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  1. How do you find using the segundo volante role? Ive been quite sceptical about using it in a lower team save.
  2. Started a save with Clyde in the scottish league two - needless to say going down the toilet fast!!! What type of formation and setup would you use if u started this? Thanks in advance folks.
  3. 442 formations seem the most reliable it seems at lower league level isnt it? Just reading some articles a lot of people seem to favour this system.
  4. Hello folks Needing a bit of help with my a new tactic that ive made that isnt going so well in my Clyde save at present.The last few games ive had a comfortable lead and then just blow it i.e 3-0 > 3-3. Tell the team to tighten up but lower tempo... what am i doing wrong lol
  5. Is it best NOT to use the real name fix from Susie with this? great work defo going to give this a bash..
  6. Also moved graphics settings to very low still getting this staging error in afraid.. Any ideas?
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