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  1. Never mind, it's just when loading into a new game you can't seem to choose it but you can using add manager.
  2. Hi, guys. I've noticed in the beta, you can't seem to manage an under 21 or under 19 international team, just the main squad? Do you think they have removed managing under 21s, under 19s from the main game too or is it just because it's beta?
  3. Check this video out if you're unsure.
  4. Hence why I said - Creating a new club on the editor is much more difficult hence why I provided an alternative. From what Tim has asked I gather he probably doesn't have much experience with the editor...
  5. You are better adding them as a B or C team. This is a lot easier -
  6. There's a guy on YouTube that makes guides - think he's continuing into FM18. So putting a playlist here to help anyone out for future.
  7. Have you got another data file that corrects team names? Load editor and change team name on any other data files you use also.
  8. I wouldn't say it's too easy. If you've developed a good relationship with your previous club and players, and go to a higher rated club. Would it not make sense your former players and staff would want to join you?
  9. Utd can pretty much buy anyone they want but incase of Brexit, I would definitely recommend buying more young English talent for homegrown/trained at club also. Ro-Shaun Williams, Callum Gribbon and Angel Gomes are very good but definitely think about adding more - I'd recommend Tristan Nydam and Andre Dozzell from Ipswich. Josh Tymon and Will Mannion from Hull and Andre Green from Villa.
  10. It's never a great idea to go to a B team to be honest, you're always at the will of the manager of the A team who can promote players, sign players, sell players etc I do believe you can request some first teamers to play for the B team if they don't have a game but pretty much Reserves Manager 2017.
  11. It's possible if the player was integrated with the team that his departure may have caused some issues for you but it's mainly just if a departure causes lack of depth in the team or if the player was a star player etc or maybe the squad felt you were treating him unfairly but you would have been sent a message regarding this and would be able to hold a team meeting. I would definitely be worried about your players not improving because even if training is not the greatest, if they are getting games they should improve naturally with game time. Do you run your youth squad training or do you get your Head of Youth Development to do it? It is possible they may have peaked still, best thing to do is request a scout report on your players with a scout with at least 15+ judging current ability and potential ability, if possible.
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