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  1. It is reported to the translate team, thanks
  2. We will add him in the winter update, thanks
  3. There is a problem with U-22 player rule in Polish Ekstraklasa which should be solved until game release.
  4. Both suspensions started in the middle of round. It is the same situation as with injuries that take place during season. We will add this suspensions in the winter update, if nothing will change until winter, of course.
  5. We will look into his motivation, thanks
  6. As I know it does not happen too often. The only example of player younger then September 1 from last years was Martin Odegaard in 2015
  7. The U-22 player rule is incorrect in the game. Now it is U-21 player rule in the game, and we are working on it to change it to U-22. The U-22 icon in the first team selection menu will be shown
  8. Do this situation take place through all season? Can you check what game is ahead of those teams? For example, when it will be friendly game, U-21 rule is not required and U-21 icon will not be displayed
  9. All of his technical attributes are random and chosen by the game engine. His physical attributes were modified
  10. It looks unreal. We will look into this
  11. Lucjan Brychczy's birth date is correct in the database. Could you please add some screenshots from the game with his age?
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