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  1. Hey You All, Dont really know if some of it are already there to see or someone already talked about this.. but i guess it would be fun to have them or at least see more of a little. Extra Feature: Manager/Club Social Feed Management -available for both personal and club social feeds. -More effective social media for manager interests/rumours; maybe following a club which are currently in need of a new manager/change soon, may easily be seen as breaking news nowadays. Same thing applies to players following clubs/your club to bring attention to his /her (idream to see one day!) services. -Deeper story instances for example: a player having a notorious night out during out of his leisure time breaking into the news around social feed/effect on player morale for exposure/teammate feeling let down etc.. Or joining late for summer camp for personal business, extra holiday time etc.. -Publishing/promoting clubs new facilities, investments, club links, new signings, milestones, icons/legends/club favourites, fan culture/rivalry, maybe publishing some good old real fan/stands, legend moment photos etc. -Maybe top ten followed clubs/players all around the world/get special/personal/club representing sponsorships for kits/stadium as well. (this could be open for real brands for higher R&D for all of us!) There should be a ton of ideas to improve but I guess some of these could be fun to have and i thought why not share! Fun fact: "TURKEY have parted ways with fiery boss Fatih Terim just two weeks after he was involved in a kebab shop brawl. " Social feed exposure baby
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