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  1. I'm looking for feedback and opinions on how important it is for a DL/WBL to be left footed and for a DR/WBR to be right footed. Does footedness matter for anything other than crossing? What if you are running inverted wing backs? I've traditionally stood hard to the philosophy that left backs should be left footed and vice-versa. Yet i'm starting to think it might not actually be that important in the game (outside of crossing) Has anyone looked into this deeply?
  2. Update: I've discovered that often there isn't even a "protest" button to push. Wow that's infuriating
  3. Sorry I was slow to respond If the promotion extension is activated, the optional club extension disappears permanently (and I believe vice-versa though i've only tested it once). When i say disappears permanently, i mean disappears permanently (not just unable to trigger for a while) My understanding was that signing on fee was paid immediately and came out of the transfer budget. At least that's how it works when signing a player from another club. And loyalty bonus is paid over the duration of the contract. And yes, that's when a player renews their contract. But, when signing a player as a free transfer, it says "signing on fee", but is actually a "loyalty bonus" Ideally they'd both be separate options in different spots, but sparing that, at least having them labeled properly would be better. That would work. At the moment, if you accidentally click past the page even once, the protest option disappears entirely and permanently. Also if the board accepts multiple bids above your head, only the first one includes a protest option.
  4. Promotion and club optional contract extension don't stack despite both being available to be offered in the contract screen (not mutually exclusive like promotion and games final season extension provision). This bug has been reported but not fixed for multiple editions now Additionally, signing on fee is often (including when signing free transfers not signing on fees but actually a loyalty payment). This bug also has been reported and not fixed for multiple editions now Finally, chairman sometimes overrule managers in selling players despite their interference set to 1 (lowest possible setting). And if you accidentally click passed the screen even once, there's no way to even go to the chairman and "protest". At least give us the option to "freeze sale" in the editor. This bug again has been reported before but not fixed for multiple editions
  5. While i'll probably freak out and change my mind once I see the price, I'm thinking of buying a strong (but small) laptop that would allow me to play full FM on the go (like the bus). The small form factor (13" screen or smaller) is a must but i'd want something that runs full windows and has USB slots and all that other functionality of a PC. Any thoughts? Is this realistic or am i asking for something unreasonable/prohibitively expensive?
  6. I can confirm that this hasn't been fixed for FM19 A just signed a player to a new contract and another club has come in to get them when their contract expires (as is their right given it's under 6 months to expiry). But the player will talk to them but not me as they "just signed a new contract" Ben Kenney confirmed this was an issue August 16th re FM18. But it hasn't been fixed for FM19
  7. Here are my suggestions for fm2019 and beyond 1. Fold player preferred moves (PPMs) into tactical instructions. That would be a quick, easy, way to give players move tactical control without adding more complexity to the game (and easy win for SI) 2, Ability to save sets of opposition instructions and name them things like high bock, medium block, low block, etc. Then the ability to switch between these midgame like you would changing between saved tactics. 3. I would actually remove the contain, defensive, counter, standard, control, attacking, overload from the overall team and give it to each player separately. I would also do this with fluidity. That would make players think more like football managers and less like spreadsheet managers (which I know SI is trying to do). 4. This is unlikely because I know it would require a near full re-work of the CA/PA system (which really needs reforming anyway). But stop giving players position ratings and do role ratings instead. The current system leads to alot of silly stuff like a player whose a natural RB in a wing back support role but very unnatural at RWB wing back support role. When really the role is wing back and they should be good wherever they are a wing back. Ross Barkley at Chelsea is an example of this. He's a good(ish) advanced playmaker and a not great winger, yet he's fairly accomplished at RAM and LAM just for the playmaker role but not for the winger. If he was rated for the role, not the position, it would make more sense.
  8. I have a Jack Jack in my game. But that's nothing compared to some of the stuff on here
  9. In previous year it was fairly straightforward just to put a high potential player into your youth team, give them good training/facilities and a bit of football and they'll generally reach their potential (assuming you are playing at a high level) with minimum fuss. This year i've found even heavily rotating my squad, that players seem to develop much less, slower and need far more first team football if you want them to get anywhere near their potential. Am I doing something wrong or have you noticed it's more difficult developing players this year (FM18) vs earlier years? What do you suggest for getting around it? * it may sound like complaining, but I actually think this is a good thing. Just tricky to adjust to
  10. Is there a way to disable FFP without starting a new game? if not, it looks like it's going to force me to have to abandon a 100 odd hour save
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