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    You don't need to licence (maps aren't copyrighted) It's not like the stadiums move month to month Just a simple jpeg image of a static map (like above) with the location of the stadium indicated It really wouldn't be that hard to do nor that resource intensive
  2. My understand is that there is data (latitude and longitude) of the location of each stadium (at least in England) I would love it if prior to games, there was a map of the country and a dot showing where the stadium is. This would be awesome to have that sense of travel and seeing where the different clubs you coach for/against are. Something to consider for future versions.
  3. I think I managed to save the match. Curious to see if the Dev Team asks for the file (events are around the 60th minute but it's easy enough to click to the red card event in the timeline)
  4. Hey guys, I was in a match where I placed 3 substitutions around the 65 minute mark. In the time before the subs happened, one of my players who was due to be taken off received a second yellow card and was sent off. That sub didn't happen but still counted as one of my 3 substitutions. Also, the screen showed my right wingback coming off but he was still on the field (as if the sub didn't happen) Happy to send the saves and the match file if you tell me how (I don't know how to save matches specifically) Thanks
  5. @Andrew James On save 6-2 I noticed whenever I change the youth recruitment and junior coaching, the youth intake thing switches from April to March. Pretty much as you are saying. I can't find a way around this. I've reloaded a few times hoping that it could still manage to get the better intake this season. Thanks
  6. Thanks Andrew For future reference. What is the period in which to worry about changing any numbers?
  7. Done Files uploaded are Tonbridge Angels C 6-2.fm Tonbridge Angels C 6-3.fm Tonbridge Angels C 6-4.fm They should be in sequential order in game time
  8. It happened again This time I have saves. Where do i upload?
  9. Unfortunately i don't have a save before March If the problem shows up again, I'll let you know
  10. Hi SI I admit, i'm a cheater. I mess around with the youth recruitment and junior coaching setting in order to maximize my youth intake without the cost. This year i noticed my full youth intake come in. I exited out of the game, re-loaded a previous save and adjusted the youth recruitment number. That's when something unexpected happened. The youth intake never came through. All the happened is the youth candidates preview screen has changed from 2020 youth candidates preview to 2021 youth candidates preview. And i'm worried when the new youth candidates preview comes out, the game may crash (haven't gotten that far yet). I'm happy to provide a save file if it will help Thanks Notice on the screenshot the game date is 23 June 2020 which is after the April 2020 intake that never happened and before the point where the preview showed up last year.
  11. go to steam, then tools instead of games click football manager 2020 editor wait for database to load click clubs under database under edit filter press add condition then name and type chelsea into the box click chelsea (unique ID 630) click finances under transfer embargo start, end and appeal dates, delete them all so they are empty press file then save editor data save the data as no chelsea embargo load football manager and set the game up with that editor data included
  12. Remove all bans only works for players not the transfer embargo (I just tested it to see)
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