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  1. Evening all, So here is my tactic, very much based on what I have read on here so will be very similar to what some of you use or have used. I started off with a Poacher alongside the TM and i really couldn't get it to work, hence our very slow start in the league, I changed to an AF and also went from a Cautious mentality to Balances and have had much more success, although our form is dipping again currently. We are sitting in 5th currently and are only expected to get top half so thats fine, the recent dip in form has meant that promotion is out of the question now, so i am starting to think about building towards next season. As mentioned this morning I am not great at analyzing stats in FM and dont even know how to use some of the analysis tools in the game, so any help would be appreciated, for starters I have attached the Goal Assists analysis which shows that we are getting most of them through crosses, and looking at my player stats its from my RW who has 11 assists (no other player has over 3!)
  2. I finally got round to starting a save using a hoofball tactic. BSC Glasgow in the Lowland League. Slow start but am getting there with it. I will post up the tactic later today with results etc. The difficulty I have is analysing what's going on so may need to ask for a bit of help with that!
  3. On the left hand side of your screen shots there is a Documents folder, in there you will have Sports Interactive folder, and in that a Football Manager 2019 folder, and then finally an Editor Data - that is where the .fmf files need to go (the edited databases) - screenshot of mine for info. Note that to get the new leagues you will need to select the new databases when you start a new game.
  4. I've just moved from fm17 to fm19 and I can't even remember that being in fm17. Although I do remember the screen you mean.
  5. I am doing the dafuge challenge (although i have attribute masking turned off) - holidayed a year and then picked the team with the lowest reputation that got promoted into the lowest playable leage - Margate FC. Halfway through my first season and am in and around the top 4 - although Billericay are running away at the top.
  6. if I put in an unemployed manager. Holidayed to the end of the season and then put him as manager of a team relegated into the French 4th division. Would it then activate those leagues when we get to the 2nd season? As I could the add another manger to a club I want to manage in the 4th division and finally start my main save. Anyone tried this?
  7. Ah yes I suppose so. I kinda hoped they would already be coded into the game already. Hopefully someone creates them on steam workshop or for download on here. I see there is already a lower league England database created in steam.
  8. I find it strange how this league is in the game but you cant start management there. Is there a database download for FM19 that has it as playable (I know it might be a bit soon!)? - or is there a reliable guide/video on how to do this? I have scoured youtube but only found guides that add tiers with single divisions (there are 4 divisions in France National 2), I cant find one which explains how you would get mutiple divisions of the same teir to work. Im itching to get my long term save started! Thanks for any help you can give me on this.
  9. Ah that is annoying. His tutorial works but only if you have a straight league system with one league under another. French national 2 has 4 leagues at same level feeding into the league above. None of the tutorials i found on you tube cover how to do it.
  10. Thanks for this. Seems easy enough. I'll have a go tomorrow when the editor is out.
  11. Is it just a case of going into the pregame editor and ticking (or unticking) a box? (I have never used the editor so am hoping it is as easy as that!)
  12. For me if he is preforming on the pitch I wouldn't mind to much about poor training. Unless he is a youngster that I was trying to develop. Just hero passing him and look to replace him at the end of the season.
  13. Why? Lol Seems strange. I haven't seen any other examples of this in FM. Guess I'll have to wait for an edited database to come out?
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