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  1. Huge tip re the bonus info, thank you!!
  2. Mariners - ha that is exactly who I'm managing I managed to get Tom Davies in on loan, he was v good for this level and I managed to buy him at the end of the deal, cost me £850k and £12k a week (next highest earner is £2,5k), I also got Matty Taylor on a free for £2500 and he was amazing. I say was........both of them got long term injuries, talk about bad luck this season. Sorry if I've dragged this off topic, but I appreciate your advice, the youth contracts are good for sure.
  3. 'NPL players for 2k ' - do you mean players from the league below? Or from that weird 'youth' team that seems to have a bunch of good players? I'm wondering to move on from OZ in my current save, I walked the league in the first season but struggled this year and only by pure luck won it on the last day of the season. I wanted to get the board to upgrade the facilities but they rejected for financial reasons, even though we have 3m+ in the bank.
  4. I think one major issue for you might be the salary cap.........I'm managing 2 years now in OZ and found that my better players are wanting to double their contracts after we had some success in the league, which puts a real strain on the cap. Plus as you cannot sign players from the other A-League sides it makes it hard to get in players as the OZ players in Europe will be on much higher wages already. The youth seem ok but I've found even with good facilities they aren't progressing that well - perhaps due to the league not having the most amazing rep? To beat Barca your tactic must be punching well above it's sum of parts (player wise). Also seems you have more than 4 foreign looking names there?
  5. Yep, start a new save then....... - Compare all the players and write them into a notepad in the formation I will play, stating who is 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice along with their wages, then use that to see where I need players and where I can move some on - Get a decent assistant - Get decent scouts - Set staff responsibilities - Set up shortlists, 'Good players, Good youngsters, Out of contract and Must buys'. Start placing players I scout into those lists.
  6. Yeah I never spend out on fee's until maybe the Championship, even then it's small fee's until you get to the Prem, I find there are always tons of great out of contract/free players knocking around. I have the good ones lined up on a shortlist and then see who I can get as soon as they get released.
  7. GET IN!! Dramatic final there, great read. Well done, so glad you've gone straight back to league 2 after the Yeovil job, how did they do this year out of interest? Fantastic season anyway, well done. Many players contracts up? I wonder if you can get a few new faces in, I managed Salford in a previous save and they seemed to have good enough budgets to get promoted through the leagues, obv it might have changed by 2040!
  8. I started unemployed with no Badges, sunday league rep. With all the Asian leagues loaded. Got a first job in Indonesia, the 2nd division, got them promoted then finished 4th in the 1st div there. Got bored so took a job in India, won the league with that team easily (they came second the year before) but wasn't a fan of the league really so moved on the the job in OZ, Central Coast had finished bottom of the league but the OZ league is v tight/competitive, I had a good rebuild of the team when I joined before the new season and won the league by a mile. This year it's been alot harder, injuries to my 2 best players haven't helped and I'm 4th, but only 4 points off the top, even though I've been poor and had alot of draws. Pretty good save, nice to be in the ACL finally, will have a crack at that and then move on, looking to move to China next I think, or South Korea. Alot of the leagues have limits on foreign players which makes it more challenging, plus the OZ league has a salary cap which helps keep it v competitive. Plus the club seem to run around breaking even which makes a nice change as in England/Europe you generally lose a fortune each year unless in the top divisions.
  9. Still so tight down to 12th etc.
  10. AJAX - Holland, Good history of youth development, big club, good facilities, big fanbase etc. They can be a CL/europa league team from the off, the challeneg will be keeping the good ones that come through but also being competitive in the CL with just youth. Probably 3/10. I think Barca would still be hard as I imagine in 5 years time with only youth you'd struggle to overcome Real and Athetico.
  11. Wow how tight is that league right now!
  12. Thanks for the reply, So I won the 2019/20 season, and I'm now in November 2020. So I will join the ACL in Feb/March I guess. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and explain it, good man - love this forum!
  13. Hi all, Got a 17.3 patch save going, roaming around Asia, I joined Central Coast Mariners in the Australian league and won the title in both the regular season and the final play off stage. Now in my 2nd season and I don't seem to be in the Asian CL? I'm meant to go into the group stage? When I checked Newcastle Jets are in there, they came second the season before I won the league and finished 4th last season. Is the ACL delayed a bit or something, when does it run from? Or is this a possible bug? I'm running a legit copy of FM, no edited database etc.
  14. Is the squad better than it was last year? Any good £0 loans available? (prem clubs usually don't ask for wages to be covered)
  15. Ah amazing, I have a massive soft spot for Salford as after watching the TV program I had a superb save going in Fm16 with them where I took them to a top 4 PL side. what is your wage spend/budget like? Maybe scout some out of contract defender, good players who haven't been picked up in the summer are usually ready to lower their demands by this sort of time in the season. Any affiliate club? As you;ll be there next season get a good senior club if you can and then as soon as their loan plays return at the end of June go in and raid the best ones, off topic but I'm managing in OZ on my current save and have Everton as my senior club, I got Tom Davies and another great player on loan, all for £0 and they both were SO good for me. Really exciting development this, good timing as you'll stay up this season, and can spend some time sussing out the current squad, seeing you can be released and scouting for the next signings. I know I bang on all the time about it but scouting is everything at this level, time invested there makes all the difference.