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    3 hours ago, prot651 said:

    Whats the point in having a history of the top 3 winning teams ( by default ) if they did not finish in the top 3 . What purpose does it serve ? They don't qualify for anything . Its there for what reason

    The point is that it would be especially useful if you were creating a new competition, e.g. adding in real leagues that don't come in the original boxed games. You can then add the history of that competition, adding the historical 1st 2nd and 3rd. The only purpose it serves is to give you a more rounded picture of that competition - it is cosmetic only  - it doesn't affect the game play in any way...

    It ISNT meant to be used to add future 1st 2nd and 3rd places. But, because you have done that in the editor it is over-riding the teams that actually finished in those positions in your game, butonly on that history screen. I bet you that the teams that got into Europe the following year were the ones that actually won the league in your game, not the ones you added in the editor (i.e. NOT Burnley, Southampton and Watford).

    I dont think I can make it any clearer than that for you. :thup:

  2. In response to the OP I have been playing with IW on Attack (no additional instructions) They do cut in a lot which is good, although as previously mentioned they tend to run towards the near post and then shoot into the side netting. 

    After 10 or so games, sitting around 8th (im in first season with Oxford United) I am now trying them as Inside Forwards, as I would have done on FM19 but with, one on Sup and one on Att (i always used to have the both on attack).

    I have also changed my striker form a Pressing Forward Attack to an Advanced Forward... as i was struggling to get either of my strikers (Matty Taylor and Rhian Brewster) to score many. 

    Hoping to get a couple of good sessions in over the weekend to see how this pans out. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Saikouro said:

    This was a hot new feature for this year :D 

    Even though the assman have always suggested players, now he has a whole page dedicated to it.

    Sack the ass man.

    I can see the benefit of it in some ways. And its not a hardship to ignore it,  but generally you can toggle on/off these sort of reports from staff, but i dont see a way to turn this off.

    Also he is too good to sack lol.... how else would i blindly follow the star ratings in my squad screen :D


  4. 15 minutes ago, Smurf said:

    This is confusing for people (not the post) but this 16gb Intel Optane that is purported by a lot of sites.

    The intel optane acts like an SSD - it can store items needed for quick access by the hard drive - it's basically a faux SSD.

    It has nothing to do with Physical RAM - that is completetly separate.

    Where Intel Optane RAM can speed up storage and access to the hard drive - it won't have any affect for FM.

    Great @Smurf than you for the clarification, and thanks for all the recommendations you have made in this thread. 

    Unless I can find something better for the price over the weekend I'm going to go for the HP that you have recommended at Argos (https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1690000) . Seems like it will run the game well and the graphics card will be decent for 3d matches. 

    Thanks again 

  5. 10 minutes ago, saihtam said:

    I think I would go with 8th gen and SSD than 9th gen HDD. Hdd is just so much slower in any aspects. Loading times will be faster and the biggest thing is that your own usabilty wih laptop will be much faster and better with SSD. So additionaly you will get much smoother and better experienve in overall usage of laptop with SSD.

    It doesn't have a SSD, it's a faster running HDD. Runs at 7200rpm compared to 5900rpm on the other one. 


    This is how it's described :


    Solid State Drive No SSD Storage Included
    Hard Drive 1000GB (7200RPM) + 16GB Intel Optane
  6. 7 minutes ago, kevhamster said:

    The one at Argos would likely be the better bet - the HDD is a bit slower, but it's got a 9th gen i5, whereas the other is 8th gen with a slower base clock speed.
    So, purely for FM, the Argos one will be the better performer due to the different CPU.

    Not sure how much of a difference the HDD speed will make to the overall performance though.

    Cheers mate. I figured that would be the case.

    I am of course also open to any other suggestions at around the same point.... cant beat a bit of Argos action though for convenience!

  7. Hi guys, this thread has been amazingly helpful in finding a potential new laptop. The links at the start to the sites which compare Graphics Cards and Processors is also a great help.

    Following recommendations on here I have narrowed by search for a new laptop (circa £600) to the two below. (Also for context I like to run up to 10  leagues with a large database - and would like to be able to play with at least Medium level 3D graphics. )

    Both are HP Pavilions with similar builds, both have same amount of RAM (8GB) and Hard Drive size (1TB)  ... Laptop A has slightly better performing Graphics Card (according to the comparison site 127th vs 147th) it also has a better processor (according to the comparison site 65th vs 74th).

    The only thing I can see that is better on Laptop B is the "Hard Drive Speed" which is 7200RPM and only 5400RPM for Laptop A. Does this really make much difference? Presumably not enough difference to make Laptop B a better purchase than Laptop A? 

    A) https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1690000 

    B) https://www.box.co.uk/HP-Pavilion-15-cx0999na_2485084.html

    Thanks for any help you can give on this!




  8. Evening all,

    So here is my tactic, very much based on what I have read on here so will be very similar to what some of you use or have used.  I started off with a Poacher alongside the TM and i really couldn't get it to work, hence our very slow start in the league, I changed to an AF and also went from a Cautious mentality to Balances and have had much more success, although our form is dipping again currently.  We are sitting in 5th currently and are only expected to get top half so thats fine, the recent dip in form has meant that promotion is out of the question now, so i am starting to think about building towards next season.

    As mentioned this morning I am not great at analyzing stats in FM and dont even know how to use some of the analysis tools in the game, so any help would be appreciated, for starters I have attached the Goal Assists analysis which shows that we are getting most of them through crosses, and looking at my player stats its from my RW who has 11 assists (no other player has over 3!)


    long bloz3.pngglastable.png



  9. On the left hand side of your screen shots there is a Documents folder, in there you will have Sports Interactive folder, and in that a Football Manager 2019 folder, and then finally an Editor Data  - that is where the .fmf files need to go (the edited databases) - screenshot of mine for info. 

    Note that to get the new leagues you will need to select the new databases when you start a new game.


  10. I am doing the dafuge challenge (although i have attribute masking turned off) - holidayed a year and then picked the team with the lowest reputation that got promoted into the lowest playable leage - Margate FC.  Halfway through my first season and am in and around the top 4 - although Billericay are running away at the top.

  11. if I put in an unemployed manager. Holidayed to the end of the season and then put him as manager of a team relegated into the French 4th division. Would it then activate those leagues when we get to the 2nd season? As I could the add another manger to a club I want to manage in the 4th division and finally start my main save. 


    Anyone tried this? 

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