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  1. Hi there Grimbles, Do you have a save we can look at? We think we might know the cause but we'd need a save to be sure. Thanks for the report.
  2. This is something we have under review, thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  3. Hi there! 1. Which device? 2. Which iOS are you on? 3. Have you tried a full reboot?
  4. Hello there, this is not possible for performance and stability reasons, sadly.
  5. Hi there, can you give us a rough number of the amount of Polish players on the game? This might explain the manager's odd decision!
  6. Hi there, this sounds like it might be a bug! Do you have a save from June by any chance? This would be very useful.
  7. Sadly, we don't currently have that option in the mobile version.
  8. You can switch it on in the 'Unlockables' tab in preferences - then find the player or club you'd like to edit and you should see an 'Edit' button in the bottom right. Let me know if that works.
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