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  1. @jorgvandervloed actually Jesus wasn't the only striker i had also Martial but i sold him for 70M he scored good too, but i can make bailey IF thanks
  2. @Isura @jorgvandervloed Hi again mates, i'm about to start 7th season of my career with OL and i became champion last 2 seasons with my own tactic of course i remembered your advice too... I thought about this post and i realized that i want to put this at a end. I'm very happy that i finally found a tactic that really works for my team. and i wanted to share it with you, and others who read this post. ps: i have still some problems with CL football Some Results... and stats.. The team stats of the league1 conceded and scored goals are important and shoot accuracy too... 29 games without losing...
  3. @jorgvandervloed i liked your suggestions, really.. team is playing good there is some bad losts -like against Nice- but generally its OK thank you (besides i know it's not my tactic but i'll try to build my tactic maybe in a different save)
  4. Thank y'all i'll update the tactic and share the results for you asap...
  5. some said to another guy in this forum that your team is dominating game but cant scoring because you are using slower tempo. this is why i use normal tempo
  6. results after your tips we are at the 3rd position on the league now and 2nd elemination on EL still team is not like what i want thanks btw
  7. Thanks... i love the bbm role so, i'm changing Tolisso's role to FB(D) what's more, i'm singing Kyle Walker on this January so i make Tolisso BBM -he is more deffensive than Ferri- and Kyle Walker FB(D)
  8. Hello guys, I'm new so i'm glad to be welcomed here My tactic and my results are here my strikers are Giroud Jovetic Lacazette and Guidetti... and they can't score, last year we finished 2nd actually we missed championship and this year we are 6th after 15 games. We hardly win games even we shoot 25+ and with %60 or %55 possession... i usally play narrow with this tactic don't mind it's wide on the ss if you want further information just ask me... Thanks for helps
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