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  1. Hi I have a youth player who receives an offer every other day in the transfer market which I have to manually reject since I can’t see to work out a way of putting youth player offers on auto reject or setting there asking price high! For my own sanity, is there any way of stopping these offers so that that Norwich are not offering 65k every few days for this youth guy! Thanks
  2. I had this issue and I got told by a guy on here was to click on the agent, find one of the cheap players or free he has on his books, get an offer accepted then on the contract - offer the a the largest agent fee you can go him.... delay the transfer for a week.... bid for player you actually want and then he would speak to me... get him signed and cancel the other deal you offered the huge agent fee to! hopefully that should work!
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    Make it your fm mission to show them what they’re missing!
  4. I had an agent who hated me and would not negotiate with me even though when I scouted the player, it said he would be extremely interested. - this player was one of my former players and I rememeber him asking for a new contract and I had an option to ask to sack the agent and didn’t. Regretted it when I moved to my new club. Thankfully i managed to almost trick the agent into slightly liking me by offering another one of his clients a huge agent fee and delaying that transfer while I signed the player I wanted before cancelling this huge agent fee transfer. Moral of the story - look at the opinion of the agent towards you as in the future, deals can be very hard to negotiate if the players agent hates you and get him sacked if that is the case.
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    I’ve had this happen to me with Newcastle - now I’m a big Newcastle fan and was sacked for not signing enough youth despite a good finish In the league. Instead of quitting, I joined a newly promoted Barnsley and made it my determination to prove what they’re missing. 5 seasons later, Newcastle were struggling at the bottom and sacked their manager... guess who got offered an interview.... rejected, they were relegated and despite Newcastle been my favourite club , I felt pleased!
  6. All depends on my level of excitement - I started this year with rangers wanting to over turn Celtic - I’ve quickly achieved this and built them a squad For the last 3 seasons that should continue to dominate and improve the standard of Scottish football to ultimately improve the league. i felt I had taken as far as I could going a whole season unbeaten so I moved to RBL in Germany - a hated club that’s won nothing, not qualified for the champs league in two years, players who want out because of this. So the plan is to turn them into the dominant German team before moving on to the next league. i think I will go on for years with this file wanting to put a stamp on each league with a club with potential who should be challenging at the top!
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    Agent Hates me

    Yes I’m kind of expecting a news report that you have been forced to retire through injury from Carlos Alberto Almeida Neves who only person he has in his dislike list is me 😂😂😂
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    Agent Hates me

    Just to let you all know, I did what Mbchuz did and it worked a charm. Offered a poor player 5 million agent fees then delayed the transfer. Agent went to disliking me rather than hating. Signed the player I wanted since I could then negotiate then cancelled the other deal with the large agent fee! Thanks again mate!
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    Agent Hates me

    Thanks for the replies, I will have a go with all the suggestions later today!
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    Agent Hates me

    I’m looking to sign a player who wants to come to me according to my scouts but as soon as I have a bid accepted, the agent rejects any chance of talks saying he’s not interested and it says the agents “hates” me. ive managed to get this player on loan now with an option to buy at any time so I would at least have him for the season. As soon as he came on loan, I tried to pay the amount I agreed but same scenario again with the agent unwilling to negotiate. Is there anyway of making this guy like me? The players wants to step up to play for my club but this guy is blocking any chance of him coming permently! Thanks in advance