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  1. Well, yeah it sort of is "pretty straightforward". The error is misleading as I did buy the game and the editor and play fine with it normally. It works fine with a network connection, but while I was on a flight the other day, hoping to kill some time, this happened. Yes, I can contact SEGA as it says in the error message, I was just hoping someone in the community already experienced this and could verify. No need to bother the good support folks if it's already a known issue. And It's not a huge thing, as it's probably enough to just start the game before boarding the plane
  2. Appologies if this is existing knowledge, but can someone explain why FMM 2017 requires a network connection on startup? I wanted to play it while the phone was in flight mode, but got this message
  3. Great thread, even for a Barca fan What ever happened to going back to the Andorran national team? Also, is it possible to win La Liga and CL using only (Andorran) youth products?
  4. The link in my post desn't work anymore and I don't have the file on this pc. But just below my post, The Welsh Lad had announced that he made a thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/282002-The-Ultimate-Free-For-All-Challenge-FM12 One of the links in that thread seems to work. It's the same file.
  5. If you choose something like File -> Save As.. in your browser you should be able to save it to your computer. In Chrome it would be pressing the wrench -> Save page as..
  6. I'd also love the Adriatic league database. But anyway, I really like your Yugo update, it's a lot of fun. One thing though - I did a holiday test and it looks like the clubs aren't very competitive in Europe, they drop in rankings fairly quickly. This is probably because they can't buy many quality foreigners and whatever talent is produced in the clubs, goes abroad. Wasn't there a rule in the Yugo league that stated that players under 27 weren't allowed to transfer to foreign clubs? And if so, is that possible to implement? PS. It would also be cool if we could use the old flag, but that's not a DB change, that's a graphics change in graphics.fmf, I guess..
  7. Has anyone tried unticking the "Use Real Players" option when starting a new game? And if so, what do you think of it? It looks like it hasn't really changed over the years. I'm looking at the FC Copenhagen squad and the names are new, nationalities are also changed often, but I can still spot the players from real life. Age, CA/PA, attributes even squad numbers are the same! It's even easier to spot big players such as Messi, Ronaldo, etc. I had hoped that this feature would have been more randomized now, but that's not the case. As FM has included "Add players to playable teams", why not extend this option to the fake players option? I'd really like a game where I don't know any player at all. Oh and I do know that there is the option of holidaying for like 20 seasons - I'm not so keen on that
  8. The new version has now been created. In addition to mackemforever's work I've released all the player/non-players from the clubs, as spotted by The Welsh Lad. Also removed the "Remaining Wage Budget" setting for all the clubs, meaning that a realistic wage budget is set for all clubs. I've done a holiday test for a year and the result looks quite good. Enjoy PS. For help on where to put the file please see the Editors Hideaway FAQ
  9. Perhaps you should wait until I'm done creating the file with all the "Remaining Wage Budget" values removed
  10. Are Crystal Palace in the reputation range that you're trying to edit? Anyway, I'll try to do it in a more detailed manner This is from my memory. 1 Create a new game and save it 2 In FMRTE, Press Load Game (do a search for clubs with a certain reputation first and look at some just to see what the existing budget is like for comparison) 3 Press mass edit -> a pop-up will come 4 Press "Press me to filter" -> a 2nd pop-up will come 5 Do a search just like any, for instance set reputation between 8500 - 10000 6 Now you're back at the 1st popup and to the bottom right it says something like "Filtered (8 clubs)" 7 Now go to the club finances, don't edit anything else and in the Remaining Wage Budget insert an amount, e.g. 2500000 £ 8 Press Apply 9 Press Save in the main FMRTE window. (do a normal search for clubs with a reputation between 8500 and 10000 and look at some to verify they have the same Remaining Wage Budget) 11 Repeat steps 3-9 with varying reputations and values Hope it helps
  11. The proper way to set up this file would be to remove all the "Remaining Wage Budget" settings from the database. If I search for major clubs (rep over 8500) in the official editor, Real Madrid, Milan, Inter and Juventus don't have this setting enabled at all, meaning that in a new game without any players the wage budget as a whole is done properly. With all the others, the wage budget ~ remaining budget. It may be tweaked a bit by the AI but it's still a limitation, which corresponds to the things you've seen on your save.
  12. It's hard to tell, I feel I've listed the steps as I've done it. But I'm a novice at FMRTE, so it took me a bit of trying to figure it out as well. At least you can always reload the game and start over. How can you see that it's not working? Are you searching for the clubs in FMRTE afterwards and see their old "Remaining Wage Budget"?
  13. This is a great file! Thanks mackemforever With regards to the wage budgets, my first load of the game revealed quite unbalanced squads. But using FMRTE to mass edit the clubs' remaining wage budgets seems to have balanced things out and it doesn't take that long either. What you do is: 1 Create a new game and save it 2 Load FMRTE, press mass edit 3 Filter clubs by reputation (e.g. 8500 - 10000) 4 Enter e.g. 2000000 £ for remaining wage budget and apply 5 Save in FMRTE 6 Repeat steps 3-5 with varying reputations and values There will obviously still be some odd transfers, but much more acceptable/fun
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