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  1. Altough I didnt particulary like the whole finocchio incident with Mancini you have to admire Sarri-he is a good coach
  2. Thank you very much for answering.I have downloaded steam ans installed it and currently installing fm on my laptop.Looks like it will take awhile to install though.Will keep you updated with the process and hopefully no problems appear
  3. From within the application as in the library right?I just have to press install and thats it?As a side question which is the safest steam to install?from where?
  4. Hi there!So I will be short and direct.I just got a new laptop for FM and I have bought the game from an electronic store.Now I made a steam account and I played a little on my desktop until it misteriously stopped working.but with the laptop since I have a steam account do I have to instsll the game again or just install it from my steam library?bear with me I am a noob
  5. Smurd what do you think about this laptop:https://www.pcgarage.ro/notebook-laptop/lenovo/gaming-156-legion-y520-fhd-ips-procesor-intel-core-i5-7300hq-6m-cache-up-to-350-ghz-8gb-ddr4-1tb-geforce-gtx-1050-4gb-freedos-black-backlit/
  6. So a SSD+HDD at least is necessary if not a full SSD. But in the same time a integral SSD memory seems a waste-for lets say only 128 GB-its really a small quantity to work with. A TB of HDD is helpful in some other aspect so a hybrid is ok for now.1 TB + 128 GB I think is enough.
  7. OK,so SSD is needed for systems,programs and such but its size is very small compared to HDD but much more expensive per size length. Interesting,so then a laptop woth SSD and HDD is needed I guess.I saw there are such systems.
  8. Thank you.Hopefully the CD works for the laptop aswell.otherwise i will have to buy another game i guess altough dont know which version that would be
  9. But would a decent graphic card say cause problems in the future,like for FM 20 lets say/ Also what do you think about this one(found it after a quick search): https://www.emag.ro/laptop-gaming-msi-gp62m-7rd-leopard-cu-procesor-intelr-coretm-i7-7700hq-2-80-ghz-kaby-laketm-15-6-full-hd-16gb-1tb-hdd-256gb-ssd-nvidiar-geforcer-gtx-1050-2gb-microsoft-windows-10-home-black-9s7-16j94/pd/DF35S7BBM/
  10. Thanks.Like I said I'm a noob as far computer thingy goes.Are PC,Linux nad Mac considered laptops(or one of them is)?I imagine Mac is laptop yes? I think I''ll look for the MSI one or something similar.Cheers then. Also is the graphic card of GTX 960 M enough for the future?I read the numbers there must be as big as possible ofr a stronger graphic card so there are grahic cards with more then 960 M?Like over 1000?Would this be a problem for the future?I imagine not.
  11. Thank you for reply Smurf,you're an ace. I just said Euros because I thought it would better suit the international appeal of the whole setting. I'm not really planning on ordering from a UK site since I imagine I would have to pay customs and dispatch taxes.I imagine getting it from here and actually seeing it and trying it pre buying would be best.I hope I''ll find a computer wiz guy that could help me after with installing everything and such. Also something I didn't mention is CD-ROMs.I understand most laptops don't have one so a portable one would be necessary.Does the model you suggested have a CD-ROM? I ask because I bought the game and it says it's from PC,Linux and Mac so I don't know if the CD wil lactually work on the laptop? If not which is a good portable CD-ROM(also in case the laptop integrated CD-ROM is damaged in time)? Another thing is I read FM17 does not run well on Windows 10 which most seem to have preisntalled(like the one you suggest),is this true? So the suggestion you ahve I imagine is an elite system yes?No problem running a large databse with 3d?
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