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  1. Whilst that was true last season (19/20) he is actually on a salary and proper contract this year. The salary is within a short range to how much he is actually on, based on age, experience and value within the team. Thanks for your comments though.
  2. Yes it worked very well and improved the visuals no end.
  3. Hi there,As the title says, I am looking at getting a new device. I hope that that the new Surface Go 2 will run FM Touch 20 well? As this is a brand new machine I wouldn’t expect anyone to have feedback already but perhaps someone could give an insight into using the earlier machine Surface Go. Can anyone let me know if you play FM Touch 20 on Surface Go. Does it play well and is the 3D game smooth? I am also looking about getting the cheaper one which is 4GB / 64GB (instead of the more expensive 8GB / 128 GB version). I know the game requires 2GB to run, so hope that the 4GB would suffi
  4. It is maybe to do with your remaining wage cap? The other alternative is that your clubs rating isn’t good enough to attract them currently. You may have to go for someone who are a star or so less. Usually on promotion you can then get better staff in, as the clubs rating rises. Also you may want to try and amend the amount between wages - transfer money.
  5. Yes, that is correct, as stated above. Due to the nature of their rolling contract, compensation pay-out to the departing staff member will always be the case. Just be mindful of that if you are managing a lesser side, with not much money. if you approach a new staff member on the contract page, at the bottom it will not tell you compensation due, to old staff member and also new one if he is employed already by somebody else.
  6. You need to word your question a bit clearer mate. However, if you mean can you hold down something like Ctrl A (similar as you would when using Word then the answer is no.
  7. Best thing to do is play on create a club mode if you want to be Juve. Change the name there and just use the 2D and 3D kits that you import in.
  8. As far as I am aware, the real name fix doesn’t work for the iOS version of FMT. Unless someone can tell me otherwise. I have it a go and it didn’t work. Everything else did that you can see on my file route.
  9. Good one. Certain players just aren’t rated by the teams researcher / editor, so this would allow for say a centre half to move from a 3, to a 4 star rating. Above and beyond what his actual potential was/is.
  10. Yes you can. It’s After you create you as the manager. Choose team to overwrite. Click on miscellaneous, then edit club attendance / min / max etc ... this is on the iOS FM Touch.
  11. It will depend on what you set in your minimum / average and capacity attendances field (which is in the create a club bit before completing your squad). It also will depend on what you set for team’s reputation. If however you haven’t altered these fields, then it will be the same level of support that the team you have replaced them with. So if they averaged 2,875, your team will roughly mirror that.
  12. Here is my wish-list. I play FM Touch on my iPad. 1) Pre-game editor (whether by payment or otherwise). Sure even if it was priced at say £4.99p a lot of gamers would buy it. Similar to other unlockables / boost the bank options. 2) The ability to either place a player face pic on a created player in ‘create a club mode’ or mod the created player so that you can get their hair/face to a satisfactory standard (similar to when creating your manager profile). 3) Sort out the logo import issue on iOS when you want to create a club. It ports in the badge but has a box around it and i
  13. Well kind of. You would have to purchase third-party software and then buy FM Touch on the PC and use the cross-sync. The edit can be done on your PC version, then game save ported over to the iPad. I looked at it but then it was too expensive to buy both versions of the game.
  14. Also I have noticed and reported to devs that when you select a player, his contract will say £800pw and you think ok that’s manageable. Then when the game loads, it suddenly changes to £1,600 pw and puts you in the red with the salary limit. I find this happens quite often and the bonuses/sell-on type things you mentioned.
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