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  1. It's a pain but I've been doing this with 50+ players a season in my Leeds save, it really has helped balance the books and give me the budget to try and compete with an unstoppable Man Utd side who are dominating the game.
  2. I agree,. stops far too often even with that option ticked for less stops. Often takes me an age to get between matches. I started holidaying 1-2 days a a time once but got bitten hard as I signed a new contract during one of those holiday days (was hoping to leave end of season).
  3. WHAT!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! Do you not realise some of us NEED this!? I mean, errrrrr have a good break.
  4. The big thing here is you finished above Swindon Would be great if you could do a quick round up of how your last few clubs are doing, Especially Blackpool and Port Talbot. I really hope you can get some good players in over the summer and have a play off push next season.
  5. In a way I think it's good for Blackpool as there were in an Auto spot most of the season. Hopefully you can daddy the league this year and add another title to the trophy cabinet. The new MR valued at 5.5m could be handy for making a big profit on! Barlow looks good too, 16 passing in league 1
  6. Wow what a dramatic turn! Good to see you at a new club and a bigger one by the sounds of the finances. Get scouting for those out of contract Prem/Champ players and make a move for them as soon as you can. I wonder if you will poach the odd Blackpool player. Great job on making the play offs!
  7. It's a really tricky one I think re these job offers as maybe if you keep rejecting them then you will become too 'loyal' in the eyes of the game and not get any more offers? Might be worth reducing the comp clause? Really hope you can seal promotion! But would also like you to then get a move to a bigger championship side
  8. Quickly as for another coaching badge Great season so far, I really hope you can get over the line for Auto promotion. IMO max out your transfer budget into the wage budget and sign some good out of contract players, lower leagues its rare to pay for a player, so many good free's available if you have the wage budget.
  9. Looks a good little haul!
  10. Remember to take yourself off any training roles before asking. Amazing updates - so so close to getting through, was a brilliant read. Overall a v successful season and the money *should* allow you a bigger budget, have they been set yet? Would be nice to try and aim for a top half spot next year.
  11. Wow what a difference a month can make!
  12. Should easily clear a million then, as soon as you get out of the red immediately ask for a coaching course, followed by an increase in wage budget - then quickly see if you can get someone in either on a free or loan who will improve the XI and maybe make the difference in the relegation fight. I'm sure you know all this already. Try and select players who are determined and currently have ok morale, can help in a relegation battle. Morale can be so key when you are up against it.
  13. I think 2m is overall for a full house, you are probably looking at 600k to 1m for your 50% share. (say 60,000 turn up at £30 a ticket - £1.8m, so 900k).
  14. Can usually only do this when the club is not in the red, which has been tricky during his career. He has done some badges.
  15. Got the boot! Was so annoyed, we played the relegation play off and battered the other team but got 'fm'd' - they had 3 shots on target over the 2 legs and scored 3 times, we drew 3-3 over the 2 legs but lost on away goals. Searching for the next step now!