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  1. I think you both are talking about different things. I believe he means why not having Much shorter - Shorter - Standard - More direct - Much more direct options in PI page.
  2. It didn't work. Anchors were both in the center together despite the stay wider instruction. And results were not good, specially against 4-2-3-1.
  3. Inspired by this and the 3-1-6 thread, I think I'm going to try something like this when I arrive home: It will be probaly a crazyness, but I want to test it!
  4. The more topics I see with this great one, the more I think fluid formations a la PES in the tactical system should be implemented. Keep the good work guys, it's quite inspirational.
  5. lol, opinions: Lewandoski, my player: First of all: - A season like the 2010/11 Messi's Ballon d'Or winning one is just worth 7.61. - A season like the 2012/2013 Ronaldo's Ballon d'Or winning one is just worth 7.61. Then I go to non loaded leagues: Firmino Agüero: Harry Kane: Icardi: Luis Suarez: Benzema: Griezmann: Messi: And finally let's go back to Erling Haaland in my league: So yeah, full match engine ratings fo
  6. So, Erling Haaland scoring 38 goals +7 assists in 36 games is giving 7.50. What would he need to add to get +8? 38 assists? +50 goals? So a 2011 Messi would only get +8 instead of +9? It's ridicoulous.
  7. This is off topic now and I will let it here after this post, but pressure handling and lack of/bad attitude are two completely different things. Bojan problems were that he had no ability to be a world class and he was constantly put in Barcelona starting eleven so they could say they had an starting XI with 100% of players from "La Masía" (remember he was playing instead of Zlatan). Then Villa comes and Messi moves to F9. End of the overrated Bojan. Nothing to do with his attitude. Bad attitude whas what Deulofeu had.
  8. I'm not blaming anyone. I just said how researchers work. If a player become famous, he gets a boost. When he loses reputation, attributes drop. Just apply that to player development ingame. Look Alphonso Davies in FM20 and now in FM21. Just 6 months from march update to game release. What is the difference? Yeah, his real world reputation. No, It was his ability what let him down. Bojan's attitude has been always good. He never got critics from that. And yeah, I'm Spanish, I know and remember him very well.
  9. Much better than having all the players stagnated at 23 years old IMO. That's the way researchers work from FM version to other: Bojan in FM 08: Just because he was famous. I'm saying that the game should work in the same way as SI researchers do. Another example is Alphonso Davies. Yeah. I was just throwing an idea of a much more realistic way for players development than the current one. Anyway nevermind.
  10. I think you got me wrong. I'm not saying that high CA makes the player to have high rep. I'm saying that CA development should be determined by player rep and that we discard the PA. This is what we got from game to game. In a FM version a not known young player is a **** and then in the following year the player is a wonderkid because he has got known. No ceiling, every save different depending in how reputation goes. That's why I said maybe a reputation overhaul would be needed for this idea.
  11. To me, the best way to sort this kind of things would be to link CA with player reputation (maybe it would be needed an overhaul of rep system). This way you get rid of capped PA and you could have also late explosions a la Vardy, etc. Or following the previous example you can have Robinho's or Bojan's that in the early stages they look great and then when going to a bigger club they stagnate. Just an idea.
  12. Sorry didn't translate that one. This is the setup: Currently second 19G 14D 1D 4L 52GF 12GA and 458 passes per match. But as said I'm testing it with a top team.
  13. I'm at work right now, but it's like this (I will put an screenshot after that if you want): Mentality Very Attacking SKd CRCs DFCd DFCd FBd DLPs DLPs MEZs (Swap position with other MC) IFs IFs (or a, can't remember right now) DLAa (swap position with Left IFs) I have a top team.
  14. In my very atacking mentality possesion style 4-3-3 I have the folowing: MEZs DLPs (this two players with the swap position order) DLPs
  15. Hi all! I'm woriking my own file for countries data and I would like to know what exactly does de sponsorship tab? In my opinion the values seem to be low, but I may not understand it correctly. Is it the total amount per year each club receives from sponsorship according to their reputation?
  16. There is a solution while we wait the patch: Just right click and change the view to the standard one.
  17. Can't check myself right now, does the total salary expenses cap (that spanish teams have since 2013) applies now? In the sub-forum league specific issues we are constantly ignored.
  18. @Rashidi I had to watch all Milan goals that season! lol Quite hard to make it realistic as sometimes Kaka was appearing in the center-left, others in the center-right, and same for Seedorf but arriving at the area a bit later... I would go for the 4-3-2-1 christmas tree. But the video gave me an idea, what about a deep christmas tree?
  19. In terms of roles and duties I would go for something like this at first (note, never tried):
  20. This is the heatmap from that UCL final: https://www.uefa.com/newsfiles/ucl/2006/1_playersheatmap.pdf For Seedorf: Edit to say that he is not that high in the pitch nor goes that often to the penalty area. Compared with Kaká's is a bit deeper:
  21. Hi Stephen, something like two weeks passed, did you find out why the salary cap, which is in La Liga since 2013, isn't in the game?
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