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  1. I usually struggle most against United and Spurs. I always play counter against them. The other big teams like Chelsea, Liverpool and City gave me problems before but I beat easily. Using control.
  2. Transfer market is broken in this game. I'm pretty much always forced to pay more than the player's value, even if he's from a different league and 30 years old. When I'm selling though I never get any reasonable bids. Bellerin told me he wants to leave and I said I'll let him go if I get 40 mil. He says that's unrealistic so I tell him 30 mil. He says that's daft and thinks that he should be sold for 20 mil. Then later Barcelona offer me 500k. WTF. Also another annoying thing. When someone asks me to let him go and I accept, and they're wanted by some club, I literally don't get any offers. Not even when I offer them. And then they become mad for half the season. How great.
  3. I had a similar thing. It wasn't CL final, but still. I had a penalty but of course superman De Gea saves it, then they score a bs goal, I get a player sent off, they score again and then my lm gets injured. They won 4-0. -_-
  4. Yes. They seem OP to be honest. Some of their players have too good attributes and they're also very rich so they basically have a full team of world class players. I struggle with them more than against teams like Madrid and Barcelona.
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