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  1. Go into Interface > Skin Colors > Tick Advanced Settings on > Under "A" set all values to 1. This will make the attribute numbers dissapear.
  2. Just a thought. I'd like to see player's short-term/long-term goals in more depth. Right now we just have "wants to win leauge" or "wants to to coach one day" I'd like to start seeing more goals. Like, "would like to score first goal", "would like to make first team", "wants to make national team debut" etc. Just an idea I thought would improve immersion
  3. Id change your WB to Support or attack, change one CM to AP Support and the other to CM Support (id keep em support so that they can cover the WB going forward), change your AMF to AM either attack or support (see what works). These changes should give you more width so your WBs can lay in more crosses
  4. Ive been buying FM games since 2010 but I could never get "into it" them. I would get enjoyment out of playing preseasons with a big name name and seeing my players blow past the oppositions but id never actually complete a season. Having only had FIFA experience, i never really knew how football tactics worked. I would pick the most generic formsation and set all my strikers to "dribble more" "shoot more" and get annoyed as to why my crap isnt working. Today, having continued to stick with FM, after countless guides and FM videos I finally figured out how tactics work now and how to set up my players. Instead of placing players into positions for the sake of filling spots I ensure I understand what each player's job is. I understand how to set up opposition instructions as well and how to contain them in specifc parts of the pitch. I'm still no expert but I'm really proud of the level I managed to reach for myself and how much I've learned about Football in the past 7 years. I now consider FM one of my favorite games to play, over FIFA as well. Thanks for making an awesome game series SI!!!
  5. I know some people dont want it but i want a few more player-manager-media interactions. It wont hurt to have team talk before matches Also can we have a way to discuss transfer offers with players? I never know if my player is going to get pissy just because I rejected a transfer for him
  6. Hey all so here is something I thought would be nice to have in the future additions of FM. I think online already has this but would be nice if you can do some quick matches, instead of loading a whole season you could just set up a quick one v one with the computer or other players. Maybe even have the ability to create tournaments, club, intetnational, U19 that you can play with AI or players.
  7. The hidden info doesnt have to be used. You can already use this information for yourself and put these attributes together to come up with thr combinations so nothing hidden. Just would be nice if SI provided it in game so we dont hsve to use excel
  8. Hey all, So http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/players/attribute-combinations here shows us the various stats and how each attribute works together. I had an excel where I would plug in a players attributes to get a rating for their "intelligence", "defending ability" etc Would be nice if sometying like this was implemented into the game as a way to better assess a player's ability.
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