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  1. Although that said. I imagine the merchandise sales the club could expect to earn would be huge. So I guess if you take that into consideration he could push for more. I'ld certainly like 1% of those global shirt sales 😁
  2. If he wants to play professional football he should grab any contract he can. Clubs are hardly queuing up for him, let alone those that can afford to offer big money.
  3. I'm playing as Livorno in Serie B. They got promoted at the end of last season and the season preview had us predicted to finish 3rd bottom. Im into November and currently in and around the top 5 or 6. I didn't make any signings and am using a slightly amended vertical tika taka style tactic. I wouldn't say I was dominating but am performing above expectations. I do find that I need to rotate the squad heavily due to the high pressing style and this has led to some poor results against teams that were struggling and also conceding late in second half when my players can't seem to pass to each other. So some tactical tweets needed I think. Overall I'm really enjoying it. I didn't buy fm18 so am still trying to work out scouting. Hence no transfer activity yet!
  4. Where do I find the assist screen?
  5. There are two uses of the word fixed here which I think are being confused. The draw is fixed in that it has been randomly drawn at midnight of the day of the draw. Not at the precise moment you click the draw next team button. However the draw is not fixed as in cheating. I. E. its not purposely giving you harder teams to play against.
  6. improvox

    Anybody else had to zoom in?

    Yes I've had to zoom out to 125% on my 15.6 inch dell laptop. Felt like I was squinting all the time on 100%.
  7. improvox

    Football Manager Zoom Out

    I think they are the set sizes. I've had to zoom out to 125%! I just find the text too small as if I have to squint all the time. I have a decent sized laptop screen too. Guess I'm just getting old!
  8. improvox

    Manager photo

    You can edit the managers appearance on the start screen
  9. On completion of a Short Term Focus scouting assignment I got a news item into my inbox, informing me of the players found during the assignment. The only action I can take is to Acknowledge the report - the button is there but it is not clickable. Please see attached screenshot
  10. Ah nice idea. Shame I have no where near enough mobile data for that. I will just have to wait. Should be done before 10pm lol
  11. It seems a few members have already "arrived" hope they have the tissues handy
  12. Tbf it feels like I've been waiting 9 months for the Beta...