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  1. Whats your great ever FM Save?

    Was epic. Well I think he had faint hope that every year after a rebuild of his squad he could challenge me, but I won the Europa cup in my first season in Europe and it really helped me, I was also v v good at investing in players when they were young, then developing them at the club/on loan, before selling them on for big profit (keeping the absolute best for the first team). Also because it was a network save when we couldn't progress it due to waiting on the other I'd be hard at work scouting. I actually documented it afterwards, just need to find the word doc and I will post it up. Agree re Cyprus, that is some feat!! Did you just stay at the one club? The finances must have been a real challenge with a big TV deal.
  2. Whats your great ever FM Save?

    Me and a mate did a network save, he was Sheffield Weds I was Sheff UTD, edited it so Weds started in league 1 and gave us the same (small) budgets). Ended up with us both being the 2 dominating teams in word football, however I was winning everything, I've never had such a squad, world class players on the bench, hughely profitable loan system etc, was all built on many hours of hard scouting. Some great banter came from that save. Especially when after alot of Pressure he caved in and sold me his star striker, the only player I could get to strengthen my XI, paid £80m (in Fm14 or FM15), so insane money, he thought he could use the cash to rebuild the squad but then realised the player had a 40% sell on from his previous club, PLUS 30% fee to the player himself! Was utter comedy, I got his best player and he only got about £20m or less out of it!
  3. Awesome method tonight re updating live with the real CL. Good result, if a shame about that away goal.
  4. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    Hmm, very interesting, it defo needs a revamp so glad they have worked on it this year. I hope it makes things less complex/less time consuming, I found squad building too easy in previous FM's, but it requires alot of time consuming work. Would be nice this year if you can find suitable targets quicker, but there are less off them (if that makes sense!). Before I had to keep scouting a large number of players picked out from largre reports to try and finally find some good ones. Also as someone above has said I'm very interested to see how this pans out for lower league management. Can't wait to try it out!
  5. Chief Scout Important?

    Great thread! I usually work hard on the scouting side too, and in a similar way to how you do it. Ideally I tend to have a scout on permanent duty for the main leagues in the big EU countries (plus Arg and Bra) - plus the same for the reserves/u23, and u18 leagues within those countries. Then I have a few more doing the u19 international tournaments etc. I set it to min 3.5 star potential, however I never set any other requirements (for attributes or such). I then assign scouts to scout the players who look promising. However my question is......when a scout is scouting a league the report he returns pretty much looks the same each time, why do they not start to develop a better knowledge of the players in the league they are scouting? If I was to set more detailed requirements would that start to happen? Hope that makes sense!
  6. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I might use the Editor to put 3-4 Scottish teams into the English leagues (prob championship) and then try and dominate England using ONLY Scottish players. Might be an interesting save.
  7. Really pleased with the look of Dynamics, I think it might take a while before it's polished but it's a great step forward and I think will make FM more realistic as squad building will be harder now. Last FM's it felt too easy to get players in and constantly improve the squad with little issues, now I think it will be tougher as you'll need to manage the squad cohesion better. Nothing but positive from me for FM18, can't wait. This is the only computer game I ever play.
  8. Gosh, amazing updates recently, as soon as I saw that Hart was stating I just knew it was written in the stars for him to score! This is such an amazing conclusion to the thread, with FM18 on the horizon I suspect this might be the last season, seems it's meant to be for you to win the league this year. I think you won't get any offers from other clubs now, FM seems to have a failure to do that when you get to this level, on my Leeds save you'd imagine most top clubs in Europe would want me, and even though I'm on a v low wage (I always set it low to save the club money!) I've not had a single offer in 5 years (and many trophies later).
  9. WOW, 4-0, get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally cannot wait for the group strage draw, one of my fav times in any FM save.
  10. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Did a network save with a mate once where I was Shef Utd and he was Weds, was epic, ended up dominating everything, I've never had such a crazy team - world class players on the bench etc - was some serious scouting!
  11. Seriously folk, I'm SURE you can get it for 20 or 25% off from somewhere after the official deal runs out, I've never paid full price for a FM and always had access to the betas etc.
  12. Ouch you dominated Benfica so very unlucky to not get the result! Good luck for the FA cup final, the season has already been a success but to win it would be the cherry.
  13. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Defo a great shout!