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  1. Hi, as tittle says, after simulating until 2040, I've encountered this issue, which I have read that was happening also in FM20. I don't know if it's a bug or intended, but for long term saves would make things a little bit monotone. Don't know if it's the right place for this topic.
  2. I was quite critic with FM 20 and after the feedback and streams where I could watch match engine I decided to go for it. What to say, great work SI! I've simulated until 2040 and I see that most of the managers (if not all) have 4-2-3-1 as prefered formation. This problem I read it was happening in the past version also. Does it happen the same to others?
  3. Some people seems to be a bit nervous with this, taking into account that "it does nothing". Editing your post when you put an official file, double accounts accusations, hiding lots of posts... I remember some weeks ago saying in this same thread and via PM to the admin after he did hide my reply to him: SI attitude should be punished by customers. They should remember that they are the ones that need our money, not the opposite. This is my last post here as this is a joke now, but I will be reading it for fun. They claim physics doesn't affect match engine and it's true g
  4. Not the same. My first FM was 06 and since then I don't remember that I can put in a position "Plays one twos" for example. I'm not talking about the sliders (which I loved).
  5. In match, not in match engine. Changing physics can alter situations and decision making can be different for example. So not that impossible.
  6. And I agree with you. But he doesn't claim to have recoded the match engine. He claims the file changes the behaviour, wich is quite different from what you are saying.
  7. I would say that being able of changing speed, acceleration, delays, max/min turn degrees depending on speed, and some other things in the file can make things work differently. Claiming that changing the physics in a football match engine is snake oil is quite funny though. And you say that even after an admin claimed it affects the behaviour. He tested a months old version,now there is a v6 (which is days old) and they are working in v7.
  8. I personally would get rid of the player roles and the hardcoded behaviour. Each position as a blank canvas (maybe with the roles as presets) and the player prefered moves added also for player instructions. That way I think we could have much more flexibility. Something like team tactics.
  9. Sure, FM19 had public beta since it got released. FM20 didn't and it wasn't open until late January, after ruining the ME with patches launched. Even a child can spot the difference here. But yeah, it has nothing to do with the quality of the game. I'm incorrect, you are right. Move on.
  10. To you it has nothing to do with the quality of the game. To me yes, it does. Nothing more to say. Choose to buy or not according to your criteria, so will I as I stated in my first comment. No need for more off topic.
  11. I repeat my question, which other years SI had to put a public beta in January?
  12. Successful and good are not the same thing. Which years did SI had to put a public beta in January? That tells a lot about the quality of this edition, and stopping the bug fixing because "a lot of people is playing the game" is an atitude that needs to be punished by us the customers IMO.
  13. I will wait until the last patch and then decide. Been buying it for the long time, but this year's SI way of doing things "it's ok according to real statistics", "the game is good because there is a lot of people playing it" deserves a drop in sales IMO. I hate that I have 2 managers in Spain, one for B team and the Ass. Manager of B team constantly changes the tactic formation and lineup. I also don't like that SI doesn't put interest in understanding and implementing Spanish money correctly (both TV and sponsors).
  14. Another one that used this thread as inspiration to make my own possesion system. Thanks to you I'm enjoying the FM like old times!!
  15. Thank you! You've made my tactic testing much more interesting. Cheers!
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