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  1. Hello, Over the last couple of days I've been making edits to a custom database - (the English Lower Leagues one, unsure which specific one unfortunately as I downloaded it a while ago, and when I made changes it was resaved under a different name). I've not changed anything competition-wise - just edited the name of a non league club and added some new players in. Unfortunately, FM19 wanted me to verify the changes and upon doing so it says "Competition 1000000053" or "100000026", is not found in the database. The number seems to vary. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!
  2. Works okay running from the laptop, only issue is that it has taken up a lot of memory (only something like 600MB left in total). Will try move it to the USB later today.
  3. I didn't try running it directly from the laptop - I moved it over to the USB then ran it from there after verifying the files. Plan on giving it another go on the USB then if not I'll redownload it and try run it from the laptop itself. Will let you know how I get on. Cheers
  4. Hello, me again haha! I've managed to fix the initial download problem: But I thought I'd make a new thread because this is a new issue - apologies if that is against the rules, please feel free to merge it into the other one if it is. I downloaded directly onto my laptop, moved the files over to my hard drive, verified the game cache, and it began to update. Seemed to go fine until this error message kept coming up: I've tried everything suggested on the "Steam Support Site". Restarted steam, restarted my laptop, cleared download cache (four times!), repaired library folder, verified integrity of the files/cache (multiple times) and reinstalled steam - even deleted the contents of the "Updates" folder in Data - which was displaying some pretty weird stuff (see below) Just an example of one of the folders. The file names of course look weird - but the date modified - 1988(!), 2052(!!!), and the sizes of the files - if I'm not mistaken, the combined total of them and the others would have filled my memory stick (around 29GB) at least two times. Just to clarify prior to reinstalling FM directly to my laptop I did a factory reset to make some space and I also formatted the USB. Downloading was all fine but it's this update thingy that's confusing me. Sorry to bother you all again haha, any help would be greatly appreciated. Kai
  5. Yeah, sorry if that's unclear. It's an Integral one, 29GB. Seemed to work last time with the HP one though.
  6. Sadly nothing seems to change. Could be a problem with the USB or is that out of the question?
  7. Hi Neil, thank you for the reply. (Probably quite stupidly) the only antivirus I have installed is Windows Defender really, and that's turned on, so I'm quite confused as to what it could be if that won't interfere with it.
  8. Morning, I've been having issues with trying to download FM17 for exactly a week now. I pre-ordered it back last year and had it on a flash drive which sadly broke a couple of months ago. I bought a new one last Saturday and I've been having problems trying to download it ever since. The download was taking quite a long time last Saturday - I left it going whilst I was asleep and it still ran through to Sunday afternoon. It got to the "Installing" stage but for some reason it crashed and decided it would restart all over again. I spent the rest of Sunday, most of Monday evening, and have tried again every day since, only managing to download 2.7GB of the total 3.2GB. It only does it in tiny amounts though, hence why it's taking so long - just a couple of the blue bars followed by nothing except the green line. I've reinstalled steam, switched servers, tried limiting bandwith, turned my router on and off again, pretty much everything, and I'm 99.9% certain it's not an antivirus getting in the way. I don't understand why it's behaving like this now as when I last downloaded FM it did it smoothly in a few hours - although the internet isn't super fast round here I have no problems downloading other large files - for example I downloaded a 50MB file the other day in a couple of minutes, I've only managed to download 30.8MB in just under half an hour this morning. For reference I am running Windows 10 (and was last year), my old memory stick was a HP one and the new one is an Integral one. Many thanks, any support would be greatly appreciated. Kai
  9. First of all I'd like to say everything suggested would be a quality idea. Big fan of bringing youngsters through so this'd be something I'd personally be really interested in, yeah. Quick question though regarding what I've highlighted in bold - how do I do that/where can I find a guide on how to do so? Would be useful for me personally with a save I'm experimented with, any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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