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  1. I just checked and the database I'm using is the TBL 9.0 version.
  2. I'll need to check what database I'm using but I'm not at home currently. I think it's version 9.1. Nobody reported a bug like this at TBL though.
  3. Hi! My name is Phil and I'm a long time user on the EHM forum and a long time player of EHM. I encountered a bug last week that I've never seen before but didn't paid enough attention to it but now after simming one more season the bug reappeared on the same day in-game. The bug is pretty simple. Since two years in-game (2026 and 2027 to be precise) when I'm june 29th and I sim to june 30th, the team salary double! Currently my team is at 63 500 000 millions and when I hit june 30th, it goes to 127 000 000! The year before I was at 52 000 000 millions and it changed to 104 000 000. The weird thing is, it does this to EVERY team in the NHL too. When the bug appeared, I was negociating a trade with a team and when I went to the negociation screen, the Florida Panthers were at 130ish millions or something. I checked several teams and they were all like this. Even the AI is aware something's not right. When I hit the "gauge interest" in my negociation, both the Panthers GM and my assistant GM were saying something along the lines of: "We can certainly give this offer more thoughts. We should be worry what this trade could have on our team salary since we are already too high." Or in my case, I was below the salary floor and my assistant GM was saying he was worried since we were below the salary floor...at 104 000 000! I'll upload the save that is on june 30th so you guys can see for yourself the bug and I'll upload an earlier save that is in-game june 19th, so you guys can sim until the bug can appear. I'll do my best to upload my saves the proper way, I'm not really good in that sort of things! Edit: I just realised that made I should say the files that I'm uploading so you guys can find it right? The first save is called "Team salary double" and the other one is "Team salary double june 19th". Like I said so you guys can sim yourself until june 30th. I hope the titles are alright, I really didn't know what to write in fact.
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