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  1. Are you all actually getting offered the job. Or just offered an interview? I've been offered countless interviews without apply over the years playing FM but don't recall being offered a job outright without having to interview for it.(although I'm not great at the game so that might be why lol)
  2. When the agent says he is interested in talking to other clubs I've always taken that to mean interested in a transfer, not a loan move.
  3. The point is that it would be especially useful if you were creating a new competition, e.g. adding in real leagues that don't come in the original boxed games. You can then add the history of that competition, adding the historical 1st 2nd and 3rd. The only purpose it serves is to give you a more rounded picture of that competition - it is cosmetic only - it doesn't affect the game play in any way... It ISNT meant to be used to add future 1st 2nd and 3rd places. But, because you have done that in the editor it is over-riding the teams that actually finished in those positions in your game, butonly on that history screen. I bet you that the teams that got into Europe the following year were the ones that actually won the league in your game, not the ones you added in the editor (i.e. NOT Burnley, Southampton and Watford). I dont think I can make it any clearer than that for you.
  4. Was so surprised I was able to get him on loan. I think I'm paying around 70% wages £4200ish. He's banged in a few but I really want to play our real loft striker Matty Taylor on loan from Bristol. So he's rotating a bit. I'm also going to play brewster as an IF now too.
  5. In response to the OP I have been playing with IW on Attack (no additional instructions) They do cut in a lot which is good, although as previously mentioned they tend to run towards the near post and then shoot into the side netting. After 10 or so games, sitting around 8th (im in first season with Oxford United) I am now trying them as Inside Forwards, as I would have done on FM19 but with, one on Sup and one on Att (i always used to have the both on attack). I have also changed my striker form a Pressing Forward Attack to an Advanced Forward... as i was struggling to get either of my strikers (Matty Taylor and Rhian Brewster) to score many. Hoping to get a couple of good sessions in over the weekend to see how this pans out.
  6. Yes.... but you can't turn it off! You can only change who gives you the advice
  7. I can see the benefit of it in some ways. And its not a hardship to ignore it, but generally you can toggle on/off these sort of reports from staff, but i dont see a way to turn this off. Also he is too good to sack lol.... how else would i blindly follow the star ratings in my squad screen
  8. I have looked in staff responsibilities but cannot see an option for turning this news item off. I get it before every game, and frankly i dont care who he thinks i should play!! Any ideas?
  9. Hi @Gripper, I didnt see a specific response to this in this thread, will Oxford have an under 23 team in the release version? https://www.oufc.co.uk/teams/under-23-team/
  10. Great @Smurf than you for the clarification, and thanks for all the recommendations you have made in this thread. Unless I can find something better for the price over the weekend I'm going to go for the HP that you have recommended at Argos (https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1690000) . Seems like it will run the game well and the graphics card will be decent for 3d matches. Thanks again
  11. It doesn't have a SSD, it's a faster running HDD. Runs at 7200rpm compared to 5900rpm on the other one. This is how it's described : Solid State Drive No SSD Storage Included Hard Drive 1000GB (7200RPM) + 16GB Intel Optane
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