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  1. Uploaded two files to the FTP, Leafs and Leafs light (light practice). I had started an NHL 2029 season and in the first two games I won with 9 and 6 goals respectively. I then remembered that my team was still resting from camp so I put them to light practice and my goals dropped to 4 and 2; I then took them off practice and in just about every game I now score 5+ goals while giving up 2 or less. I have run the game to 1 Feb and my record is now 44-7-1. My settings are: 1. use my tactics 2. coach sets lines 3. coach coaches the games. My roster is almost identical from the year before except I added a depth D man who has only played 8 games; all tactics are the same as the year before. I don't think this is a bug but my team just playing well, but I posted at the Blue Line and it was suggested I let you take a look.
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