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  1. I just checked and the database I'm using is the TBL 9.0 version.
  2. I'll need to check what database I'm using but I'm not at home currently. I think it's version 9.1. Nobody reported a bug like this at TBL though.
  3. Hi! My name is Phil and I'm a long time user on the EHM forum and a long time player of EHM. I encountered a bug last week that I've never seen before but didn't paid enough attention to it but now after simming one more season the bug reappeared on the same day in-game. The bug is pretty simple. Since two years in-game (2026 and 2027 to be precise) when I'm june 29th and I sim to june 30th, the team salary double! Currently my team is at 63 500 000 millions and when I hit june 30th, it goes to 127 000 000! The year before I was at 52 000 000 millions and it changed to 104 000 000. T
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