2 went the same way. It would just crash at random points in the game and my not just the game but my laptop would just turn off. And occasionally it will let me go through 2 or 3 matches before the problem happens again. I've checked everything. All my software, windows, graphic cards are in sync with the game requirements. I have checked my laptop for viruses and nothing is there. Its only 2 years old so its not old age. Its really bothering as I love FM but especially this save. I have poured my heart and soul into save and its really bothering me that it just shuts down and my laptop completely. I've also checked and cleared my cache files and preferences so it's not that either and also validated the games files through steam if that makes sense. The only thing I haven't done is uninstall and reinstall the game. So I was just wondering what do you think the problem is?
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