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  1. Ah man, a golden chance to push out a lead wasted Defo get rid of anyone who keeps getting sent off, I had that with John Flanagan in the last FM and have had it a few times over the years, those players never learn so just get rid. Make sure you are hard scouting all the out of contract players and especially Scotland if you can as there are usually some gems there. Look at the u21 internation nations (plus the main squad for smaller nations) and see if anyone is out of contract and fancies a trial. I know I've banged on about it before but IMO good scouting/player recruitment is everything in lower league management. Focus on getting a good spine, i.e a solid CB, a good CM and a striker who will always get goals.
  2. Wow huge news, I wonder if TNS will sack their manager? Is their squad better than yours do you think? Airbus could be the ones to beat going on the early form. However TNS's poor start should give you some real hope for a title push.
  3. Unlucky, but as you say this was another superb run! The save is really progressing now, I really hope you can push for the title this year / or switch clubs. Make sure you keep trying to do your coaching badges as they will give you a good rep increase.
  4. Wow HUGE!! I think there is this round, then a 'play off' round before you enter the group stage right?
  5. gosh great thread! Amazed you've never lost more than £1 though, usually in the lower leagues you lose money like its going out of fashion, even with a strict wage budget, actually most clubs I've managed would make a loss even if the wage spent was £0! (due to other costs)
  6. Amazing, utterly HUGE result!! Can't wait to hear who you have next!
  7. WOW!! Biggest result of your career so far, I'm fairly sure IFK are a pretty big side, maybe English Championship level. What a massive update!! Everything crossed for the away leg, if you can nick an away goal that would be huge.
  8. Amazing end to the season, great updates! Superb news re the badge too. I think if you can keep cracking through them and keep closing in on the Welsh title then another job won't be far away. (I suspect either TNS or a english conf job).
  9. Also remove yourself from any training roles before asking, so they can't use the 'we need you on the training pitch' excuse.
  10. I'd love to know what the budgets are like at Afan Lido and Airbus etc, more or less than yours etc. If those jobs ever come up be sure just to check via the job advert as it will state the salaries. Or if you have time check what sort of weekly wage their players are on maybe,
  11. I would agree but I've found sometimes interest in you just dies out it seems, in my Leeds save where I turned them into a decent CL side I never got linked to any jobs, even though my contract wasn't long and the salary was low. Let's hope though that Paul does well and gets a better job soon, it would be nice to see him back in England next season and working towards the football league.
  12. A point off TNS is good at this stage. If I;m on a bad run I pick when we have an easier home game coming up and do a quick team meeting 'lets not let our heads drop as results haven't gone our way recently' - usually always gives a good morale boost and you'll win the game and get back on a run. I assume you always do team talks after a game to keep morale up? Sometimes I change tactic to something totally different for a game, it seems to fool the AI, then I revert back next game and it usually starts working again.
  13. Blimey this is good!! I imagine a Conference job will be knocking at the door soon.
  14. Superb recent updates! Excellent news on the new signings and also on the Europa progress, can't wait for the draw. Hopefully you can improve on your points total in the league this year and try and close the TNS gap.
  15. Strong end to the season with a 10 game unbeaten run, shame we lost the last game as it cost us 3rd place, still a 4th place finish is an excellent start to life in the top division. 2 first teamers have retired and I've released another 3 so we are a little light, the upside is we are over £6k under our 17k wage budget so room for signings. Finding them IS tough and what has really annoyed me is our teams rep has stayed the same......there are a ton of teams from the league below who are rated higher, seems very odd. So we can't attrack good players - plenty out there! Was listed as a Favorite for a good job a Persib but never got asked for an interview, it must be as it would cost £9k or so to get me out my contract.