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  1. I'm playing in tier 6 England. I notice in one game the ai kept trying long balls over the top. I ignored it until they scored twice from it! 

    I dropped my defensive line to lower and put my fastest  CB on cover. Worked a treat. They had no answer, he cut out the long balls with ease and I went on to win.

    I tell this story as its the first time in ages that I consciously made a tactical change during a game that actually worked 🙂

  2. 7 hours ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    Used to play windowed as a few versions ago, if you were on full screen then tabbed over to something else for anything longer than 5 minutes, it would crash when you tried to go back to the game. 

    The last few editions have been seamless however, so I always play full screen now. 

    This was my experience also... Until fm21.

    I now find that if I put my laptop to sleep mode when fm is full screen the game crashes when I wake the laptop up. So now I have to play in windowed mode but maximised. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Crispypaul said:

    Harsh because it seems pretty inconsistent with other countries where there are similar restrictions on foreign players. Unless that has changed for FM21 on which case fair enough.

    Admittedly I couldn't tell you the reasons for all other countries restrictions on foreign players. Although I'm sure in some cases its the governing FA setting the restrictions, to protect homegrown players and the national team. In the case of Brexit the final say doesn't sit with the Premier League or the FA. Its with the government. Its bigger than FM21, its bigger than football, its bigger than elite sports....  It will affect all of us in one way or another. 


    Also. Sorry of my previous sounded arsey, I didn't mean it to. Lol. 

  4. 22 minutes ago, Drogba11CFC said:

    Champions League kick-off times not being accurate. Zenit-Liverpool isn't 17:55 yet Chelsea-Benfica is?

    Players wanting a new contract 500 times a second despite having two and a half years left.

    Your star player resuming full training after a broken leg so you opt to ease him back into sharpness...and then the international weekend comes around and he's thrust into the first team.

    Yes, new contract demands... Playing a 1 season beta save with Swansea. I've had around 8 of the first team squad demanding new contracts before Christmas. 🙄

  5. 6 minutes ago, Crispypaul said:

    One quick question - does this really affect backroom staff? As that's very harsh as I've managed in countries with restrictions on foreign players like South Korea and as far as I know backroom staff were never affected by the restriction on playing staff.

    Its not harsh though is it? Work permits and the restriction of foreign nationals coming to the UK to work will be in place across pretty much all professions in the UK. Why should physios, sports scientists etc be exempt just because they work for a football club? This will be the reality of brexit. 

  6. I am having a little play with a short term Beta save while I await the full release to start my (hopefully) long term, single club, save with Gloucester City.

    However in-between playing my Beta save I have been getting things ready for my main save...

    • Moved across all facepacks, kits and badges to FM21 folders and checked they are working
    • Made the real names fixes
    • Set up my preferred views for squad, scout and player search views
    • Loaded up Gloucester City to have a look at the squad, create a tactic and identify weak areas that I will need to recruit to
    • Used the player search to create a shortlist of players that I will scout and then potentially buy when I start my main save.

    Is there anything else I can usefully be doing now in preparation?

    It feels like the next week will drag! I know i could start my main save now, there doesn't seem to be any long term save killing bugs this year (unlike last year with the low determination of newgens issue) - but I just prefer to start it following the next update...

    Let me know what you think...

  7. Enjoying the game in general like the new features and the ME is a dream. 

    Most frustrating thing for me though is the removal of the coloured bar on the match interface which showed the percentage possession each team had had over the last 5 mins. Unless I'm mistaken it had been there for YEARS like literally since Champ Man back in the 90s... and now it's just.... Gone? It was such an easy way of gauging how the game was going between highlights, I now don't feel like I actually know what's happening between highlights....  please bring it back!! 


    3 hours ago, prot651 said:

    Whats the point in having a history of the top 3 winning teams ( by default ) if they did not finish in the top 3 . What purpose does it serve ? They don't qualify for anything . Its there for what reason

    The point is that it would be especially useful if you were creating a new competition, e.g. adding in real leagues that don't come in the original boxed games. You can then add the history of that competition, adding the historical 1st 2nd and 3rd. The only purpose it serves is to give you a more rounded picture of that competition - it is cosmetic only  - it doesn't affect the game play in any way...

    It ISNT meant to be used to add future 1st 2nd and 3rd places. But, because you have done that in the editor it is over-riding the teams that actually finished in those positions in your game, butonly on that history screen. I bet you that the teams that got into Europe the following year were the ones that actually won the league in your game, not the ones you added in the editor (i.e. NOT Burnley, Southampton and Watford).

    I dont think I can make it any clearer than that for you. :thup:

  9. In response to the OP I have been playing with IW on Attack (no additional instructions) They do cut in a lot which is good, although as previously mentioned they tend to run towards the near post and then shoot into the side netting. 

    After 10 or so games, sitting around 8th (im in first season with Oxford United) I am now trying them as Inside Forwards, as I would have done on FM19 but with, one on Sup and one on Att (i always used to have the both on attack).

    I have also changed my striker form a Pressing Forward Attack to an Advanced Forward... as i was struggling to get either of my strikers (Matty Taylor and Rhian Brewster) to score many. 

    Hoping to get a couple of good sessions in over the weekend to see how this pans out. 

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