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  1. Any help would be appreciated, I’ve deleted cache & preferences folders. is there anything else I can chance I’m currently not using a anti virus either. I only use laptop for steam/football manager
  2. Just wondering is there anyway I can get around the 3D graphic card , currently using a dell laptop with 8gb ram. on start up screen it loads very slow and I have the setting on very low. would this cause my game to run slow by any chance and any fixes, I’ve deleted cache & preferences page.
  3. I'm currently using avg free , I've always been using the free version throughout the game and hasn't caused any issues. appreciate you trying to help me out anything else I could do mate. cheers
  4. Thanks for the quick response, I've done all the above and started playing again after couple of minutes it starts doing it again. Anymore suggestions I could do. Much appreciated
  5. Guys, just updated steam, I'm Still getting the same problem any other suggestion's on why this may be happening? Any help would be much appreciated, how would I go about sending the file over so you can check the problem yourselves. Cheers appreciate any responses to help me out...
  6. Appreciate your responses, I will check that tonight once I've updated the game and let you know the outcome. Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm currently having issues with football manager 17.3.0f936783 stopped working, after every other game it comes up with this message and I have to close it down, I'm currently in my 4-5 season I was Liverpool for 2seasons, then I took English league out and went in German league with Dortmund, now I'm back in the English league with Man City in January, I'm using football manager with all the graphics it came with so I don't understand what's happening? Any help would be much appreciated cheers
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