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  1. Injury crisis! When you start someone what is the min condition you set yourself? I never start anyone below 90% personally.
  2. Gosh Defo need some tactical work I think? Could be sacked if this continues which would be a massive blow as I imagine this is a golden chance of progressing up the leagues, sorry you probably dont need me to tell you that! need a 5 win run really.
  3. A few players brought in - a CB who is alot better than our current standard, a good DMC and LB and then a backup loan striker. I'm also looking at a deal for another DMC/CM, there are a few players out there but it's the wage budget which is proving hard to cut as I cannot seem to get rid of anyone other than that backup CB who I've let go. Mutual termination isn't possible either. I start with a home game vs a lower league side, I’ve put what I consider my B team out for this one as I want to keep my A team fresh for my first league match in a few days’ time. Seems this is the 2nd leg, we had lost the first 2-1. 101 people turned up to see us Win 5-3 Courtesy of some late goals. Losing our first game wasn’t great, we didn’t show enough quality so I’ll be changing up the tactics. It was a tough start as we had some fairly hard early games and I was tweaking tactics, we actually played ok and were unlucky not to get some draws from those defeats. Once the new players had arrived and the tactic was a little more settled we picked up some wins, I had a team meeting before the first home win to try and list the morale a bit. We are creating chances which is good, but we need to be a little tighter at the back. The cup I wanted out of ASAP so played the B team, we need to focus on the league. We are upto 6th, not sure why the image isn't showing but there are a host of teams all on 17 points now so it's very tight. We have some tougher games coming up, and without being able to improve the squad we may struggle to progress up the table. I think I may need to just try and sit tight and then release players at the end of their contracts and bring in better replacements. I'm pleased enough so far though.
  4. Looking at the squad there is a bit of deadwood, around 5 players which would be 3rd choice options so will try and move them on ASAP although nobody wants them for £0 or even on loan at 50% wages. Nobody stands out as being star in the team and the average wage is about £300-400 a week, with a couple on £600. We do have a Striker called Salim though who has 14 finishing and 14 pace, although the rest of his attributes aren’t that good at all. Overall the squad looks very poor, below English Conference North/South standard. I don’t think we can sign any foreigners so I’ll have to work hard to improve the squad. I’ve got the board to agree to look for a Senior affiliate so we can get some players in on £0 wages. We have no scouts or coaches but are allowed 3 of each so I’ll be hiring some ASAP. I’ve noticed a few out of contract players with international caps are available so I will be giving them a look.
  5. Ah man, was hoping for a stronger start! IMO you really need to win 3 in 4 on average, not a bad start but you don't want to lose more than 6 in a season. Sounds like you've made some good additions here, always good to improve the spine of a team. Can't wait for more updates, this thread is addictive!
  6. So I'll be starting my career at... 10,000 All seater apparently - looks a little rough around the edges! Currently they are 9th in 'Group D' of the Indo Premier league. I have a 10k wage budget which is £300 under, so not alot of room to move unless I can sell, I'm a wheeler dealing so will be looking to make big changes. There is £65k in the bank and no debt.
  7. This thread was inspired by THIS thread, I really like the idea of being a ‘Yes Man’ – never turning down a job offer, it keeps you moving and seems to provide a bit of drama. So I’ll be starting off in Asia as it’s an area of not managed in much. Rules · Starting with no coaching badges · Sunday league footballer rep · Unemployed - but I’ll apply for every Asian job on offer until I get one · I have to say YES to any job Asian job interviews · I have to accept any new contract offers – without changing any terms · I have to attend ALL Asian job interviews and give honest answers Nations & Leagues loaded Australia China India Indonesia Malaysia Singapore South Korea I've also added the following leagues but I won't managed in those until Asia is well covered: England, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine. For the Asian leagues I've loaded the lowest levels available in each country. Available jobs Ok here are the available jobs at the start of the save, I’ve applied for all the Asian based ones. I’ve had a host of interviews so it’s looking likely someone will give me a shot.
  8. Great update. really feel for you as like you said that keeper thing is just one of those things you can't make up! Really hope you can win the league, who is the side coming down and are they any good? I think if you work hard over the summer to swap a few players you should be in a strong position. The squad now, is it an ageing one or a youthful one that is improving? I'm very inspired by this thread, I think I'm going to start my own one but based in the lower Asian leagues, same idea re 'yes man' to all jobs. I assume you never apply for jobs, just wait until you are offered them? And you never tweak a contract, just accept whats on offer? This really has been a great read, can't wait for next seasons title push!
  9. Great last few updates, always dramatic and a good read. Glad you've got another year before the end of the season, I'm really rooting for a play off promotion for you. Do you make sure your best XI are playing in their favored roles and positions? Just trying to see what can give you the edge as Vale should be winning this league ideally, I think next season you should be going for a title win if you don't get promotion this year.
  10. Gosh Gateshead are in that division, not as big of a fall from grace as Port Vale but still......! Good to see an OK start to the season, would be nice to see automatic promotion, Im sure a side with the rep of Vale can nab some good players. Not sure what it's like this low down, but I used to find when managing in the lower leagues you can generally build a good XI for free each year when players get released. I tend to never give long contracts out either as I know the turnover can be quite high, as soon as I get a good replacement I offer the other guy out for £0 just to get rid ASAP. I know the wage budgets are always tight, you could maybe think about totally ditching the youth/reserves, I tend to do that to save money as TBH I never find youth at all worthwhile in FM, not until you get to the Prem and can buy in 16 year olds for 1-3m each then develop them.
  11. Cool! Any WBA players available for loan? What are the boards expectations? I'm hoping being a pro club the improved fitness will be a major boost for you over the season, have you/can you get a good fitness coach?
  12. Cool update. Maybe check the top scorers last year from other divisions and see if any of them are easily picked up.
  13. Amazing end to the season, a Southport vs Port Vale final would have been insane! Imagine if you went and nabbed all the best Southport players in the summer Can't wait for the next update!
  14. PS I wonder what happened to the last manager at Port Vale? I guess the downside is they will probably expect you to win the league next season.
  15. This is a very exciting development for the thread, you can probably now poach any good semi-pro/non-contract players in the division and build a good squad for next season, defo see about getting a senior club for loans too as the rep and facilities should help a bit. What a massive chance this is for Mr Hart :@) Can't wait to see how it develops.