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  1. Hello all, Firstly sorry to be that person who creates a thread for this, but I've googled it and just cannot find any answer........ Managing in the Greek B division on FM18 (just love this FM version) - I signed some players but under the squad registration (on registration deadline day) it states in red 'Una' but when I click it then says 'Unavailable - Isn't going to be registered', I can select him as 'in' but he cannot play in games. How odd, never seen this before and I've been playing CM/FM almost 20 years? Player is EU (Danish) and I actually have anothe
  2. It's a funny one as I imagine you want to close this career and start on an Fm18 one at somepoint, i.e stop playing FM17. Yet if you started at Chelsea (in some time travel based story) for FM18 it wouldn't be as fun as you're already at the top etc. Hmmmmmmm cannot wait to see how this plays out! It has to be Matt Heart, but I'm trying to think what words his Dad would have passed on to him.....
  3. Ah dang, when I saw Kidlay coming on I thought this would be another magic night for an English side in Istanbul! Still you had a good career and made Weds a CL side. I cannot wait for the final/closing post(s).
  4. Interesting that the table doesn't show Weds in blue, i.e you aren't the manager now.......so you must have played that Cl final.............COME ON DON'T KEEP US WAITING!! This thread has been absolutely epic, massive thanks for doing it, been awesome checking in daily to see the progress,
  5. Had a little time on the Beta, seems some good improvements but agree with some of the comments on this thread re the fact things seem to take more clicks/be more complex to get to. One thing I usually do is go through all the national u19 sides looking for cheap youngsters, however it seems VERY slow to do this, each click takes 5 seconds to take affect when browsing through the sides via the up/down arrow (nation to nation alphabetically), is this the same for anyone else? Laptop is ok spec, i7, 12gb RAM, SSD, 2 years old. Overall it just seems a bit slow/clunky, and I
  6. Please please please - finish this season then leave the story open for the FM18 save (I'm sure you have your ideas, mine would be to holiday FM17 until Matt Hart retires, then look at his career and maybe that will influence his managerial career)
  7. Surely they could just update that Rangers sacking when the game goes from Beta to full?
  8. We are a desperate bunch of addicts waiting for our fix! Er - I mean, we are casual gamers who just enjoy this title
  9. Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan! Was one of the first google results! DOH. I thought it very odd that nobody else had reported it! Must go get coffee...
  10. https://twitter.com/miIlesSI Miles Jacobson‏ @miIlesSI 11h11 hours ago More I've just given the green light for the beta. The process from now takes 24 hours or so. So you should expect it this time tomorrow. #FM18 Seems it will be out late tonight/early tomorrow then. Awesome.
  11. Would you be able to give us a little insight into how you scout? Is it via the scouts, and if so how do you set their assignments, or is it via manual searches, checking youth leagues and such? I had a very very successful network save once and but it was down to a massive amount of time spent scouting.
  12. Excellent thread, just read it start to finish. You remind me of the way I sign players Amazing job!
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