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  1. Playing with back 3 in means you give up space in the wide areas which is basically the most dangerous thing to do in FM19 becoz everyone knows early cross is OP in this engine. You need to have very good cb with excellent anticipation,positioning and jumping reach to deal with all the crosses. With 3 tall CB, you can easily average 1 set piece goal which is the main weapon for me if I play 3 at the back.
  2. U can reduce your passing directness a bit , keep the tempo , and instruct some good passers to be more direct and take more risks. Then, those who cannot pass wont just give away easy possessions and let the long passers do their job. You can also keep high-line which is also something I am trying after inspired by crazy betis tactics
  3. Playing DOF as dynamo kyiv now!!! Time to revive Ukrainian football !
  4. no i didnt imagine it... The thread was quite old ... a mod did talked about why they removed the huge database option. but it's true that huge option is not necessary
  5. I've read that SI hide it on purpose But I forgot the exact reason
  6. Good to see people playing Crewe !
  7. But when I ask assistant to assign U23,U18 prospects are in the same group with senior players Also it's not logical , those prospects are training with first team but cannot be mentored ? Are u kidding me mate? So whats the point of having units section?
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