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  1. I came here to report this. Playing as Gloucester City. Season 2. Board set target as reaching 2nd round. I ended up losing in 3rd round and the board marked it as failed.
  2. I'm playing in tier 6 England. I notice in one game the ai kept trying long balls over the top. I ignored it until they scored twice from it! I dropped my defensive line to lower and put my fastest CB on cover. Worked a treat. They had no answer, he cut out the long balls with ease and I went on to win. I tell this story as its the first time in ages that I consciously made a tactical change during a game that actually worked 🙂
  3. Well yes of course I can do that. But I'm just used to putting laptop to sleep then opening back up and fm being there ready to play. I'm not saying it's an issue, I've found the workaround.
  4. If its just the player rating you want, rather than their full game stats, you can also view these in your fixture list by highlight the match. They come up on the right hand side of the screen.
  5. This was my experience also... Until fm21. I now find that if I put my laptop to sleep mode when fm is full screen the game crashes when I wake the laptop up. So now I have to play in windowed mode but maximised.
  6. Try to go on holiday for 1day? Edit : oh sorry the screenshot didnt load first time... I see holidaying a day isn't possible...
  7. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, i couldn't find anything when searching.. Nicknames are not showing on the clubs profile page. See below.
  8. Admittedly I couldn't tell you the reasons for all other countries restrictions on foreign players. Although I'm sure in some cases its the governing FA setting the restrictions, to protect homegrown players and the national team. In the case of Brexit the final say doesn't sit with the Premier League or the FA. Its with the government. Its bigger than FM21, its bigger than football, its bigger than elite sports.... It will affect all of us in one way or another. Also. Sorry of my previous sounded arsey, I didn't mean it to. Lol.
  9. Yes, new contract demands... Playing a 1 season beta save with Swansea. I've had around 8 of the first team squad demanding new contracts before Christmas. 🙄
  10. Its not harsh though is it? Work permits and the restriction of foreign nationals coming to the UK to work will be in place across pretty much all professions in the UK. Why should physios, sports scientists etc be exempt just because they work for a football club? This will be the reality of brexit.
  11. Yeah you can absolutely do that, I think I did last year. But this year I always planned to have a play about a bit on a beta save then start a long term save from official release date.
  12. Ah yes good shout. I'll have to see if I can import them over from fm20. Cheers.
  13. Yeah I have created a tactic.... not checked if its any good though lol... i guess i could use it in my Beta save to test it out a bit.
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