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  1. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Random question, was Tan Bo a regen? Seems old enough not to be, I ask as he isn't on my save?
  2. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Wow 26th is some going, well done!! That Chinese striker you have looks very good!
  3. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Promising stuff given you've not really got that far into this save, i.e you've not brought through a golden generation of 4-5 top youngsters etc
  4. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Good idea! Make sense now you've maxed them out.
  5. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Excellent world cup, you should definitely be pleased to get out the group. What is the NT ranking sitting at now? I've been inspired to do my own Chinese save, also managing Beijing :). Seems fairly easy to pickup some better Chinese players for reasonable money, but I got caught out not reading the rules like the max 8 signings, the u21 player in the XI etc! Finished 3rd in my first season but way off 1st & 2nd, will hope to reel them in a bit this year as I feel I've had a much better transfer window this time around. Will take over the NT when possible too. Excellent reading as always, very much enjoying this.
  6. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Cracking season at club level and not doing badly with the NT either. I hope you can get the facilities upgraded again and also try and focus on bringing in some top young prospects and giving them game time to develop them at club level, ready for the NT future Thanks Dan
  7. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    LOVING this save! Made me laugh when I saw you had a £475k per week budget yet they are paying you £2k! So pleased your at a bigger club, get those facilities up to speed ASAP, and well done on the national team, excellent results so far!
  8. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Ohhh exciting! I hope you can move on, £50k a week for wages is painful!
  9. What new league to try?

    Oh man, that's them out of contention then! Might do a rule where I restrict myself to free transfers for players outside of that country, but any paid transfers can only be within the country, i.e I'll be pumping money back into the clubs in the league and not sending it out abroad.
  10. What new league to try?

    With Poland though I feel the NT is pretty good, they are a regular at most of the big tournos now. I was going to give Bulgaria some tv/prize money to say rival a small league (say £500k per team) so that it can grow as the leagues grow but cannot figure out how to do it, shame as I think when the prize & tv money is not there it stays that way even if they become a big league. Austria is probably the winning contender followed by Swiss. (again the Swiss NT might be a little too good). Another thought was Norway. Thanks for all the replies so far. This will be a long save so it's worth trying to get right
  11. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Can you see any light at the end of this tunnel - i.e the possibility to move the team forward with the current funds/youth players?
  12. What new league to try?

    I thought Switzerland would be good but doesn't seem to have the romance factor........now I had a little look at the leagues and maybe Bulgaria? Small league (24 games), CL/EL, some okay stadiums and facilities, probably not alot of money, but some good homegrown rules too. I just wonder that if there is no TV deal and no league prize money that those things will never change even as the league rises up in rep?
  13. What new league to try?

    Oh excellent shout! Like you say there were once some force internationally. I will certainly look at some of the clubs! (who did you manage?) How did you find the finances? Was it all from the clubs board or did the prize money get to a reasonable level?
  14. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Interesting! My theory would be go to a bigger club with money, get the facilities to Max level, push the club on in the Asian CL to bring the league rep up, then move to another club with money and repeat. Once you have 5-10 clubs with top facilities/youth setups it should really help the NT.